2021 Yamaha Tt-R50e

2021 Yamaha Tt-R50e

2021 Yamaha Tt-R50e

View of Yamaha Tt-R50e

2021 Yamaha Tt-R50e . Yamaha managed to produce so many dirtbikes from Mini Size 50 cc to 500 cc, TTR50 was made to fill the gap between the production of PW50, PW 80 and Yamaha TTR90.
Yamaha seems to concern all ages of Dirtbikes fans from Beginners to professionals, Various Machine Sizes are made in YZF, TTR and PW Labels. Even the Honda CRF50 has a market but Yamaha seems to be serious about their own masterpiece.

New from Yamaha for 2006 comes the new TTR50. Until recently, Honda, with their CRF50, had a mini bike market, but Yamaha intends to change that. And with a bike that has great features, they stand a good chance of fulfilling their goal of making the TTR50 their best-selling off-road motorcycle. To get the full details on the TTR50, we sat down with the FORCE Yamaha guy, Terry Beal.
“The concept behind the TTR50 was to bridge the gap between our very successful PW50 and our other two bikes, the PW80 and TTR90. The 90 was successful with electric start, and we were looking for a bike to bridge the gap.”

“The number one thing that sets this bike apart from others is the electric start. Our competitor didn’t have an electric start on this version, which makes teaching kids how to ride a lot easier. Now you don’t have to get off the bike to help young riders start the bike. them. They can just push the button themselves and that gives them confidence. When you have confidence it’s easier to learn how to ride a motocross and you are more relaxed. If you add an electric start with a low seat height, throttle limiter and under parental supervision with all the right gear, it’s the safest thing kids can do under the right conditions.”

“We have increased participation in the GYTR, our Yamaha internal accessory arm. The GYTR really is a stomp. The TTR50 is their new platform, and once the kid learns the skills in the stock TTR50 and they want to become bigger back court runners, this allows them to has entered the next level.”
“We expect this bike to be the most sold TTR in our ranking, which will do our best selling off-road bike. The PW50 and TTR125, depending on the year, are usually our biggest selling bikes. Our enthusiasm with the TTR50 is that it’s New and it looks like the YZ so the kids have a legacy with Chad Reed and David Vuillemin. We hope it will become the best-selling bike in Yamaha’s off-road rankings.”

“We don’t mention it as YZF50 because we have a full line of TTRs, from TTR90 to TTR250. That is our line of off-road bikes. All TTRs are electric start and 50 is electric start too. It fits perfectly in that segment.”
“This bike offers features that make it easy to learn. It has a low seat height, throttle limiter, three-speed semi-automatic transmission, and it’s a smooth four-stroke with good suspension. The best feature of all is that it’s $150 less than the competition.” us. Parents can press a button on the start of electricity and they have the extra cash to buy their child a new helmet or a pair of boots.”

Specifications Yamaha TTR50
TTR50 Made for the first time in 2005 as the 2006 Series, and is still being produced today as the 2021 Series. Built with a 49 cc 4-Stroke Air Cooled engine, this mini bike has a 3 Speed ​​transmission and also has an electric starter. Inside The engine has 36 x 48.6 mm Bore x Stroke, 9.5:1 Compression and is propelled by gas via a 13 mm Mikuni VM Carburetor with electric heating.
There are many specifications differences compared to the First Generation Yamaha PW50. PW50 Does not have a Gear transmission, does not have an electric starter, also a Shaft Final Drive which is different from the Yamaha TTR50. Yamaha TTR50 Using Chain as Final Drive.
TTR50 is also equipped with a more modern approach, in that it uses an up-side down suspension at the front and a single or mono shock at the rear. For details, here are the complete specifications of the Yamaha TTR50.

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Top Features 2021 Yamaha Tt-R50e

• Convenient Electric Start
Convenient push-button electric start feature for easy engine startup.

• Accessible Performance
Great for learning and playing, the TT-R50E feeds a delightful four-stroke and 49cc engine via a three-speed automatic clutch transmission.
• Ultra-Low Seat Height
With a seat just 21.9 inches from dirt, this bike brings big YZ style to those of a smaller stature.
• Advanced Suspension
The reverse fork and rear monocross® provide great handling.
• Powerful Final Mover
Large chain cover for maximum protection and minimal maintenance.


• Usable Entry-Level Engineright
The 49cc air-cooled SOHC powerplant delivers a smooth and reliable four stroke that’s perfect for younger kids and beginners.
• Auto Clutch
A three-speed gearbox with automatic centrifugal clutch makes learning to shift gears easy.
• Convenient Electric Start
Convenient push-button electric start feature for easy engine startup.
• Compact Machine
The compact design keeps the overall engine width down for a narrow feel and great handling.
• Responsive Power
Crisp and reliable throttle response from mikuni 11mm® VM type carburetor with automatic on/off electric heating.

• Low Maintenance Machine
Automatic cam chain tension reduces maintenance.
• Digital Ignition
The CDI ignition system provides a hot, reliable spark and requires minimal maintenance.
• Forest Friendly Exhaust
The lightweight, upswept exhaust system is quiet and contains USFS approved splash capture.


• Simple and Powerful Frames
The curved steel backbone frame keeps the TT-R50E narrow and features three engine mounting points for excellent rigidity and handling.
• Compact Inverted Fork
The reverse fork with 22mm slider provides 3.8 inches of front wheel travel for great handling and a smooth ride.
• Mild Single Shock
The Monocross® suspension is controlled by a single coil-over shock and provides 2.8 inches of bump-throwing rear wheel travel.
• Closed Drum Brake
Front and rear 80mm drum brakes provide strong and reliable stopping power, and the rear is activated by a right foot pedal like the big YZ.
• Durable Knobby Tires
Durable knobby tires mounted on 10-inch front and rear wheels offer great grip and exceptional wear.
• Ultra-Low Seat Height
The low 21.9-inch seat height allows for easy leg-down control for increased confidence.
Additional Features
• Standard Security
Lock type ignition switch prevents unauthorized ride.
• Customizable Restrictions
Throttle stop screw allows adult supervisors to limit speed while beginners are learning.
• Racing Style
The cool-looking YZ bodywork includes integrated front fenders and a license plate.
• Folding Side Stand
The standard side stand is tucked out of the way when not in use.
• Grippy Foot Pegs
Large folding foot pegs and snaps provide excellent footing.

2021 Yamaha Tt-R50e Spesitication

2021 Yamaha Tt-R50e
2021 Yamaha Tt-R50e


• Engine Type: SOHC 4-stroke air cooled 49cc; 2 valve
• Bore and Stroke : 36.0mm x 48.6mm
• Compression Ratio : 9.5:1
• Fuel Delivery : Mikuni® Carburetor VM11
• Ignition : Cdi
• Transmission : Constant-mesh 3-speed; automatic clutch
• End Drive : Chain


• Suspension / Front : Telescopic fork; 3.8-in trip
• Suspension / Rear : Single shock; 2.8-on the way
• Brakes / Front : Drum, 80mm
• Brakes / Rear : Drum, 80mm
• Tires / Front : 2.50-10-4PR
• Tires / Rear : 2.50-10-4PR


• L x W x H : 51.4 in x 23.4 in x 31.3 in
• Seat Height : 21.9 in
• Wheelbase : 36.4 in
• Rake (Caster Angle): 25.5°
• Trails : 1.3 in
• Maximum Ground Clearance : 5.3 in
• Fuel Capacity : 0.8 gal
• Fuel Savings : N/a
• Wet Weight : 128 lb

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