Yamaha Scorpio 225

2022 Yamaha Scorpio 225 Motorcycle Specifications

2022 Yamaha Scorpio 225 Motorcycle Specifications

2022 Yamaha Scorpio 225 Motorcycle Specifications
2022 Yamaha Scorpio 225 Motorcycle Specifications

Lately, the Yamaha Scorpio has been much sought after by motorcycle lovers. Even though the motorbike that was first marketed in 2002, is no longer produced and is available at authorized Yamaha dealers. Even so, there are still many owners of this 225 cc iron horse who sell it on the market. Apart from selling online, there are also selling offline at used motorcycle dealers. The price also varies greatly

Teasons why the Yamaha Scorpio motorbike is being hunted again:

  1. Prices are relatively cheap

2. Having a large engine specification, which is 225 cc, the Yamaha Scorpio is still cheaper when compared to a motorbike with almost the same cubication.

3. Easy to modify

It’s no secret that one of the reasons to buy a Yamaha Scorpio is to be modified. The hustle and bustle of the world of motorbike modifications also has an impact on the search for an iron horse with a large cubication above 200 cc. One of them that is now much sought after by custom enthusiasts is the Yamaha Scorpio. A motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of 225 cc is indeed the right choice for modification. But even by using the manufacturer’s standard appearance, the Scorpio has also shown its aura as a fierce motorbike.

Yamaha Scorpio 225 motorcycle specifications ;


4 stroke engine, air cooled SOHC

Volume 223 cc

19 PS / 8,000 RPM power

Torque 1.86 kgf.m / 6,500 RPM

Fogging of the MIKUNI BS30 Carburetor x 1

Manual clutch transmission, 5 speed


PxlxT 2020 x 770 x 1090 mm

Axis Distance 1295 mm

Lowest distance to the land 165 mm

Fill weight 141 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity 12-14 liters


Double Cradle Frame

Susp. Telescopic Front

Susp. Rear Monocross

Front disc brakes

Rear Drum Brakes

Front tire 80 / 100-18-47 P.

Rear tire 100 / 90-18-56 P.


GM7B-4B battery

NGK / DP8EA-9 spark plugs

DC-CDI Ignition System

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