2022 Yamaha Mio M3 Aks Sss Review

2022 Yamaha Mio M3 Aks Sss Review


Yamaha Mio M3 AKS SSS? The sporty design is suitable for those who are young at heart.

This automatic motorbike certainly also has a variety of advantages that make it one of the best-selling motorcycles of Yamaha. Want to know what are the advantages of this cool motorbike? Come, see carefully!

1. Extensive Motorcycle Baggage

You whose activities can not be separated from two-wheeled vehicles certainly want to have a practical motorbike, capable of loading a lot of luggage. Well, this Yamaha Mio M3 AKS SSS is one of the motorcycles that have these criteria.

Baggage that can load up to 10.1L makes you even freer to store luggage. Especially during the rainy season, your driving equipment is usually more because they have to bring an anti-rain coat.

2. Yamaha Mio M3 AKS SSS Already Armed with AKS

2022 Yamaha Mio M3 Aks Sss Review
2022 Yamaha Mio M3 Aks Sss Review

Does anyone know what AKS is yet? The Answer Key System or AKS is a feature of Yamaha that is very useful when you are looking for a motorcycle in a parking lot. With just one button, you can find where the bike is located without the hassle.

But not only that, Key shutter from AKS can open keyholes automatically and turn on the lights on the keyhole. Avoid you from motorbike theft. Because the keyhole just closed so that the motor is difficult to start.

3. Using the Stop-Start System (SSS)

The advantage of the Yamaha Mio AKS SSS is the stop-start system. This system makes the motor so fuel-efficient up to 50% compared to carburettor engines. This is because your iron horse stops 5 seconds automatically, the engine will die. This system also makes your motor run faster, just turn the gas lever immediately step on the gas.

Therefore, don’t forget to place this SSS button in the ON position. This system is usually activated immediately after you have a speed of 10km / h and the engine temperature is high enough, approximately 50 degrees Celsius. This feature is definitely only in Yamaha, bro. So you want to buy more, right?

4. A Versatile Key for All

This Yamaha Mio M3 AKS SSS motorcycle key is the key to all. One key is enough to open the seat of the motorbike, then start your favourite motorbike engine. This key also functions as a key shutter alias keyhole security and of course to lock the handlebar.

5. Gasoline tank capacity is quite large

Not only the trunk that has a large capacity. The Yamaha Mio gas tank is also quite large, you know. The gas tank can hold up to 4.2L of gasoline. Not only suitable for urban areas but can be carried over long distances.

You certainly don’t need to refuel too often when travelling long distances because the 1L gasoline used by the Yamaha Mio M3 can reach distances of up to 50 km. Wow, the more economical, of course, go anywhere with the Yamaha Mio M3 AKS SSS.

6. Present Smart Stand Side Switch

Yamaha embeds standard automatic side features that will turn off the engine when lowered. Well, this great feature of Yamaha makes you never forget again. The motor will not turn on until you raise this side standard. This is certainly safer because the standard side that has been perfectly folded will not make the speed of the motor caught by items that could result in an accident.

7. Stable Handling at High Speed

You are young-blooded usually tempted to race an iron horse at high speed. The good news is, this motor is very stable and difficult to control even at high speeds.

This stability is due to the use of an underbone frame that blends beautifully with the special suspension on the Yamaha Mio M3 so that the handling is very perfect. What’s more, the motor body is very aerodynamic, guaranteed to make you successful writhing agile even at high speeds.

Those are the various advantages of Yamaha Mio M3 from its competitors. If you do not believe in these advantages, it’s time Moladin friends to prove it yourself by buying this motorbike via Moladin. Don’t forget to write a review! READ MORE !!!

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