2022 Yamaha Byson Fi Review

2022 Yamaha Byson Fi Review

2022 Yamaha Byson Fi Review
2022 Yamaha Byson Fi Review

Motorcycle with injection system technology is the successor to the previous Yamaha Byson which began to be developed since 2010. For the sake of combining the development of existing automotive technology, and to be able to compete against mid-class sport motorcycles such as the Honda CB150, the Yamaha is increasing the engine Yamaha Engine in order to improve sophisticated and able to be compared with the Yamaha Vixion which was first equipped with Injection technology.

The use of Ijeksi technology makes the Yamaha Byson more economical and has obtained a Euro 3 emission test. With its engine capabilities increasing dramatically, the price of the Yamaha Byson FI remains priced affordably, with the latest Yamaha Vixion buying and selling prices. This Street Fighter-style motorbike also carries a new streaming design that looks more manly than the previous series. Of course, with the presence of this latest model, Yamaha is ready to compete against the dominance of manufacturers of its class such as Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki.

Dimensions and Design

Yamaha Overall Byson FI (Injection) has dimensions (P x l x t) having 1,990 m x 780 mm x 1,045 mm and a weight of 133 kg. While the wheelbase has a size of 1,340 and has a fuel tank capacity of 12 litres. Can be considered the weight of this motor is light enough so that it is more comfortable when invited to manoeuvre on the highway. In addition, the appearance of the body is also very handsome, with 3 choices of the latest streaming colours in Black Fighter, Silver Bold, and Red Combat colours combined with the tribal group image coming first on the tank.

Performance Engine

Armed with the sophisticated features adapted from Moge Yamaha, this motorbike can certainly be the right choice for automotive buddies who are looking for cheap motorcycles with a variety of advanced technology. Regarding technology, the Yamaha Byson FI (Injection) has a 149 cc engine with a 4-step SOHC engine and has an air-cooled system. The engine with an injection combustion system does have a smaller capacity than the previous generation Yamaha Byson which is equipped with a capacity of 153 ccs. But thanks to technology support, Fuel Injection can answer the performance of the engine is much tougher.

Interesting sophisticated fuel injection like this makes fuel more economical and has already bought Euro 3 so it produces more environmentally friendly fuels. Then for the performance of the engine itself, capable of issuing a maximum torque of 6,000 Rpm and maximum power reaching 8,000 rpm so that an automotive friend can use the Yamaha Byson FI to launched on the highway with a performance engine that is no less tough than a 150 cc motor in its class. Unfortunately, this motor is only equipped with a 5-speed transmission (1-N-2-3-4-5), in contrast to the Yamaha MT-25 which has a 6-speed transmission system.

Order and Suspension

Turning to the braking system, there is already a single disc brake on the front side of the Yamaha Byson FI. As for the rear side, it adopts drum brakes, aka drum bikes. It is quite unfortunate that the rear of the motor is not equipped with disc brakes, but it does not matter as long as the price of Yamaha Byson FI (Ijeksi) is still cheaper than the Yamaha Vixion. Then to provide a good grip when launched on the highway, the Yamaha equip this motorbike with 130/170 rear tires and 100/80 front tires, which are wrapped in racing rims that look sporty.


This motor is equipped with an electric starter system and Kickstarter type as an alternative if there is damage to the electric starter system. Furthermore, for the ignition system, Yamaha Byson FI adopts the TCI ignition system with spark plugs of type NGK / CPR8EA-9, and batteries of type GTZ4V / YTZ4V. Armed with advanced ignition technology and engine specifications Full Injection technology, the automotive mate will surely be interested in this cheap motorsport. But before buying it, let’s look first at the price information of Yamaha Byson FI which we submit below.

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