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2022 All New Byson FI Design And Features

2022 All New Byson FI Design And Features

2022 All New Byson FI Design And Features.Unlike Machines PT Astra Honda (AHM) which has just published six new Moge units in Premium Motor Sport quality, the manufacture of Machines always applies to the work of Motor Motor Sports Range of the Original Automobile.

After the “spawning” of the new Yamaha V-Ixion Advance, Yamaha now presents the Yamaha Byson Fi, which is a facelifted version of the old generation Yamaha Byson FI. Yamaha Byson’s FI Debut time coincides with Yamaha’s family time for the upper middle class sporty motorcycle, the Yamaha MT-25. As transmitted by the Head of Marketing Division of PT YIMM, Mohammad Masykur, some time ago, Yamaha Domestically will indeed be a little “busy” approaching the 2015 holidays. Rumors circulating that the yamaha byson will come with a new style in 2022. although it is not certain we will wait for a new work from the yamaha byson next year.

This was highlighted by the release of two new motorcycles in mid-June 2015, namely the Yamaha Byson Fi and Yamaha MT-25. The placement of FORL’s “FI” on the Fi Yamaha BSON clearly shows that Yamaha has made changes in the cooking track of one of its flagship sports machines.

If before Byson FI used a carburetor system, Yamaha Byson FI had made an engine with fuel injection technology. The use of the injection engine type slightly affects the engine capacity, Yamaha has completed the ability of the Yamaha Byson with a capacity of 149 cc, slightly smaller than the Yamaha bison carburetor with a capacity of 153 cc. Due to the smaller engine capacity, the injection performance of the Yamaha Bison will not be a backup of the carburetor known as engine speed. But even if the engine capacity is smaller, it has other advantages compared to its big brother. Well, for those who can’t wait with detailed specifications and gifts from Yamaha Byson Fi, Yamaha has prepared a complete journal about the segment below.

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Design Yamaha Byson FI

From the outside postus specifications Yamaha Byson Fi has a fairly revolutionary appearance. Even if you still use the Yamaha Betson design base for the carburetor version, the Betson FI has a completely different square screen from the old version.

Yamaha also embeds a new scope in the Awyson headlights. Then Yamaha Byson also has a more elegant shroud design.

The face of the Yamaha Byson FI injection also looks cooler with the placement of the light slightly below the main lighthouse.

Moving to the rear area this time the FI uses a separate seat design that is different from the AWYS carburetor version.

The use of multi-level seats on the fi Yamaha Bysson which consists of two sections will provide additional comfort for the driver. In addition, Yamaha has changed the stern appearance of the second generation Yamaha Byson FI. This time the injection of Yamaha Byson FI has a smaller rear tail design and is combined with diamond-shaped taillights, changes to the specifications of Yamaha Byson FI on the silent part which has a new design with smaller dimensions.

Yamaha Byson Fi Speedometer

2022 All New Byson FI Design And Features
2022 All New Byson FI Design And Features

Then we will discuss the specifications in the Yamaha Byson Fi section on the Dashboard. The dashboard on the Byson FI uses a different design base from the Korbator Yamaha Byson Fi version. This time, Yamaha Byson FI has a more sophisticated panel because it uses a digital LCD panel. If the old generation Yamaha Byson has a trapezoidal dashboard design, Yamaha Byson injection has a minimalist dashboard with a rectangular shape. On the main panel, there are digital speedometer and tachometer indicators. The right side of the Yamaha Betson dashboard is filled with trigger meter indicators, RPM indicators and panel pointer fuel capacities.

Based on that, the Byson Fi Dashboard panel has also been facilitated with an injection indicator and an ECO indicator panel to determine the engine status. While the right and left sides of the Yamaha Betstson specification on the dashboard are occupied by the main lighthouse and rotating lights and gear speed indicators.

Features of Yamaha Byson FI

A modern feature on the Yamaha Byson Fi is the use of a digital control panel that replaces the analog speedometer. In addition, the new Yamaha bike has also been equipped with a new visor on the main part of the lamp. For the new Yamaha Besson injection feature on the engine, Yamaha uses fuel injection technology which will make this new fuel consumption more economical. Yamaha Betson specifications in the pengark section are also associated with the presence of high water and dampers with a more futuristic shape and design.

Yamaha Byson FI Mesin Engine

Despite the smaller capacity, the Yamaha Betson Fiel always has a great performance because Yamaha has fuel injection technology embedded in the engine. The SOHC single cylinder engine on the ESON FI is capable of spitting a maximum power of 8.61 kW with a motor speed of 8,000 rpm and a torque of 12.98 nm at 6,000 rpm.

In addition, Yamaha damage is also a more economical fuel consumption because the injection technology has been certified Euro 3. The rest, Yamaha specifications in the kitchen are always the same with Yamaha Betson engine specifications from the old generation.

2022 All New Byson FI Design And Features
2022 All New Byson FI Design And Features

Advantages of Yamaha Beyson 

  1. Sintering Design
  2. Tough Engine Performance
  3. Comfortable driving position.

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