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2022 New Yamaha Fazzio Design Feature, Space, And Price

2022 New Yamaha Fazzio Design Feature, Space, And Price

2022 New Yamaha Fazzio Design

From the rear of the new yamaha fazzio 2022, in general it consistently uses a box design but uses the main taillights and slightly oval turn signals. Stop lights and turn signal markers or side lights still use conventional bulbs.

This time Yamaha Fazzio Classic design is also getting stronger thanks to the embedding of 12-inch rims wrapped in 110/70 R12 tires from the Dunlop brand, front and rear. although in appearance it carries a minimalist and compact design, this motorbike has a larger size than the Mio M3 and Fino.

The dimensions of the Yamaha Fazzio have a size (LxWxH) of 1,820 mm x 685 mm x 1,125 mm, and a wheelbase of 1,280 mm. With a seat height of 750 mm, this motorbike is still quite comfortable for consumers with a height of 165 cm. yamaha Fazzio is also quite light, with a weight of only 95 kg, which is followed by a fuel tank capacity of 5.1 liters, and a trunk of 17.8 liters. With these specifications, it can be seen that this scooter can be a motorbike that supports your activities in urban areas.

This year YAMAHA has just introduced a classic design scooter, the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected 2022. No kidding, the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected 2022 carries an engine capacity of 125 cc.

In a short time, the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected 2022 scooter with advanced technology has sold 1,000 units throughout Asia. Of course, there are certain advantages that make this scooter very popular in the market.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected is available in two types, namely NEO and LUX with prices for the Asian region, namely Indonesia, starting from $ 1,528. Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected was born to answer the needs and lifestyle trends of dynamic motorcycle riders for urban areas.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected has a unique, classic design, but is still able to put forward a modern impression through the Full Digital Speedometer and LED Headlight features, as well as a very impressive shape. not only that, this scooter also carries blue core technology which is very fuel efficient in its class. As one of the proofs, the new Yamaha Blue Core Hybrid technology has just been adapted in this new model to support fuel efficiency and driving performance.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected Technology 2022

As a new family in the classy scooter segment, Yamaha presents the Fazzio Hybrid-Connected with several connectivity features where the owner can reach his motorbike through the Y-Connect application with just the touch of your finger on the cellphone screen.

The Y-connect feature has been embedded in Yamaha products, such as the Yamaha MAXI (All New Aerox Connected and All New NMAX Connected) and the latest product from Sport (All New R15 Connected).

Through the Y-Connect application, drivers can connect to get phone and message notification updates, parking locations, maintenance recommendations (Engine Oil and Battery/Accu), fuel consumption monitoring, and malfunction notifications only via cellphones. This is expected to improve the lifestyle of today’s young people to be more classy.

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Yamaha Fazzio Mesin Engine

Yamaha Fazzio carries a 125 cc gasoline engine, 1-cylinder, SOHC, air cooling, with an injection combustion system. Maximum power is 8.3 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and a peak torque of 10.6 Nm at 4,500 rpm. The engine is combined with a hybrid system that offers fuel efficiency and acceleration that is faster and stronger.

The hybrid mechanism on the Fazzio focuses on 2 interrelated power sources, namely the power produced from the conventional engine and the power supplied from the Electric Power Assist Start (EPAS). EPAS functions to support 2 component sectors that support each other, including Smart Motor Generator (SMG), battery (battery), and Starter Generator Control Unit (SGCU).

Yamaha Fazzio
Yamaha Fazzio

Blue Core Hybrid

Yamaha Fazzio is equipped with the latest generation of Blue Core technology, where the motorcycle engine has two synergistic power sources. Namely the power from the engine and the power from the Electric Power Assist Start. The combination of power from the engine and Electric Power Assist Start makes motorcycle acceleration more powerful and smoother.

Especially when the motorbike carries passengers, goods, and crosses the road uphill. There is also a One Push Start system that makes the engine start quickly with one touch. Also, a Stop & Start System that functions to turn off the engine automatically when the motor is not in use to save fuel.

Customizability function and port accessories

Yamaha Fazzio provides port accessories that give riders freedom of expression according to the style, character and taste of each rider. There are three accessories that can be paired, including accessories Leg Soft Bag and Outer Luggage to carry luggage more safely and comfortably, such as basketball and shoes.

Yamaha Fazzio also has a Double Hook Carabiner in the form of a double hanger with a carabiner lock system. So, it is more practical and very when carrying a lot of stuff.

Small luggage front Open Pocket for carrying items in the front with a choice of closed and open storage spaces. There is also an Electric Power Socket to charge your gadgets. This motorcycle uses a fuel tank with a capacity of 5.1 liters and a luggage capacity of 17.8 L.

All types of Yamaha Fazzio are equipped with Hazard lights, Smart Key System, an advanced keyless lock system equipped with the Answer Back System feature to make it easier for motorists to find a motorcycle parking position.

Choice of colors and prices

Yamaha Fazzio has two types, namely FAZZIO LUX with an elegant and premium color appearance, and FAZZIO NEO with a choice of sporty colors. Fazzio LUX comes with two premium color choices, LUX Matte Black and LUX Prestige Silver. Meanwhile, the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid – Connected NEO comes in four sporty color options, NEO Cyan, NEO Red, NEO Beige, and NEO Black.

Yamaha fazzio price

The Fazzio type NEO is marketed for $1,517 while the Fazzio type LUX is priced at $1,538, both of which are on the road in Jakarta and are available at Yamaha dealers starting January 2022. So for those of you in Asia or Europe, please order it at the official Yamaha company.

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