2021 Yamaha V50 Motorcycle

2021 Yamaha V50 Motorcycle

2021 Yamaha V50 Motorcycle

2021 Yamaha V50 Motorcycle
2021 Yamaha V50 Motorcycle

became the target of antique motorcycle collectors in several countries. Well, one of the most targeted targets is the Yamaha V50.

Yamaha V50 old school motorcycle specifications are not too special. Even so, the Yamaha V50 offers a classic design that cannot be compared to today’s motorbikes. In addition, Yamaha equipped it with a 3-speed transmission that generated considerable power and torque in its time. Then there is also the fuel tank which can accommodate as much as 4.5 Lite gasoline and is supported by a Platina electrical system.

For lovers of old school motorbikes, we are sure that they are not too concerned with specifications. As long as you can get a Yamaha V50 that is original and roadworthy, you will definitely be wrong to buy it even though it is priced very expensive. Moreover, the Yamaha V50 has an iconic design with a simple concept that is easy to drive and easy to maintain. But for those of you who are interested in buying this old school Yamaha motorbike, you must be ready to buy very expensive spare parts.

On average, Yamaha old school motorbike spare parts are expensive, because the goods are hard to find. As a result, the cost of restoration is quite draining, especially the cost of buying original body parts, such as lamps, fenders, mirrors, and the body. As for other parts, such as brakes, wheels, and exhaust can be cannibalized from other motorbikes. Read More !

For those who are curious, here are the complete specifications of the Yamaha V50:

Yamaha Vintage V50 motorbike specifications

Engine type: Single Cylinder 2 stroke

Engine capacity: 50cc

Bore x Stroke: 40.0 X 39.7 mm

Combustion System: Carburetor

Electrical System: Platinum

Transmission: 3 Speed ​​manual automatic clutch

Weight: 74 Kg

Fuel tank capacity: 4.5 liters

Side Oil Tank Capacity: 1.2 Liters

Wheel axis: 1,170 mm

Length: 1,840 mm

Width: 645 mm

Height: 1,006 mm

Front suspension: leading link

Rear suspension: swing arm, double shock

Front tires: 2.25-17 – 4pr

Rear tires: 2.25-17 – 4pr

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