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2022 New e-Vino Electric Scooter Sold for IDR 35.3 Million and Subsidized

2022 New e-Vino Electric Scooter Sold for IDR 35.3 Million and Subsidized

2022 New e-Vino Electric. Yamaha Motor Company is committed to boosting the penetration of its newest electric motorcycle in the near future. Yamaha plans that 90 percent of its product line will be electric by 2050. reported by Young Machine, this policy is the result of a policy review of the concept of the upcoming Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050 to be fully electric, but what about next year, will Yamaha Motor issue a Yamaha e-Vino electric motorcycle trial in the near future. let’s look at this one product review.

2022 New e-Vino Electric Scooter Sold for IDR 35.3 Million and Subsidized .Yamaha Motor Japan released the New e-Vino. Although the design is still the same as the previous model, it has received several updates in the features sector. This electric scooter is sold for 259,600 yen, or around Rp.35.3 million. Interestingly, the government there provides a subsidy of 250 yen for every purchase of one unit.

This electric scooter first appeared at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and appeared in Indonesia in 2017. The Japanese brand was only a public introduction, not for sale. As well as just a test to see the market response and use in the country. One of the reasons is because they still have some problems in terms of infrastructure and battery waste management.

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In terms of charging, the New e-Vino only takes about three hours, from zero to 100 percent. Using a Japanese standard socket. On the other hand, the applied recharge technology is fast. The duration is certainly a mature calculation made by the manufacturer. Especially if it is used for traveling to work, school, or going shopping. This is because this motorbike can be recharged while the user is on the move.

Make the body design still the same as the old model. Adopting rounded accents from front to back. Some components are also made without sharp curves. Makin make it look cute and unique. Most clearly in the fascia, the headlamp and turn signals are rounded. Yamaha predicts that the unit will get more attention from electric scooter enthusiasts. This is because competitors from other Japanese manufacturers do not yet have a similar model.

The seat is narrow and the back is filled with a handle or it can be used as a shelf. For putting the driver’s luggage. Also provided with a hook at the front and a small shelf for storing drinking bottles. Under the seat there is also no storage space, because it functions as a battery holder. The tail is made in harmony with the body, all round.

The driver can use the Yamaha e-Vino with several driving modes, such as Standard and Power mode. Then, there is the Boost function which increases the power for 30 seconds to help the driver overcome the road in the hills. However, his party has not provided an explanation as to what effect using Boost mode will have on battery life.

Uniquely, the Japanese government is currently also providing subsidies for electric vehicles for the purchase of Yamaha e-Vino. This can save about US $ 250 if the buyer meets certain requirements. As the vehicle is for personal use only, it must be the first electric scooter to be purchased and must be kept in the person’s possession for at least three years.


Spesifikasi Yamaha e-Vino :

2022 New e-Vino Electric
2022 New e-Vino Electric

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