2022 New Yamaha yz65 Motocross Review

2022 New Yamaha yz65 Motocross Review

2022 New Yamaha yz65 Motocross. Designed for the dissuasive motorcycle driver who wants to win and push the Victory Zone, the Yamaha YZ65 offers young drivers the same first-class performance and the same reliability as the larger YZ models.

Engineers designed the YZ65 for kids into 50 and 85 cc trail motorbikes. Power is managed from the two cc 65 cc motor, miniature frame, smaller wheels (compared to the YZ85) and light weight all features designed to allow young drivers to ride faster with confidence.

The YZ65 liquid-cooled, two non, one cylinder engine features a YAMAHA power supply valve system (YPV), offering excellent power and torque characteristics. The same advanced technology found in the race-winning  YAMAHA YZ125 can also be found in the YZ65.

The YZ65 draws on Yamaha’s decades-leading track performance and proven durability. Adjustable front and rear suspension, conical handlebars and the YZ450F-inspired bodywork are just a few of the projectors that fall from the smallest YZ model.

Main characteristics

  • Felt 65 cc liquid with liquid cooling, 2-stroke single cylinder engine with YAMAHA power supply system (YPV)
  • Retrarailer valve motor housing
  • 6-speed transmission with optimized gear ratio
  • Spit Steel Semi-Double Bocket, Aluminum Subframe
  • 36 mm for inverted fork with 12 levels of compression and 10 levels of rebound in sedation for solid forward feedback
  • Monocross rear suspension with 10 levels of grid and compression adjustment

Feature Benefits

Superior Characteristics

Motorcross 65cc

Built to win, the YZ65 is ready to tackle the track with a winning performance straight from the door. And, of course, this compact machine showcases the quality and durability of off-road competition Yamaha is renowned for like the larger YZ.

YPVS Powerplant

The 65cc two-stroke engine features the legendary YAMAHA supply valve system (YPVS™), a mechanical feed valve system that provides extensive power and torque spread within the RPM range.

Customizable Chassis

With a solid steel frame and adjustable front and rear suspension, the YZ65 offers the rider the traction, confidence and user friendliness of an actual motocross machine in a compact package. Read Also !


Powerful two-stroke

The Powerplant Two instead of the 65cc has the same advanced technology found in the race-winning Yamaha YZ125 and YZ250 Motocrosser.

Reception Developed By The Breed

With Hitachi ASTEMPO, carefully tuned keihin pwk28 carburetor to measure fuel flow induction, which is proven to improve acceleration and acceleration response of running strips.

Yamaha Power Valve System

The YPVS™ patent combines crisp torque with a high degree of variety and high-end vacuum-free, drawing mostly compact motors and light chassis.

Close Transmission Ratio

The six-speed transmission and closing reports optimize gear ratios for maximum performance, delivering the right gear for every race condition.

Digital Lgnition

The CDI digital system provides correct spark and monitors engine speed to ensure optimal periods for excellent answers.

Effective Cooling System

The compact radiator provides maximum cooling efficiency even in the toughest race conditions.

Chassis / Suspension

2022 New Yamaha yz65 Motocross
2022 New Yamaha yz65 Motocross

Compact Steel Frame

The YZ65 offers light, neutral handling built on a solid steel cradle frame. Designed around the balance of rigidity required for the 65cc class, this frame provides excellent mass absorption in the toughest track sections, jump jumps and resistance sections.

Soft Under-Ultrasound

The removable rear aluminum subframe is constructed from a square section of tubing for reduced weight and practical maintenance, just like life-size motocross.

Adjustable Suspension System

Opposite, Coil Spring Fork KYB® 36 MM provides excellent compliance with parameters based on Yamaha’s extensive test experience. At the rear, the linkless shock design is clear and compact and works through oscillations with the YZ125 style chain adjuster. The front and rear suspension systems can be reversed for bouncing and compressing the inside.

Double Wave Rotor

The wave style brake rotor is lighter than conventional rotors and features the complete YZ family style.

Maxxis Tires

Maxxis® Tire MaxxCross If offers good grip in a variety of track conditions, with rear tire sizes 60/100-14 and 80/100-12.

Additional Features

Custom Ergonomics

With adjustable adjustable aluminum handlebars, adjustable position lever and front brake lever, attached leg stretch and a lounger design to help the rider move through the bike, the YZ65 can be a great fit for runners of different sizes.

YZ Aggressive Family Style

YZ65 maybe is the smallest member of the family, but packs in the same aggressive style as the YZ-F and YZ-F brothers and sisters. Even on the slick Blue Wheel Excel®.

Yamaha YZ65 Specifications

2022 New Yamaha yz65 Motocross
2022 New Yamaha yz65 Motocross


Type 6 motor long 2-stroke liquid liquid; Installed valve

Boron X Course 43.5mm x 43.6mm

Compression Ratio 8.1~9.6:1

Hitachi Astempo® Fuel Delivery Keihin Carburetor PwK28

6-speed transmission; Multiplate Wet Clutch.

End of Chain Reader



Suspension/pre-spring 36mm KYB® spring, special compression and rebound damping; 8.5 traveling

Single rear suspension/shock, adjustable compression and rebalancing damping; 10.6 Travel

Hydraulic disc brake / before 198mm

Hydraulic brakes / rear 190mm disc

Tires / before 60 / 100-14 Maxxis® Maxxcross if

Tires / Back 80 / 100-12 Maxxis® Maxxcross If


X W x H 63.6 in x 29.9 in x 39.4

Seat height 29.7″

Wheelbase 44.9 In

Rake (roulette roulette) 26.4 °

Trail 2.5 in.

Maximum Soil Clearance 10.4

0.9 gal . fuel capacity

Wet weight 134 lb

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