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2022 YAMAHA MT-10

2022 YAMAHA MT-10

2022 YAMAHA MT-10. According to information that we have received when this latest motorbike from Yamaha has very qualified specifications and even has a large engine capacity. But unfortunately, this Yamaha motorbike has just entered the European automotive market.

This Adventure Motorcycle from Yamaha has a very fierce and luxurious appearance and even this motorbike will be very comfortable to ride. Where it has been designed with dimensions that are suitable for long trips, automotive buddies can see for themselves in the image below that can make the head shake for sure.

Not only does it have a very fierce appearance, this motorbike certainly has a dynamic and elegant appearance to the tough performance of the runway kitchen. Because Yamaha has provided him with a DOHC 4-stroke type engine with an engine capacity of 998 ccs.

Wow, really extraordinary right? certainly can not be imagined how fast this motorbike and make shakes his head for the price of the Yamaha MT-10 Tourer. Not only up to here will the greatness of the motor adventure from Yamaha, which will be very comparable to the price that has been offered on motorcycles with the name Yamaha MT-10 Tourer.

Design and dimensions

2022 YAMAHA MT-10
2022 YAMAHA MT-10

Now to begin our review this time starting from the appearance of the Yamaha MT-10 Tourer, when you look around it looks really fierce and also looks very sporty. On the front, it will be seen headlamp which already uses LED technology so that it will produce a very bright light and the design it brings also looks more sporty. Wow, it’s better than it is equipped with a visor or windshield handguard which will add value and safety. from the other side it looks very neat, from front to back there are very beautiful curves.

As an adventure motor Yamaha MT-10 Tourer has a very comfortable sitting position when driven and even this motorbike when viewed from the front to the back of a long rise is a very typical motorbike. Surely it will be commensurate with the price of the Yamaha MT-10 Tourer that he taught, where the motorbike from Yamaha also has dimensions that are very comfortable. With a length of 2,095 mm, and a width of 800 mm with a height of 1,110 mm, this bike is no different  has a wheelbase of 1,400 mm and the lowest distance to the ground is 130 mm.

Very Strong Runway Performance

Then proceed to power, the Yamaha MT-10 Tourer motorbike does have a very large engine capacity of 998 ccs. The engine of the motorbike has been equipped with a 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve liquid-cooled cooler, then there are also diameter x steps of 79.0 mm x 50.9 mm and 12: 1 ratio. Having this type of machine has proven the ability which will be produced when the motor is exhausted all over, which is capable of producing maximal power which reaches 118.0 kW (160.4PS) at 11,500 rpm engine speed.

Whereas the maximum torque is able to reach 111.0 Nm (11.3 kg-m) at 9,000 rpm engine speed, the performance produced by the Yamaha MT-10 is supported by the Fuel Injection feature. The result, the combustion in it will be more maximal and also more fuel efficient, and vice versa supported by the Constant Engine transmission system, 6 speed where gearshift will be faster. If your automotive friend already has this one motor, you can turn it on just press the button, the article uses an electric starter and uses the TCI ignition system. read too !!!

Suspension and Legs

2022 YAMAHA MT-10
2022 YAMAHA MT-10

Then proceed to the suspension section of this motorbike from Yamaha, the motorbike manufacturer has pinned the suspension with Telescopic forks type, Ø 43 mm for the front. As for the suspension on the back using Swingarm, (link suspension), both suspension systems are considered to be very comfortable and also very stable for sure. In fact, not only that, the type of suspension that is delivered on the Yamaha MT-10 Tourer is also very easy to control and can reduce vibrations that occur.

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