2021 Yamaha Enticer Review

2021 Yamaha Enticer Review

2021 Yamaha Enticer Review. The Yamaha Enticer is an entry-level cruiser motorcycle produced from 2002 to 2006 in India. It is no longer produced. It features a foot-forward cruiser type riding position and is available in two trim levels such as regular and delux. The delux variant has a self-starter and disc brakes for the front wheels. It’s natural to think what could be the purpose of a review of a bike that is no longer in production and I totally agree with that opinion. However, I want this review to be an indication of how Yamaha messed up their strategy with even the coolest bikes in their lineup in the early years of this millennium.

throughout the discussion we tried to mention all the specifications available from each motorcycle we chose. Next, we introduce new technologies added with detailed descriptions. We even mentioned the company claiming the mileage and speed of this bike along with other specs. The possible performance of all these motorcycles is also assumed by members of our specialist team for the bike models mentioned on this page. We always try to keep our readers up to date and for that you will get all the newly added bikes in Bangladesh and their features in our Features review section.


2021 Yamaha Enticer Review
2021 Yamaha Enticer Review

The Yamaha Enticer is a cruiser motorcycle, sold a few years ago in the entry level motorcycle segment in India. The car is powered by a 123.7cc, air-cooled engine that produces 11 BHP at 8000 rpm and 10.4 Nm at 6500 rpm. It weighs only 125 kg and is favored for its fresh nature and easy driving dynamics. The same claimed top speed is 112 km/h while it rivals the Bajaj Avenger in terms of design. It is even equipped with 240 mm front disc brakes for a safer ride. The Enticer comes with 120/80-16 inch rear tires, making it quite stable at high speeds.



With its raised handle bar and low-slung appearance, the Enticer is without a doubt one of the most stylish motorcycles on the market. It used to attract a lot of attention and even now raises a lot of eyebrows in Tier 2 cities. With lots of chrome, the front end of the bike looks its best. The rear tires are 120/80 and should satisfy all fat tire lovers (though I’m not one of them). The bike is smaller than the avenger and thunderbird in length and takes its toll when two tall people sit on the bike with sometimes their knees very close to the handlebars.


The 125 cc with 11 Bhp doesn’t deliver ground-breaking performance and performance is probably the only complaint this bike can have once the comfort of cruiser driving wears off. The engine coming from the YBX gets its maximum power at 8000 rpm and has more of a sport bike power curve than a cruiser. The transmission is 4 speed and the bike likes to spin and maximum pickup is late in the power band. Max Speed: 110 kph (on speedometer) 0 – 60 kph : 8 seconds

Handling And Braking

The bike runs very smoothly and the suspension is tuned more for comfort than racing (they’re right!). The holes and speedbreakers aren’t as hard on the back as some other bikes. The downside is that it doesn’t feel safe when taking corners at high speed. A bent handle bar sometimes gets in the way when it bends too much (not that bikes are meant to be ridden that way). Absolutely no vibration at any speed – kudos to Yamaha for that. Even though the bike looks big, it weighs only 125 kg on the curb and is easy to ride even in heavy Bangalore traffic. Had the Option to use Disc Brakes but due to the huge price difference opted for drum brakes. They are the best and don’t have the same braking performance as discs.


The main reason why the Enticer was successful was due to its lower price on the road and decent mileage compared to its competitors. This bike consistently delivers 45 mileage in city traffic and high 40s on the highway.


There is absolutely no power comparison for Avenger and Thunderbird. Even in terms of appearance, I personally think Avenger looks a little better. However, Yamaha scores better than the Avenger and Thunderbird in engine refinement and comfort. Initial and operating costs are also much lower. The suspension is much softer than the Avenger and more comfortable for long distances. Read More !

Technical Specifications

Type of Motorcycle Vehicle

Gasoline Fuel

Engine Displacement 123.70 cc

Engine Details Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled

Engine Start Kick Start

Maximum Power 11 bhp @ 8000 rpm

Maximum Torque 10.4 Nm @ 6500 rpm

Transm Fill 4 Speed

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