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2022 Yamaha RX King Review Specs, Features, Price And Speed

2022 Yamaha RX King Review Specs, Features, Price And Speed

2022 Yamaha RX King . The Yamaha Rx King is the motorcycle that has ever existed. This motorcycle in time is often used in various road maneuvers. The Yamaha Rx-King in this case is considered a tight motorcycle. Therefore, these motorcycles are often referred to as dirt jets because of their speed.

After the Yamaha R15 V4 suddenly a rendering of the alleged figure of the Yamaha Rx King 2022. But for this time, the variant of the Yamaha Rx King 2022 has been equipped with the latest R15 V4 engine, then automatically in terms of specifications and features much more complete than competitors others in the class.

The Yamaha Rx series is selling well in overseas automotive markets, such as in India, such as the Yamaha RX-G, RX-Z, RX-135, and many more. Hot news about the alleged renders if this is a candidate for the latest Yamaha RX King, which will be released in 2022.

Under the tank there is also a striping or emblem that reads RX-155. Most of the main components on the new Yamaha RX-155 have been wrapped in clear black starting from the front fenders, alloy wheels, seats, cracked symptoms, to the engine. To determine the color choice, it is located in the gas tank area and the right or left panel, most of the body has a basic color and looks the same. But for the two items it has a different color.

The Yamaha RX-155 really takes the design of the RX series, therefore the whole design from front to back to back looks like a typical Yamaha RX King. Like the round lights, the shape of the seats, until the tank is the same as the Yamaha Rx King. But now the Yamaha RX-155 has been equipped with the new R15 engine, which is automatically equipped with VVA technology.

The motorcycle is capable of producing 18.1 HD power at 10,000 rpm, while the maximum torque that can be achieved is 14.2 Newton meters at 7500 rpm. Apart from that there are also many advanced features, one of which is such as clutch assist and slipper, quick shifter, and traction control system. As for this sector, the legs of the Yamaha RX-155 have tires that see the width of the front and rear. With large tires, the diameter of the two wheels also has a wide tread wheel which makes it look more handsome.

But for the front suspension model, it still uses a simple suspension, namely a telescopic suspension. If this motorcycle was equipped with a big side down suspension, it would make it really sporty especially the golden yellow upside down. As for braking, it looks like it will rely on disc brakes with Single Chanel ABS.

This R15 rendering engine renders images created by automotive designer from India, Pratyush Rout. Relying on a 155 cc Yamaha R15 engine, this new bike is named Yamaha RX 155. In the rendering, it can be seen that most of the components are wrapped in black. Starting from the front fender, rims, seats, shock absorbers to the engine.

From the display circulating, it is clear that this Yamaha RX155 gets quite a lot of changes. Although it got quite a lot of changes, it’s still the classic aura of this legendary motorcycle still visible. The most visible changes from this motorcycle are the forms that are no longer bodge like designs in ancient times.

Instead, the appearance of the old RX King was replaced by the classic form of the Kawasaki W175 with the seats made lower with black leather motifs. The shape of the tank is made the same as before, but what’s interesting is that this motorbike looks like it uses the same 4 engines as the Yamaha R15. This can be seen from the denser engine structure equipped with a cover on a motorized chain.

Apart from that, the rest of the 2022 Yamaha RX King is still clearly visible for this motorcycle. The headlights use a round model similar to their rotating headlights. The taillight is a small box with a round turn on the right and left. RIM is similar to the old variant which still uses the finger model.

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2022 Yamaha RX King Specifications

2022 Yamaha RX King Review Specs
2022 Yamaha RX King Review Specs
  1. Yamaha RX King has a timeless design that will last decades
  2. Yamaha RX King is equipped with a ferocious engine
  3. Yamaha RX King spare parts still for sale

Price Yamaha RX King

The price of this old school motorbike can be said to be quite expensive to survive in the market even for decades. For now, the price of the used Yamaha RX King can reach $1,056-1,408 depending on the conditions and interests of the buyer.


Length 1,970 mm

735 mm wide

Height 1,065 mm

Distance to ground 160 mm

9.5 L . tank capacity


Double Cradle Frame

Double rear suspension shockbreaker

telescopic front suspension

Rear brake system drum

Brake front brake system

Rear Tire size 3.00-18 4 PR

Front tire size 2.75-18 4 PR


2-stroke engine type, air-cooled

Cylinder content 132 cc

Premium BBM

Fuel consumption –

VM 26 x 1 Mikuni carburetor fuel system

Step diameter 58.0 x 50.0 mm

Manual 5 Speed ​​Transmission

maximum torque 1.54 kgf.m / 8,000 rpm

maximum power 18.5 PS / 9,000 rpm

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