Yamaha Trx850

2021 Yamaha Trx850 Review And Specs

2021 Yamaha Trx850 Review And Specs

2021 Yamaha Trx850 History

2021 Yamaha Trx850 Review And Specs. Yamaha TRX850 is a sport bike with a 10-valve DOHC 849 cc 270° parallel-twin engine. First released in Japan in 1995, versions for the European market were available from 1996 to 2000. We were quite interested in the Yamaha TRX850 in particular. First launched in Japan in 1995 and then marketed to Europe a year later made this Yamaha motorcycle received great praise at that time.

Design and development

The TRX has a half fairing, clip-on handlebars and a slightly rear footrest. The front fork is conventional telescopic, and the rear suspension is a high-level monoshock unit. Effectively a factory-made cafe racer, there is little provision for pillion passengers.

The Yamaha TRX engine is derived from the one in the Yamaha TDM850, but the TRX is lighter, lower and sportier than its TDM stablemate. The engine has five valves per cylinder, three intakes and two exhausts; Inlet 26mm, exhaust 28mm. Unusual for a dry sump design, the oil tank is not far away, but is an integral part of the engine, sitting above the gearbox.

This simplifies manufacturing, avoids external oil paths, and provides faster oil heating. The shallow sump allows the engine to be positioned lower, for optimal CG positioning. The 360° crankshaft of the original TDM was changed to a 270° crankshaft in 1996, after which the TRX and TDM used the same engine and transmission. The machine has a balance shaft to smooth out residual vibrations.

In 2000 Yamaha stopped making the TRX, while the TDM series, enlarged to 900 cc, remained in production until 2011.

The TRX is designed to compete in the market with the Ducati 900SS V-twin, which mimics a tubular trellis frame. Despite being cheaply developed from Yamaha’s “dumpster”, using the TDM850 engine, the TRX performs well and has a “coherent identity of its own”.

In Motorcycle News (MCN) saying the TRX is “the best kept secret in a motorcycle” and a “forgotten gem”, comparing it to the 270° Norton Commando 961. In 2014, Steve Cooper said, “So many men think of a sports bike, a twin. This rather odd one is starting to reach cult status and for good reason”.

Despite being significantly cheaper than the Ducati, the TRX did not sell well, and production was discontinued in 2000 with no clear successor. Although manufacturers have occasionally adopted the parallel-twin format for high-performance sports bikes, (such as the 2004-2007 MZ 1000S and Métisse Mk5), MCN reports that parallel twin shale attracts fewer buyers. Though Visor Down hesitated, saying, “They’ll never be as popular as the inline-fours, they’ll never be as iconic as the V-twin, and they’ll never have the exotic feel of a triple…”. The parallel twin layout is experiencing a revival: the new Honda Africa Twin is the 270° parallel twin of the previous V-twin incarnation; And the best-selling Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 has a 270° crank.

Display Yamaha Trx850 Review And Specs

2021 Yamaha Trx850 Review And Specs
2021 Yamaha Trx850 Review And Specs

TRX850 Supported

Basically, it’s from an 849cc 360-degree crank TDM850 motorcycle. The TRX was codenamed ‘Project 005’ and the team decided to include a 270-degree crank, which replicated the sound of the 90-degree V-angle twin. Yamaha has a lot of experience in this tactic thanks to the work of the Super Tenere riders. Stephane Peterhansel and Edi Orioli used the 270-degree crank in their YZE850 engine to win the Dakar in 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998.

Difference Between Yamaha TDM and TRX motorcycles

The TRX has higher compression, a larger air box, a lighter flywheel, and a close-ratio five-speed gearbox. It also has two 38mm Mikunis BDST (four of which are rated YZF750R). It gives the TRX 83bhp (claimed) at 7500rpm making 11bhp more than the TDM850

Yamaha TRX850 is a Complete Clone of Ducati

Maybe if you squint or leave your contacts! At that time (mid 1990s) some people who bought bicycles liked the Ducati SS series of machines. They are different, simple, soulful and have a lot of character. And things are improving rapidly in terms of reliability. Yamaha already has parallel knocking twin motors – so why not use one? When it comes to the frame Yamaha made a ‘trellis-like’ frame instead of using their signature Deltabox, which makes one draw the conclusion ‘a copy of a Ducati’. Also, the first TRX850 had cool Brembo brakes, usually only seen on something expensive and/or Italian.

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Yamaha TRX850 Engine

Yamaha TRX850 engine. with an integral oil tank behind the cylinder and a shallow sump, the last version was sold in 2000/2001. We heard that some of these motorcycle units are still being traded with various modifications.

  • Engine type: 10v parallel twin, 6 gears
  • Frame type : Steel trellis
  • Fuel capacity: 18 liters
  • Seat height : 800mm
  • Bicycle Weight : 190kg
  • Front suspension: Preload, rebound
  • Rear suspension: Preload, rebound, compression
  • Front brake : Twin 320mm disc
  • Rear brake: disc 248mm
  • Front tire size: 120/70 x 17
  • Rear tire size: 160/60 x 17

Highest speed & performance

  • Maximum power : 79 bhp
  • Maximum torque : 63 ft-lb
  • High speed : 135 mph
  • Acceleration 1/4 mile : 11.8 seconds

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