2022 Legendary Yamaha Motorcycles

2022 Legendary Yamaha Motorcycles

2022 Legendary Yamaha Motorcycles
2022 Legendary Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha is a manufacturer that has produced many legendary motorbikes. In fact, these motorbikes are still in demand and are in great demand until now. Some people may think that the most legendary Yamaha motorbike is the RX-King. In fact, there are still several other legendary Yamaha motorbikes from different categories. Also read: Reasons to buy a legendary motorbike like the Astrea Grand. Here are 4 legendary Yamaha motorbikes that are still in great demand:

1. Yamaha DT100

This trail motorbike was one of the most popular motorbikes of its time. Entering Indonesia in 1976, the DT100 was widely used by young people at that time because this motorbike also frequently appeared in various big screen films. Yamaha DT100 or so-called Yamaha Enduro is equipped with a 2-stroke engine with a capacity of 97 cc. The power generated reaches 10 tk at 7,500 rpm and a torque of 9.5 Nm at 7,000 rpm. This dirt bike is still in great demand by collectors and lovers of sports or off road racing.

2. Yamaha RX-King

The 2-stroke motorbike with a 135 cc engine is still in great demand today. The fast engine performance and easy maintenance made many people fall in love with the RX-King. Quite a few RX-King loyalists dared to pay a high price. Not long ago there was also an RX-King which was successfully sold for IDR 150 million. The main factor that made the motorbike expensive was its condition which was called New Old Stock.

3. Yamaha F1ZR

The increasing popularity of 2-stroke motorcycles has recently made the F1ZR much sought after. If you look at its work, the F1ZR has been marketed since 1997 and production was stopped in 2004. The population is quite large, but in good condition, you can say only a little. The market price for this motorcycle is quite varied. However, the price is not as fantastic as other 2-stroke old motorcycles.

4. Yamaha TZM 150

The TZM 150 is much sought after because of its rare population. This is because imported motorbikes sold in the ’90s had a fairly short sales period. At that time, the price of imported motorbikes was quite expensive. In addition, Indonesia was hit by a monetary crisis. Therefore, the sale of this motorbike had to be stopped. In terms of performance, the TZM 150 is able to compete with various competitors, such as the Suzuki RGR 150, Kawasaki Ninja 150, and Honda NSR 150 R. Read more!!!

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