2021 Yamaha Boats 252SD

2021 Yamaha Boats 252SD

2021 Yamaha Boats 252SD

2021 Yamaha Boats 252SD. The new Yamaha 252SD is the latest launch from the manufacturer pushing the boundaries of what a 25-foot boat can look like. There are improvements in every area…comfort, technology, handling, fit and finish to create what is possibly the ultimate Yamaha bowrider.

Engineering Features

This boat is not only attractive and versatile, it also adds a lot of technical upgrades in the form of the Floating Connext Touch Screen. This screen has several features, such as fuel level, battery voltage, bilge pump, blower activation, water depth and time which are permanently attached regardless of which screen is selected. At the top there are seven icons for selecting alternate screens.

2021 Yamaha Boats 252SD
2021 Yamaha Boats 252SD

Home Features

Will always return to the main screen. It will show stereo controls to one side and water temperature to the other, when in float mode (engine not running). Start the engine and the display returns to display two tachometers with an indication of the gears on the bottom, and the speed of the boat in between.

Map Features

Switches the screen to a GPS-based moving map. We can scroll in or out on this map and even return it to full screen, which will remain within the permanent dock icon discussed earlier.

Travel Features

This screen includes data on distance traveled, fuel used, fuel flow, water temperature, average speed, top speed and engine hours. Most of course can be reset.

Cruise Features

This page gives us the ability to call up the target speed and acceleration curve for water sports.

Music Features

gives us control over our tone source and the ability to control various volume and pitch levels.

Switching Features

The boat icon allows us to control the turret courtesy lights, water pump for the aft shower, steering lights, interior courtesy lights with dimming capability and front dock lights.

System Features

Lastly, there is the control system which provides access to the main menu to set the language, current time, Units (MPH, knots, etc…) as well as the health of the ship, meaning the intervals between various maintenance requirements.

Since the boat is now “fly-by-wire” it allowed Yamaha to add some convenience features. First is push button start for both engines. In the lower right corner of the Connect screen is an icon indicating the throttle. It was the usual dual-throttle mode. Touch and switch to single lever mode which allows to control both machines with one lever. Of course, the engine RPM will be synchronized in this mode, but with dual levers, as long as the levers are close to each other, the engine will still sync itself. Now touch that icon one more time and it’s back in the DRIVE technology, and it’s a game changer we’ll get to in a moment. Finally, there are Cruise and No Wake modes which allow you to hold the speed at the touch of a button, and then gradually adjust the speed with the up and down buttons.

Driving Technology

DRiVE technology enables dock control using the dual paddles at the rear of the steering wheel. Right paddle to go forward (forward to the right) and left paddle to go back. Both are progressive in terms of squeezing them more adding more throttle, but never more than speed in the coupling

So in this way, we can stand on the rudder, with one hand on the rudder, and dock the boat easily by simply turning the rudder and activating one oar or the other. It’s a big deal and a lot more comfortable than having to sit and manipulate the regular engine controls to try and set it up properly.

Facilities available at Speed ​​Boat Yamaha 252SD

While this boat still measures 8’6″ (2.59 m) wide, it is carried further outwards creating more space than we are used to on a regular 25′ (7.62 m) boat. We measured 37″ (93.98 cm) between opposite seats, and 37″ (93.98 cm) cockpit depth. Two seats consist of an L-shaped lounge with a high bolster that acts as a backrest. The right seat also functions as a rear-facing seat with an additional backrest at the front end, facing the refreshment center. In the walkthrough to the above-door seating, we can add filler pads to create a full-cover seat from one side to the other. We can add more seating by swinging the steering wheel and observer seat to join the crowd.Both seats are cushioned thickly with protruding headrests and foldable armrests.

Guide to the Bow

Between consoles, there’s plenty of storage. There is a door to the side of the helmet console port plus another hatch on the card that leads to the storage bay, Inside is utility storage. We also have special storage for the cockpit table, and we were able to configure it as a headboard by installing the aftermarket Porta-Potti, thanks to the 4′ (1.92 m) headroom.

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Performance Speed ​​Boat Yamaha 252SD

The Yamaha 252SD measures 24’6″ (7.47 m) in length, 8’6″ (2.59 m) wide and 19″ (48.26 cm) draft. With an empty weight of 4,612 lbs. (2,092 kg), 30 % fuel and three people on board, we have an estimated test weight of 5,343 lbs. (2,424kg). With the engine running at up to 7400 RPM, our speed hit 43.8 mph. The best cruises came at 6000 RPM and 32.2 mph. At At that speed, fuel burn of 13.3 gallons per hour translates to 2.4 miles per gallon and a range of 153 statute miles, all while retaining 10% of the ship’s total reserve fuel capacity of 70 gallons (264.98L).


As would be expected with any Yamaha boat, the 252SD has interesting handling characteristics. With a 1.8L high output engine fast out of the hole. We reached planing speed in an average of 2 seconds flat, continued to 20 mph in 5.5 seconds and continued to 30 mph in 8.5 seconds. He has a turn rudder that keeps most jet boats turning in turns, but Yamaha has removed that and kept the boat under control. There are no chine walks or detrimental slides into turns and only a small amount of speed out. even without activating the single lever feature, if the throttles are near each other, the engines will automatically synchronize with each other.


It’s clear that Yamaha is trying to raise the bar on what a 25′ boat can do, and they seem to have hit the nail on the head. Combine ample space, high-end features, versatility, technology with jet power safety and this is a winning combination. Read More ! 

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