2022 Advantages of Yamaha Byson FI Review Specs

2022 Advantages of Yamaha Byson FI Review Specs

Yamaha Byson FI became the motorcycle that people were looking for at that time. Dotted design, big muscle bike like attraction. In addition, it also became a new automotive sport model besides the Yamaha Scorpio Z and Yamaha Vixion at that time. To be able to do this, consumers must be willing to be able to queue, especially if they prefer motorbikes that have different colors, especially if they want a Yamaha motorbike that is longer than the Z server.

In 2015, Yamaha also released the second generation which got design updates on a powerful and aggressive engine, as well as injection. This model always maintains the big bike aura from the previous model. But this second generation approach is not as effective as continuing with passion. So far, Yamaha Byson is still listed on the official Yamaha website, but during reseller visits, no one from 2010 has only featured up to one Yamaha bike. The design is not too old and suitable for young people.

Advantages of Yamaha Byson Carburetor

1. Showbikebike

This is the selling point of this bike. The body is sturdy with a large 12 liter tank and is wrapped in a plastic cover. At this point the Yamaha side is used using a plastic cap to easily shape the indentation of the bowl.

Then, the use of sturdy legs is also an attraction. Currently Yamaha Byson is a sport bike with the largest tire size, the front tires use 110/80-17 tires and 120-17 rear tires. Not separated from the telescopic front suspension with a tube diameter of 41 mm. So, for the rear suspension using the help of a mono figure. The character of these two suspensions tends to be flexible so that it is comfortable to drive.

2. Effective icons

Although it still uses the fuel fuel system, the fuel consumption of this first generation Yamaha Byson is quite economical. It can reach 44 km / liter with 92 octane fuel. And based on the author’s experience, this motorbike can go very far with 1 liter of fuel, O Yamaha’s full tank capacity is 12 liters.

Economical fuel consumption cannot be separated from the non-spec 153 cc SOHC 2 Valves AC motor which is capable of producing 10.1 ps of power at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 10.5 nm to 5,500 rpm which is channeled to five speeds. . Manual transmission. This engine is powered by a fuel supply as a vacuum type carburetor, Mikuni BS 26. Engine performance tends to be smooth and starts to feel when the engine rotates up to 4,000 rpm.

3. comfortable driving position

Surely you often see this motorbike wearing a face, right? This is inseparable from the convenience offered. In standard conditions, this bike makes you feel at home. The wide arms facilitate maneuverability, although it is considered to have a significant impact on the front tires. Then, the soft seat with a tandem model, comfortable to drive. So are good feet.

It’s just that the dimensions really feel bigger, reaching a length of 2,075 mm, a width of 790 mm, and a height of 1,045 mm. And it weighs 137 kg. Of course heavy, because the dimensions are solid containers.

Yamaha Byson is also included in the 150 cc naked sport family, in addition to the V-Ixion and V-Ixion R. Yamaha Byson as a non-karedant sport from the manufacturer with three tunal fork logos equipped with a capacity of 150 cc. 1 cylinder SOHC cylinder 150 cc, the power generated by the liquid cooling is 12.8 hp and 12.9 nm of torque.

The shock absorbers used by the subconscious are telescopic models for the front and monoshock. For the rims, the race model used is wrapped in 100/80-17m/c tires at the front and 130/70-17m/c at the rear. RIM is equipped with brake systems for the disc models at the front and rear of Trump. The Byson fi measures 1,990 mm in length, 780 mm in width and 1,045 mm in height. This non-cardiac sport has a seat height of 790 mm and a weight of 133 kg, including 12 liters of fuel.

150cc Eco Engine Files

Yamaha Byson
Yamaha Byson

Powerful and responsive fuel injection, bypassing Euro 3 emissions.

Complete digital multifunction speedometer

Complete with a multifunctional digital speed display equipped with a trigger meter and ECO indicator.

Road Incubator Handle Bar

Street Fighter’s handlebar is a strong driving position, so he doesn’t get tired of fast driving near or far.

Musculoskeletal masculinity

Exhaust template cruise with a new, more compact design.

big front suspension.

The large front suspension makes the engine more stable when driving and maneuvering.

Big tires.

Using wide tires and tires, promises a stable and comfortable ride.


4 Times Air Cooled Engine Type, SOHC

Unique cylinder number / position / cylinder holder

Diameter x steps 57.3 x 57.9 mm

9.5:1 . compression ratio

Maximum power 9.61 kW / 8000 rpm

Maximum torque 12.98 nm / 6000 rpm

Beginners Beginners &Beginners System

Wet lubrication system

Total engine oil capacity = 1.25 l; Periodically = 1.00 l; Change oil filter = 1.10 l

1045mm . fuel system fuel injection

Distance from wheelbase 1340mm

Distance Lowest up to 170 mm

Height 790mm

Contents Weight 133 kg

Gas Tank Capacity 12.0 L


Telescopic front suspension

Oscillating rear suspension

Before 100/80-17m/c

Rear tire 130 / 70-17m / c

Single disc brake

Rear drum brake

Diamond Frame Type.


TCI Ignition System.

GTZ4V / YTZ4V Battery

NGK / CPR8E-9 . type spark plug

Specificationsby Yamaha Byson fi


Brand: Yamaha.

Model: Yamaha Byson fi

Variant: Yamaha Byson Standard

Maximum Power: 12.82hp

Launch Time: 2020

Engine Type: 4 Stroke, SOHC

Start Options: Kick & Electric

Category: Street.

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