2022 Yamaha Phazer Mtx Review
2022 Yamaha Phazer Mtx Review

All New 2022 Yamaha Phazer Mtx Review

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2022 Yamaha Phazer Mtx Review

2022 Yamaha Phazer Mtx Review
2022 Yamaha Phazer Mtx Review

There’s as yet the Yamaha Phazer MTX, which carries a little mental soundness to the large strength ruled mountain portion. The four-stroke Phazer MTX isn’t only Yamaha’s entrance level sled; it may very well be viewed as the passage level snowmobile for the whole mountain arrangement. Ski-Doo and Polaris each go to the mountains with a 600-their entrance level machines-and Arctic Cat, which dropped the 600 from its arrangement for 2012, has the four-stroke Pro Climb 1100, which is comparative in drive figures to the Yamaha Nytro MTX.

That leaves the Phazer MTX as the main sub 100 hp mountain sled accessible for 2012. The Phazer has a strength rating of 80. A while ago when the Phazer was first presented in the 2007 model year, Rob Powers, at that point Yamaha’s snowmobile advertising administrator and now Yamaha’s snowmobile item chief, stated, “The Phazer Mountain Lite is an extremely lightweight, long track sled that is irrefutably suitable for significant snow riders who yearn for a particularly adaptability sled for specific riding and basically having some great occasions. It is a straightforward sled to ride, so it’s not startling to people basically developing their powder legs.”

That is likely similarly as evident today as it was five years prior when Powers originally said it. We’re certainly not snowmobile engineers, yet in the event that we were meaning to keep the expense of a sled down, we’d keep it as straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances while as yet making it fun and utilitarian. That may clarify why the progressions throughout the years have been negligible.

One promoting line Yamaha has ridden truly hard with the Phazer MTX is it’s the “lightest four-stroke mountain sled available.” The case substantiates because of the Phazer motor’s 2-chamber plan, which makes it lighter than the Nytro MTX’s 3-chamber powerplant. And keeping in mind that we don’t have any weight figures on the new Cat mountain four-strokes, we’ll make an informed speculation that the Phazer weighs even somewhat less than the M 1100.

So while pull has its spot in the mountains, so too does the Phazer MTX, which is a respectable passage level machine or ideal for any rider not searching for enormous torque.

Lets take alook the spesification:


Motor TYPE   Parallel Twin


Motor STROKE         4-Stroke


Dislodging (CC/CI)    499/30.4


STARTER      Electric


CARBURETION TYPE        Fuel Injected


REVERSE      Yes


LENGTH (FT)            10.48

WIDTH (IN/MM)       46/1168.4

Stature (IN/MM)         46.9/1191.3

Greatest SKI STANCE (IN/MM)      39.6/1005.8

Least SKI STANCE (IN/MM)           37.6/955.04

DRY WEIGHT (LBS/KG)    515/233.6



NUMBER OF SEATS           1


SKI MATERIAL       Plastic



TRACK LENGTH (IN/MM) 144/3657.6

TRACK WIDTH (IN/MM)    14/355.6

Haul HEIGHT (IN/MM)        2/50.8


HEIGHT         Low


Warmed HAND GRIPS         Standard

Movable SKI STANCE          Standard

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