2022 Yamaha Niken Gt Review Price, Specs, Style And Speed

2022 Yamaha Niken Gt Review Price, Specs, Style And Speed

2022 Yamaha Niken Gt Review Price, Specs, Style And Speed ​​. Yamaha’s innovative Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) technology can now undoubtedly be ridden closer to the horizon thanks to the increased level of comfort and functionality provided by the Niken GT, through the tall touring screen, heated handles and comfortable seats. The semi-soft 25 liter pannier provides storage space for the long road ahead, and the cruise control lets you relax and enjoy the view. So what else will the 2022 Yamaha Niken Gt have to offer with new styling, perhaps a more powerful engine, or additional features? which can pamper the riders.

The torque-rich CP3 847cc three-cylinder engine, developed specifically for the Niken GT, features a fuel injection setup that provides a powerful mid-range power surge. Trust-inspiring front-end grip is provided from the twin front wheels, providing excellent handling and the ability to carve through the most challenging angles.

The Niken GT strikes the perfect balance between motorsports agility, long-distance touring comfort and confident handling. We really hope 2022 Yamaha Niken Gt new with a capacity of 1000 cc more.

Revolutionary Multi-Tilt-Wheel Chassis

The NIKEN GT LMW chassis is an exclusive motorcycle control system that provides unrivaled rider confidence in a variety of road conditions. With two front tires tilted simultaneously, NIKEN doubles the amount of available grip for outstanding stopping power, cornering confidence, rider comfort and impeccable road behavior all while maintaining a natural steering feel.

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2022 Yamaha Niken Gt Review Price, Specs, Style And Speed
2022 Yamaha Niken Gt Review Price, Specs, Style And Speed

New Yamaha Niken Gt Features

The new NIKEN GT combines the revolutionary LMW chassis with a range of luxury touring accessories to create the ultimate cornering package, with increased comfort, practicality and flexibility. What is certain is that the new 2022 Yamaha Niken Gt will have a more powerful engine with a proud speed, hopefully this dream can be realized and the Yamaha Niken Gt will soon be able to enter markets in Asia.

Radical Style

The NIKEN GT doesn’t look like anything on the road because it’s like nothing else on the road. The graceful curves feature a mass-forward design to showcase the unique LMW system, combining futuristic technology with flowing organic style.

Powerful Inline Triple

Derived from the award-winning MT-09, the state-of-the-art CP3® inline 3-cylinder motor uses various Yamaha performance technologies to deliver exceptional torque with linear power delivery. This results in a flexible and responsive powerplant that combines the best aspects of 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder motors while remaining light, sleek and compact.

Advanced Rider Tools

The NIKEN GT features a full suite of technologies to enhance rider confidence and performance, including Yamaha’s ride-by-wire throttle system, adjustable throttle mapping, traction control and ABS. Riders also enjoy the convenience of the factory quick shifter and integrated cruiser control.

Advanced 3-Cylinder Engine

Derived from the award-winning MT-09, the NIKEN GT features a thrilling 847cc liquid-cooled inline 3-cylinder motor that packs a variety of cutting-edge technologies. With a DOHC head, 78mm x 59.1mm oversquare bore and stroke and a compression ratio of 11.5:1, the NIKEN GT delivers attractive torque character, enhanced by additional crankshaft inertia for a smooth start.

Crossplane Concept CP3 Engine

Taking advantage of the naturally smooth combustion sequence and power characteristics of a 3-cylinder motor, Yamaha’s CP3 engine delivers highly linear torque with an excellent feeling of connection between the throttle grip and the engine. To enhance refinement and enhance rider and passenger comfort, the bike is equipped with counterweights geared to minimize engine vibration. This results in a responsive powerplant that combines the best aspects of 2 and 4 cylinder motors while remaining light, slim and compact.

Advanced Yamaha Engine Technology

The CP3 engine uses a forged ‘fracture-split’ connecting rod, where the large end ring of the connecting rod is split in half to create a more precise mating surface when bolted together again around the crankshaft. The cylinder block is offset towards the front wheels, to reduce the force of the pistons against the cylinder walls, increasing efficiency. And the cylinder bore is coated with ceramic composite for excellent durability and heat transfer.

The state-of-the-art Intake Funnel

To provide a wide distribution of torque and a unique intake sound, the intake airbox mouthpiece has been designed with three length suneven ng. This is combined with the fuel injection system and cylinder head design to produce a torque, flexible and agile engine character.

Assist And Slipper Clutch

Yamaha’s assist and slipper clutch provide a smoother, more confident shifting ride when aggressively entering corners, as well as lighter pulling effort at the same level in everyday riding, while easily handling the torque of the high-output NIKEN GT motorcycle.

Compact 6 Speed ​​Transmission

Utilizes the transmission, low to medium range torque and excellent response characteristics of the inline 3 cylinder engine to provide the rider with ideal gear ratios for all types of riding. The 6-speed transmission also features a staggered input shaft in a triangular layout, to reduce overall engine size and concentrate more mass.

Mass Centralized 3-To-1 Disposal System

The NIKEN GT uses a compact three-in-one exhaust system with center muffler. This layout not only concentrates mass for sharper handling, it also features SixONy™, a hardwearing ceramic nano-film coating that looks great while retaining waste heat and the elements. Featuring a short exhaust outlet, the NIKEN GT howls with a sweet 3-cylinder exhaust note.

Class Challenging Multi-Wheel Chassis

Yamaha’s state-of-the-art LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheel) chassis is the result of hours of engineering and testing to create a unique motorcycle control system that provides unrivaled rider confidence in any road condition. With two front tires tilted simultaneously, the NIKEN GT doubles the amount of available grip for exceptional stopping power, cornering and rider comfort, especially on uneven and inclement road conditions.

Unique Dual Tube/Dual Axis Steering Design

The radical NIKEN GT front end uses paired fork tubes for each front wheel and steering linkage to provide ideal steering geometry and a natural steering feel. The system turns and leans like a conventional motorcycle, but with double the front tire grip. And, like other Yamaha sport bikes, this system provides adjustable compression and rebound damping for an incredibly melodious ride.

2022 Yamaha Niken Gt Review Price, Specs, Style And Speed
2022 Yamaha Niken Gt Review Price, Specs, Style And Speed

Compact, Sporty Design

The front wheel track is only 16.1 inches, making the NIKEN GT no wider than a traditional motorcycle and ideal for tight urban riding conditions, with a maximum tilt angle of an impressive 45 degrees. With the rider, NIKEN offers a perfect 50/50 weight distribution for neutral handling. And the seat design, fuel tank width and other dimensions are ready to work with the qualities of a compact 3-cylinder engine to achieve a sporty handling character, an upright riding position and a narrow body at the seat/tank junction.

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