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2022 Yamaha R25 Review

2022 Yamaha R25 Review

2022 Yamaha R25. The price of the Yamaha R25 is a Yamaha product that is designed to the maximum and added sophisticated technology of course. For this time Yamaha itself will issue its newest motorbike namely Yamaha R25, and Yamaha itself is very confident with the motor capable of competing with other motorsports in the automotive market. According to information that I heard the Yamaha R25 was designed with full fairing and of course very sporty and fierce.

At first glance, this motorbike that will be marketed is like MotoGP because the Yamaha R25 has indeed been designed by Yamaha that resembles MotoGP. Of course, many people who really want to have a motor on this one, because the Yamaha R25 has its own charm. If we look at the R25 it is indeed very sporty and fierce, as well as a full fairing design, and the R25 is able to compete with other motorbikes in the 250 cc class. For you lovers of sporty motorcycles, of course, many people already know about this motorbike is will be successful in the automotive market.

Yamaha itself is endless to issue a moral motorbike, as well as a design that is a blend of motorcycles that have been successful in the automotive market. A motor that has a 250 cc engine and is capable of reaching 27.2 kW / 1,200 rpm lead speeds and you are really craving this motorbike, besides that the body design that tends to taper forward will be more frightening and also become one of the attractions from Yamaha R25. Especially if you look at the design of a very fierce lamp, then for the front and rear lights on the R25 using LED lights.

Review of Yamaha R25

2022 Yamaha R25 Review
2022 Yamaha R25 Review

Alright, go straight to the first part on the R25 motor that is on the body. Yamaha really understands what automotive enthusiasts want by designing the R25 with a tapered concept. When viewed R25 is very similar to MotoGP who was once a world champion in its class, namely Jorge Lorenzo. Then in the lamp using two very luxurious lights, this design is indeed the latest design from Yamaha which is also called dual Predator headlight with a form that is frightening and very similar to predators who want to prey.

Engine performance Yamaha R25

Then we turn to the section that needs to be known for you automotive lovers, namely in the kitchen spur R25. When viewed in the specifications of the R25 engine it is indeed very solid, with the engine equipped with a 4-stroke 8 valve DOHC type engine with a capacity of 250 cc. with the number of 2 upright cylinders with a stepped diameter of 60.0 x 44.1 mm, with a comparison ratio of 11.6: 1.

With such a large engine, the engine will certainly heat faster. For this reason, the R25 engine is cooled using Liquid-cooled technology which is useful for stabilizing the temperature when the engine is hot.

Yamaha R25 has a maximal performance that can reach speeds of 26.5 kW or 36 PS at 12,000 rpm, while for torque it can reach a maximum of 22.6 Nm at 10,000 RPM.

Dimension Yamaha R25

Part of the suspension for the front Yamaha still uses telescopes and for the rear suspension uses a swing arm or commonly called a mono-crop, this suspension system can stabilize the speed of the vehicle in bumpy road conditions or at high speeds. For this part, Yamaha uses the best system, because this part is the most important part. For braking the front using floating front disc brake this braking system has indeed been tested and is very safe when braking at high speeds or even during sharp turns. Read More !

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