Yamaha YA-1

2021 Yamaha YA-1, Yamaha’s First Motorcycle

2021 Yamaha YA-1, Yamaha’s First Motorcycle

Not many people know how the first motorbike made by the Yamaha manufacturer? Here, the name is Yamaha YA-1. First made in 1955, the Yamaha YA-1, nicknamed the red dragonfly, is indeed made similar to the DKW RT125. Indeed, only the design is similar because the engine, the Yamaha YA-1 with DKW RT125 is different.  Although both have 125 cc cubes, the Yamaha YA-1 has more advantages than the DKW RT125, such as from the material to four teeth.

When it comes to performance, it must be preserved with kids today, the maximum power is only 5.5 hp and the torque is only 9.4 Nm. Now the Yamaha YA-1 is listed as the first Japanese motorbike to use a primary kick start, which means that the motorbike can be turned on even though the teeth are in, aka not neutral.

The old motorbike was a hassle. If the motorbike dies, the teeth must be neutralized first and then it can be started. So the technology in the Yamaha YA-1 certainly makes it more practical. Read More!

2021 Yamaha YA-1, Yamaha's First Motorcycle
2021 Yamaha YA-1, Yamaha’s First Motorcycle

This primary kick starter technology was eventually developed and became the kick starter system adopted by all motorcycle brands in the world

Manufacturer: Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd.

Also called: Yamaha 125

Production: 1955—1958

Assembly: Hamakita, Shizuoka, Japan

Predecessor: DKW RT125

Successor: Yamaha YC-1

Class: On-road sports bike

Engine: 123 cm3 (7.5 cu in) 2-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder

Bore / stroke: 52 mm × 58 mm (2.0 in × 2.3 in)

Power: 4.1 kw 5.5 hp. at 5000 rpm

Torque : 9.4 Nm 6.9 lbf ft, at 3300 rpm

Ignition type: Dynamo

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Suspension: F: Coil spring, R: Coil spring

Tires: F: 2.75-19-2P, R: 2.75-19-4P

Wheelbase: 1,290 mm (51 in)

Dimensions: L: 1,980 mm (78 in)

: W: 660 mm (26 in)

: H: 925 mm (36.4 in)

Weight: 94 kg (207 lb)

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