2022 Yamaha R6 For Sale And Specs

2022 Yamaha R6 For Sale And Specs

2022 Yamaha R6 For Sale And Specs

2022 yamaha r6 for sale and Specs R6. The Yamaha R6 is one of the most advanced supersport machines ever made. MotoGP’s dynamic aero styling embodies a highly intelligent racing machine, equipped with ABS brakes, top rack suspension and various electronic motors. Even though it’s a limited sale, here we have some great places for you to visit.

In addition, the benefits belonging to the Yamaha R6 are also in the framework. Although the body looks big, it is quite light and also firmly. The frame is made of magnesium to provide comfort when accelerating.

The Yamaha R6 has won more AMA middleweight races and championships than any other 600cc motorsport, making it the number one option for amateurs and professional runners alike.

The Yamaha R6 combines not only massive centralization with highly developed suspension, but also improved ergonomics to become one of the most agile machines in the supersport class. The result is excellent road feedback, traction and confidence while healing.

Currently, Yamaha R6 is available in 3 types of color variants, namely; Racing white, matt gray and blue. Talking about the price, this motorbike is stuck with a price of around Rp. 270 million.

Appearance Yamaha R6

The Yamaha R6 is a motorcycle that has won three Global Super Sport titles. The dynamic exterior design has resulted in shorter lap times in racing in recent years. It has been proven that this series of Aerodynamics series is more efficient and inseparable from the frame structure that carries the deltabox aluminum frame, so that it seems firm, but still light.

Yamaha R6 deliberately adopts the latest generation series design with dual LED lights with an aggressive design. The difference between the Yamaha R6 engine has a fairly small dimension that adapts to the engine capacity. However, the design of the Yamaha R6 is still aerodynamic with an efficient front hood and windshield. In addition, the Yamaha R6 land authorization is 130 mm, and the session is 850 mm high and has a total weight of 190 kg.

2022 Yamaha R6 For Sale And Specs
2022 Yamaha R6 For Sale And Specs

Yamaha R6 Driving And Handling

Driving position is one of the most important factors to have complete control over your motorcycle. The Yamaha R6 is designed to allow you to move loads faster and more easily, even in the seat, frame and fuel tank, taking into account the driving position suitable for the rider. Some who are fanatical about motor sport, maybe this is a suitable choice.

To improve the handling performance of your Yamaha R6 motorcycle, you have adopted front and rear suspension with 4 adjustment modes, namely: preload, high speed compression, low speed compression and one side rebound.

With this mode of handling on this motorbike it is also worthy of a thumbs up as the Yamaha R6 can be easily controlled by advancing other vehicles. When maneuvering, the motorcycle looks very stable and the tires feel grip.

Yamaha R6  Motorcycle Engine

For the performance part of the engine with specifications and high performance, the Yamaha R6 has been equipped with ultra-compact valves, ultraligerías, titanium 4, 67×42.5mm bore x stroke 118.4s, 14,500rpm maximum power and 17,500rpm red zone, 13:1 compression linkage. 1, micro combustion chamber, electronic injection injection injection injection injection, a simple list of specifications, such as clutch slipper for barrier torque, is not enough to describe the performance of Yamaha R6.

Delta grid frame for optimal balance. The world of Yamaha R6 Races, where aggressive engineering technology based on performance combined with superior handling would be an unpredictable area without hands-on experience. For the power of fuel consumption.

According to Yamaha International Research, the average number is 17 kilometers per liter. While the fuel tank capacity is 4.6 gallons (17.4 liters) and an empty weight of 414 pounds, or about 187 kilograms.

R6 safety features

The Yamaha R6 electronic system from the last generation is actually more sophisticated than the previous generation R6. This technology helps optimize front brake control using dual 320 mm disc brakes and for rear brakes with simple 220 mm diameter brakes which are guaranteed to stop the vehicle speed correctly and quickly.

Yahama R6 is equipped with ABS braking features which provide a more perfect brake quality and avoid sliding tires, so that more safety is guaranteed.


As a motorcycle with a sporty and futuristic appearance, Yamaha R6 also has a very fast quality engine along with advanced features that are quite complete, but it is not recommended that Yamaha R6 be used for long distance driving, because of this riding position The engine is very bent and tiptoe , so you do not feel comfortable, if used on long-distance travel.

2022 Yamaha R6 For Sale And Specs
2022 Yamaha R6 For Sale And Specs

Yamaha R6 Specifications

Capacity 599 cc

Maximum Power 122 hp

Electric start option

TCI combustion system

Digital Instrument Panel

Digital Fuel Indicator

Manual Transmission Type

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