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2022 New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc Motor With 3 Wheels

2022 New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc Motor With 3 Wheels

2022 New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc . Review

2022 New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc. Yamaha Europe officially launched the latest generation of its three-wheeled motorcycle labeled TriCity 155. The latest generation with an engine swelling to 155 carries several advantages that the previous version did not have. The New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc itself calls it an urban commuter which is claimed to be light, agile and reliable.

Yamaha Tricity is a unique motorcycle with three wheels from the Yamaha company. But don’t imagine this motorbike as a motorbike that is very difficult to drive, because Yamaha provides it with a variety of advanced technologies that make it easier for users to drive.

With an engine capacity of 155 cc, which has been equipped with BlueCore technology with VVA valve settings. This engine produces 15 PS with a maximum torque of 14 Nm, with a CVT automatic transmission as a driving force that can make this motorbike a very spontaneous and gentle performance.

Advantages of 2022 New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc

With a CVT automatic transmission as a driving force the driving will feel smooth, with a responsive engine. The weight of this vehicle reaches 165 kg. For turning, the Yamaha Tricity has Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) technology, while its practicality is represented by a large trunk and a comfortable driving position.

Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc . Display

2022 New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc
2022 New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc

2022 New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc . Rarely is there a motorbike like this Yamaha Tricity. If you look at the price, the Yamaha Tricity is an uncomplicated three-wheeled motorbike at a very affordable price, even though it sounds complex at first. similar to NMax or Aerox. but already equipped with CVT technology with a VVA valve drive.

Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc is equipped with a very soft suspension. Like the Yamaha Niken, this bike has two wheels at the front, and one wheel at the back. Especially for Tricity, it is equipped with Leaning Multi Wheel technology. But unlike the Piaggio MP3 which adopts a single arm suspension on each front wheel.

Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc uses double fork. That is, there are two forks in front. This makes it easier for the Yamaha Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc to make you very satisfied using this motorbike, but it will demand more care from its customers.

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Dimensions Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc

2022 New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc
2022 New Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc

Dimensionally the Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc is a compact three-wheel motorcycle. The shape is not too long, and because it uses a double fork suspension, Yamaha can adjust the front wheels to be close to each other. This will make it easier for the Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc to slip through traffic, even on cobblestones.

In addition, the riding position of the Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc is designed aerodynamically. And with its compact dimensions, its movement can be more agile in urban areas. But unfortunately, there is no certainty when the Tricity will be officially sold in Asia but the European market Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc will be released soon. This motorbike is assembled in Thailand for the Asian market and will certainly soon be rolled out to the European market.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, this three-wheel motorcycle line-up is predicted to be sold as many as 700 units per year and is available in three color choices. Namely matte black, metallic white and metallic blue. the price range of the Tricity with a capacity of 155 cc is 453,600 Japanese Yen or at a price of $ 3,830.

Yamaha Tricity Specials

Specifications Yamaha Tricity is equipped with an engine capacity of 155cc. Yamaha tricity 155 uses a new engine with a larger cubication. This generation was grafted with engines such as the NMax, namely the four-valve SOHC VVA with Liquid cooled cooling. The 155 cc engine has a compression ratio of 10.5:1 with a bore stroke of 58.00 mm x 58.7 mm. This three-wheeled matic is claimed to be capable of spewing power up to 11.1 KW @ 8000 RPM and torque reaching 14.4 nm at 6000 RPM. Compare the previous version which only has a power of 8.1kw@9000RPM and a torque of 10.4NM at 5500RPM.

The difference is quite nampol Masbro. Not only that, in general, SOHC full injection engines are configured with 1-cylinder with Blue Core innovation and Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) as well as liquid cooling devices (radiators). The Yamaha Tricity 155 Cc is capable of producing a maximum power of 15 PS and throwing a torsional moment of 14 Nm through the CTV automatic transmission pattern.

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