Yamaha Crypton

2022 Yamaha Crypton Specification

2022 Yamaha Crypton Specification

2022 Yamaha Crypton Specification
2022 Yamaha Crypton Specification

For those who grew up in the 1990s, they must be familiar with the figure of the Yamaha Crypton moped. The reason is, this motorbike can be said to be a milestone in Yamaha’s history in spawning a 4-stroke engine motorbike product. Previously, the Japanese manufacturer was more popular with the 2-stroke type motorbike product. In addition, Crypton also became the forerunner to the birth of the Yamaha Vega generation which was released at a later date.

Yamaha Crypton made its debut in 1997. The body and chassis design of this motorcycle was based on the Yamaha Force 1 which made Crypton look very similar to his brother. This step seems to have been taken by Yamaha in order to reduce production costs which led to the selling price.

Some people considered that the steps taken by Yamaha at that time were indeed quite accurate to attract consumers. This is coupled with the Crypton engine capacity which is bigger when compared to the Honda motorcycle. And, over time, Yamaha also provided refreshing stripping and the addition of disc brakes on the front wheels of Crypton motorbikes.

For the pacemaker sector, this motorbike carries a 4-stroke type engine, single cylinder, with a capacity of 101.8cc, air-cooled. With this capital, Yamaha Crypton is claimed to be able to give off a maximum power of 8.2 HP at 8,000 rpm and peak torque of 8.65 Nm at 6,500 rpm through a four-speed manual transmission system.

Unfortunately, the life of this motorbike did not last long and was only produced until 1999. Here are the specifications of the Yamaha Crypton motorcycle:

Dimensions 1,870 x 655 x 1,050 mm

Distance Axis Wheels 1,190 mm

Distance to Land 130 mm (1997), 120 mm (1998-1999)

Weight 92 kg (1997), 95.1 kg (1998-1999)

Fuel Capacity 4.2 liters (1997), 4.3 liters (1998-1999)

Pipe Frame Type, underbone, diamond cut

Telescopic Front Suspension

Rear suspension Swing arm, double shock

Front tire 70 / 90-17M / C 38P

Rear tire 80 / 90-17M / C 44P

Front Drum Brakes (1997), Disc (1998-1999)

Rear Drum Brakes

Electric Starter and Kick

Engine type 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled

Engine Capacity 101.8cc (1997), 102cc (1998-1999)

Bore x Stroke 49 x 54 mm

Compression Ratio 9.0: 1

Maximum power 8.2 HP @ 8,000 rpm

Maximum torque of 8.65 Nm @ 6,500 rpm

Manual transmission, 4-speed

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