2022 Yamaha Force 155

2022 Yamaha Force 155

2022 Yamaha Force 155
2022 Yamaha Force 155

Price of Yamaha Force 155 – The average Yamaha Matic motorbike is currently equipped with a 155cc engine capacity. Likewise with the Yamaha Force 155 which is equipped with 155cc engines such as NMAX and Aerox. Besides being equipped with a large capacity engine, this motorbike also has a modern design with sharp curves that give the impression of sportiness. Unfortunately, Yamaha Force 155 has not been marketed in several countries. This motorcycle is one of the mainstays of Yamaha in Taiwan, and it is possible to be marketed in other regions to add to the Yamaha Maxi Scooter range.

In countries in several Asian countries, Yamaha has several Maxi Scooters, both of which have large bodies, such as Aerox 155, NMAX 155, Lexi 125, and TMAX DX. If added by Yamaha Force 155, of course, Yamaha is more complete in several Asian countries. This motorcycle can be an alternative to the Yamaha Aerox 155, both of which are designed as sporty scooters. The difference, Force 155 has a monoshock rear suspension in the middle. Then what about the price of the Yamaha Force 155 ?, Is it as expensive as Aerox 155?

If the middle deck feels not large enough to accommodate shopping, you can put it in the trunk which has a capacity of up to 28 litres. The baggage can also be used to store one helmet and several other luggage, such as gloves, keys and coats. In addition, there are also modern headlights above which are installed in the shape of a twilight lamp. As for turn signal lights placed on the side like the Yamaha Soul GT and Yamaha Jupiter MX King 150.

The design of the lights is cool, but not using LED technology. Hopefully, this shortage makes the price of Yamaha Force 155 in Indonesia priced more affordable, because on average Yamaha motorcycles that are marketed in Indonesia already use LED technology. In addition, Yamaha also provides 5 colour choices that both have a plain rear body with a 3D emblem labelled Force. Now to find out the colour choices please refer to the image below.

Continuing the matter of the kitchen runway, Yamaha Force 155 is powered by a 155cc SOHC engine equipped with a liquid cooling system. The engine is certainly powerful with power and torque not much different from the Yamaha NMAX 155 or Aerox 155 engine. Do not forget the Blue Core technology and Fuel Injection combustion system also owned by this one automatic motor. As for the transmission using Automatic V-Beat which is guaranteed to be responsive inflowing power and torque at each engine speed.

When marketed in Indonesia, we believe that Yamaha Force 155 will be available in ABS and Non-ABS variants. The price of the Yamaha Force 155 ABS is certainly more expensive like the NMAX ABS and the Aerox S-Version. You don’t need to be disappointed, because you can still buy Non-ABS variants that both have disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. Interestingly, the Force 155 front disc is very large and almost covers the front wheels. Well-armed with all these features, then what is the actual price of the Yamaha Force 155?

We were quite surprised after learning that the price of Yamaha Force 155 in Taiwan is priced at 86,800 TWD or if we spend it at Rp. 40 Million. The price of the Yamaha Force 155 is very expensive for the size of an automatic motor that is equipped with a 155cc engine. But my friend does not need to worry, because the possibility of the price of Yamaha Force 155 in Indonesia will be cheaper as long as this motorbike is produced at Yamaha factories in Indonesia. Unfortunately, until now there is no further information about the availability of Yamaha Force 155 in Indonesia, so my friend must be patient if interested in buying it. READ MORE !!!

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