2022 Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r Review

2022 Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r Review

2022 Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r Review

2022 Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r Review
2022 Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r Review

Big Bore XT-R Grizzly

Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R presents something extraordinary for you lovers of Yamaha products with a powerful 700cc class engine capacity, high quality chassis with 27 inch tires with aggressive tread, spacious ergonomics with advanced electronics, and painted bodywork of the XT-R edition. makes the Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R even more dashing.

High Performance Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R Ultramatic Transmission

The class-leading Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R transmission combines direct response with highly advanced features such as natural all-wheel engine braking for reliable control. Of course the Ultramatic has proven to be the most durable ATV transmission on the Yamaha market.

On-Command 4WD Exclusive from Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R

Unlike many typical 4WD ATV systems on the market that use a computer, the Yamaha On-Command system of the Grizzly EPS XT-R keeps the rider in control with 2WD, 4WD limited-slip and 4WD selectable with lock modes to ensure the Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT- The R delivers power that meets the demands of riders regardless of terrain.

Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R Delivers Class-leading Power Steering

With very soft power steering the Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT can make the rider not Fatigue with excellent control, everything comes standard with Yamaha’s industry-leading Electric Power Steering (EPS) Grizzly EPS XT-R which is sensitive to speed and terrain conditions.

XT-R Yamaha Grizzly Edition

The Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R is Yamaha’s ultimate all-terrain capability enhanced by providing a high level of confidence, with aluminum wheels and 27-inch Maxxis Zilla tires with matching front and rear sizes all wrapped in high quality painted bodywork and graphics. The unique XT-R offers an elegant impression for ATV lovers.

The incredible adventure of the Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R

The Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R comes pre-wired for the exclusive Adventure Pro GPS system from the Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R, unlocking another level of navigation. An advanced GPS unit combines multiple functions into one rugged 7-inch full color display. With Yamaha’s unique Grizzly EPS XT-R software integrated with the Adventure Pro system it displays advanced vehicle data with incredible clarity.

HIGH PERFORMANCE Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r

Equipped with a 708cc engine capacity, DOHC, Liquid Cooler, Fuel Injection, the Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r is able to run at full power even on muddy roads.

Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r Equipped with a 708cc engine capacity, DOHC – 4 valves with a compression ratio of 10.1: 1, so as to optimize torque at high speeds, power transfer and engine characteristics are also suitable for off-road driving. and FUEL INJECTION technology so that combustion is more complete with less exhaust gas and is environmentally friendly.
Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r is also equipped with a liquid cooling system that is able to maintain the engine’s working temperature even in extreme weather.

BEST FEATURES Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r
Full Digital Speedometer.

Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r has a speedometer position on the handlebar that is sportier and closer to the rider as well as a full digital multifunction instrument with complete indicators that are easy to see.

LED Headlight & TailLight Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r

Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r is also equipped with front and rear lights with LED technology, so that the lighting is maximized at night, giving a more luxurious impression with an aggressive design.

Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r is equipped with FLEXIBLE FOR ALL-TERRAIN
Ultramatic Transmission

With the Grizzly 700FI Ultramatic Transmission automatic transmission system, complete with V-belt and sebtrifugal clutch so that it is easy to drive, and also a practical and very comfortable speed position shifter, which consists of 2 forward positions (H) with High Speed ​​& (L) namely Low – Low Speed), N (Neutral), R (Reverse – Reverse) and P (Parking – Parking) so as to provide the comfort that many drivers expect.

Independent Suspension, Tubeles & Offroad Tire.

Yamaha Grizzly eps xt-r has independent suspension performance on each wheel will be maximized with offroad tires so that Grizzly 700FI remains stable and does not slip or leak easily when passing through uneven, damaged, wet and muddy roads, as well as sharp rock conditions.

Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R . Fuel Tank

Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R 4.76 liter fuel tank located under the seat for excellent centralization and handling of mass while riding. Read More!


Engine Type 708cc, 4 – Stroke, DOHC, Fuel Injection, Liquid Cooler
Diameter x Step 103 mm x 85 mm
Compression Comparison 10.1 : 1
Fuel System Yamaha Fuel Injection ( YFI ), 44 mm
Electric Starter System
Wet Lubrication System
18 Liters Fuel Capacity
Engine Oil Capacity 2 Liter
Wet Element Filter Air Filter


W x W x H 2070 x 1230 x 1253 mm
Seating Height 918 mm
Lowest Distance to Ground 288 mm
Wheelbase 1250 mm
Turning radius 3500 mm


Yamaha Ultramatic V Transmission System – Belt / H, L, N, R, P
Yamaha On-Command Power Transfer (2WD, 4WD & 4WD Differential Lock)
Front Suspension Independent Double Wisbone, 193 mm
Rear Suspension Independent Double Wisbone, 285 mm
Front & Rear Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Front Tire AT26 x 8 – 12
Rear Tire AT26 x 10 – 12


LED Headlight & Taillight Lighting System – Halogen
TCI Ignition System (Transistor Control Ignition)
Magneto AC Charging System
Spark Plug Type NGK / CPR7EA – 9

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