2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus Review
2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus Review

 2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus Review

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2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus Review

2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus Review. Yamaha Cygnus Gryphe is a type of Yamaha Matic motorcycle that comes before the end of 2021. This time, the Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus 2022 is updated in terms of performance and more characteristics of the 125 cc motorcycle that Yamaha is also equipped with specifications No less stable because it uses an engine with variable valve actuation technology (VVA). And more tempting, the price remains affordable for the size of a 125 cc motorcycle. The design remains typical of modern Yamaha motorcycles.

This year Yamaha officially launches the latest scooter model, the Cygnus Grygphus 2022. Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus 2022 comes with engine updates and adds various modern features. The scooter is now equipped with the latest LED lights and LCD digital system. The Cygnus Gryphus is built around an advanced performance sports concept that highlights the strong or aggressive design around it. The engine features a redesigned frame, a new suspension system and a larger tread (120/70 at the front and 130/70 at the rear).

The 2022 2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus will be powered by a 124 cc, 4-no, blue 1 cylinder core engine with a power focus function. It is 20% more powerful than its predecessor and also saves up to 20% more fuel with the variable valve VVA (variable valve) system.

The new Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus 2022 engine can produce a maximum power of 12 PS at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 12.8 nm at 6,000 rpm. The front and rear wheels brake using discs, but there is no ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) to prevent the driving wheels from locking when applying hard braking. The 2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus is offered from 357,500 yen, which equates to $44.4 million (10% Consumer Tax). This bike is offered in several color choices, namely gray, blue purple blue, black metal and white metal. Yamaha Cygnus Gryhus also has a special edition Livery WGP Anniversary Limited Edition of only 1,000 units.

With regard to the last appearance, it looks like the 2021 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus which was launched in Taiwan at the end of July 20, 2021. This bike has compact dimensions and tends to be small. This is consistent with the targeted market, namely Urban, Small and Agile urban scooters. But there is a slight difference from the 2021 Taiwan model, in the middle of the year.

A 2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus  The most important feature of the Gryphus is the presence of a new speedometer. Negative speedometer display panel with a new design. Unlike the 2021 version, which has been launched in Taiwan where for the digital clock and odometer are done separately. For all 2022 models have been merged. It is also still equipped with a tachometer in the middle, throughout the carriageway.

The interesting concept of refueling on the front bridge is similar to the Yamaha FreeGo. Enough to facilitate the rider, but is a scooter that has a flat terrace. In addition, the luggage under the seat also becomes larger. Here are some of the main features:

  1. Complete LED light
  2. Taillight and LED brake light
  3. Fully digital speedometer
  4. Assesymmetrical frame design
  5. Front disc rear brake system
  6. Charging on the front deck
  7. double rear shock
  8. Super spacious luggage

Specifications Yamaha Cygnus 2022 Gryphus

YAMAHA Cygnus 2022 Gryphus is equipped with 124-cylinder CC, SOHC, 4 valve, liquid-cooled. The base engine used is based on the yamahalexi 125 2022 motor. To reach 9 kW or about 12 ps is 8,000 rpm. With peak torque alone it reaches 11 nm at 6,000 rpm. The energy problem is greater, but the difference is 0.3 nm. own torque is lower than Yamaha Lexi 125.

Engine type 4 stroke, SOHC, 4 valve, water cooled

Number of monocylinderscylinder

engine capacity 124 cc

Diameter x Race 52.0 x 58.7 mm

compression rate 11.2:1

maximum power 9 kW (12 ps) @ 8000 revolutions per minute

maximum torque 11 nm @ 6000 TPM

Electric Starter Starter

Wet lubrication method

Yamaha Cygnus Frame Gryphus

For the old man type itself, always use the sub-sweet type. Combined with telescopic front suspension and double rear suspension of the suspension. Tire size is also good at 120/70 for the front and 130/70 for the rear 12 inches diameter.

Frame Type

1 liter engine oil capacity

6.1 liter fuel tank capacity

Roulette/track 26°30’/90mm

Front tire size 120/70 – 12 51L (tubeless)

Rear tire size 130/70 – 12 56L (tubeless)

Brake type hydraulic disc brake

Hydraulic brake type Rear brake type

Front suspension telescopic

Rear suspension unit

Electric Yamaha Cygnus Gryhus

2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus Review
2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus Review

As for the lighting system, it is not fully led. New LED lights are available for alias lighthouse and taillights and stop lights. While the four breast lights still use ordinary bulbs.

Fuel SystemElectronicFuelInjection

TCI ignition method (transistor type)

Battery type 12v, 6.5 ah

Clutch type dry, centrifugal

V-Beance gearbox continuously variable transmission (CVT), automatic

LED light bulb.

LED light bulb.

2 people lead the capacity

Dimensions and Weight Yamaha Cygnus Gryhus

2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus Review
2022 Yamaha Cygnus Gryphus Review

In terms of dimensions, this motorbike is not too small and friendly enough for most people. Even the seat height itself reaches 785 mm. For weight, it is also only 125 kg, with a claimed fuel consumption of 48.6 km/ L.

Total length 1935 mm

Total width 690 mm

Total height 1160 mm

Seat height 785 mm

Isolated wheelbase 1.340 mm

Soil at the lowest distance 125 mm

vehicle weight 125 kg

fuel consumption 48.6 km/liter

Yamaha prizes five colors, namely gray blue-blue, blue purple, metal white metal, metal white, black metal and others are special colors which are the colors of the special 60th anniversary of the Yamaha World Grand Prix … for the price of the 2022 yamaha Cygnus Gryphe has been sold for 357,500 Japanese yen or about 44, 54 million rupees in Indian currency . Read Also !