2022 Raptor 700 Top Speed And Specs
2022 Raptor 700 Top Speed And Specs

2022 Raptor 700 Top Speed And Specs

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2022 Raptor 700 Top Speed And Specs

2022 Raptor 700 Top Speed And Specs. Yamaha Raptor 700 One of the most famous ATVs in the world today. Yamaha Raptor 700 is a sport ATV model that is very comfortable to use. The Yamaha Raptor has a factory top speed of around 75 mph with the use of off road tires for most heavily modified Yamaha Raptor 700 models and has recorded speeds of over 90 mph.

The Yamaha Raptor 700 has been around for almost 15 years and is the only sport ATV model produced today and Yamaha is still making progress and ensuring to be the best in the sport ATV game.

Raptor Style 700

The aggressive styling of the Raptor 700 makes this sports ATV look just as scary as the real thing. The mighty Yamaha Raptor 700 is ready to pave the way for whatever terrain we’re in, whether the goal is dunes, trails, or even the most extreme roads.

The Raptor 700’s Strength has a Big Bore

Equipped with a 686cc, liquid-cooled Raptor engine and the most powerful and reliable fuel injection system, this large bore ATV Raptor 700 sport is capable of producing enormous torque directly from its spontaneous and terrifying power.

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Raptor 700 Top Performance

The Yamaha Raptor 700 is a high-performance ATV (all-terrain vehicle) that is designed for racing and off-road use. Here are some ways to optimize its performance:

  1. Upgrade the exhaust system: A high-performance exhaust system can increase horsepower and torque by allowing the engine to breathe better. A less restrictive exhaust system can also improve the sound of the ATV.
  2. Install a high-flow air filter: A high-flow air filter can improve airflow to the engine, which can increase horsepower and torque. It can also improve throttle response and acceleration.
  3. Upgrade the fuel management system: An aftermarket fuel management system can help optimize the air/fuel ratio for maximum performance. This can result in improved horsepower, torque, and overall engine performance.
  4. Install high-performance tires: High-performance tires with a more aggressive tread pattern can provide better traction and handling on rough terrain. They can also improve acceleration and top speed.
  5. Replace the stock suspension components: Upgrading the shocks, springs, and other suspension components can improve handling, stability, and overall ride quality. This can make the ATV more capable on challenging terrain.
  6. Adjust the gearing: Changing the gearing can alter the ATV’s acceleration and top speed. A lower gear ratio can improve acceleration, while a higher gear ratio can increase top speed.
  7. Tune the engine: A professional engine tune can optimize the ATV’s performance by adjusting the fuel and ignition maps. This can result in improved power delivery and throttle response.

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that modifying your ATV’s performance can void the warranty and may not be legal in all areas. Always check with your local laws and regulations before making any modifications. Additionally, it’s essential to practice safe riding habits and wear appropriate safety gear when operating an ATV.

Raptor 700  Chassis

Equipped with large and light power that makes the Yamaha Raptor 700 able to amaze every ATV rider with the performance released, this sports ATV becomes standard on the Raptor 700. Equipped with an aluminum and steel hybrid frame, Controlled-Fill aluminum sub-frame and cast aluminum swingarm, this combination results in a super strong structure and the ATV Raptor 700 is very light and easy to ride in its class.

Features of Yamaha Raptor 700

Equipped with a comfortable seat that is thick and thick so as to provide excellent comfort to all users as well as double counterbalance, the Raptor 700 is also equipped with electric start and reverse to keep things nice and very functional when needed.

Raptor Advanced Suspension 700

2022 Raptor 700 Top Speed And Specs
2022 Raptor 700 Top Speed And Specs

The Yamaha aptor 700’s YFZ-inspired handling is amazing to experience during a few moments of launch. with 9.1-inch front and 10.1-inch rear travel, so as to provide a very smooth ride quality while the driver keeps everything under control. With a combination of strong power, steady handling, and a good suspension, ATV fans are amazed by its superiority.

Raptor 700 Smooth Engine Sound

In addition to a very smooth sound, the Raptor 700 also has a lightweight piston forged connecting rods with a 686cc engine capacity that is very light and strong so that it can shoot 9000 rpm power and is maintained with smooth engine performance.

Advanced Fuel Injection System

Yamaha Raptor 700 is equipped with Fuel Injection so that it is able to offer consistent and excellent engine performance in various terrain conditions, both altitude and weather temperature.

Raptor 700 Equipped Mith Digital Ignition

Yamaha Raptor 700 TCI digital and with a 32-bit electronic control unit so as to control fuel injection with an excellent ignition system and perfect for consistent performance and fantastic throttle response on the Yamaha Raptor 700.

Raptor 700 Has Powerful Transmission

Five-speed transmission with reverse transmission. The YZ specification ratchet shifter ensures smooth, obstacle-free shifting even at high speeds.

Serviceability on The Raptor 700

Easy-to-reach oil filters and air filters on the Yamaha Raptor 700 without additional tools actually provide comfort for Yamaha Raptor 700 lovers.

Yamaha Raptor 700 TopSpeed

The top speed of the Yamaha Raptor 700 is around 75-80 mph (120-129 km/h). However, this can vary depending on various factors such as rider weight, terrain conditions, and modifications to the ATV’s engine or drivetrain. It’s important to always ride within your skill level and in a safe manner, and to wear appropriate safety gear when operating an ATV. Additionally, it’s essential to follow local laws and regulations regarding off-road vehicle use and speed limits.


Raptor 700  Specifications

EngineType 686cc liquid-cooled with fan, four stroke; SOHC, four valve

Hole x Step 102.0mm x 84mm

Compression Ratio 10.0:1

Yamaha Fuel Injection, 45mm

32 Bit ECU Ignition System

Electric Starter System

Five-speed transmission with one-speed reverse; wet multi plate clutch

2WD Drive Train; closed O-ring chain, eccentric adjustment


Front Suspension Double wishbone independent w/ piggy back high speed compression, rebound and threaded preload adjustment, 9.1-in travel

Suspension or Rear swing arm features cast aluminum with rebound, high-speed compression and threaded preload adjustment, 10.1-in travel

Front Brake Double ventilated hydraulic disc, twin piston

Rear Brake Ventilated hydraulic disc, self-adjusting parking brake function

Front Tire Maxxis AT22 x 7-10 radial

Maxxis AT20 x 10-9 Radial Rear Tire


W x W x H 72.6 x 46.5 x 43.9 inches

Seat Height 32.7 inches

Wheelbase 50.4 inches

Ground Clearance 4.4 inches

Fuel Capacity 2.9 US Gallons

Wet Weight 422 Pounds

Top Speed 2022 Raptor 700