Yamaha Sr400

2022 Yamaha Sr400 Specifications

2022 Yamaha Sr400 Specifications

2022 Yamaha Sr400 Specifications
2022 Yamaha Sr400 Specifications

Yamaha officially introduces a classic style motorbike, the new SR400 in Japan. This iron horse is quite special because it doesn’t only smell like old design, but also the engine character and its features. Like a time machine, driving with the SR400 can make memories of the past.

Just looking at it, you will fall into nostalgia. The SR400 is equipped with round lights, a body without corners and rim spokes. Another specialty is a special 40th Anniversary color option inspired by Yamaha classic guitars.

In dimensions, the SR400 is so proportional. The motor is 2,085 mm long, 750 mm wide and 1,100 mm high. The seat is indeed quite high 790 mm, it is possible that the rider’s feet with a 168 cm posture will tiptoe a little when riding it.

Yamaha deliberately immersed a single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 399 cc SOHC in the SR400. This mechanical heart is also not equipped with liquid cooling. Also present was the kick starter to activate the engine. The goal is that the sensation of driving from the past can still be felt.

Many old features are retained by Yamaha for the SR400. For example, bulb lighting systems, analog instrument panels and no anti-lock braking system (ABS). The braking system even uses discs for the front wheels, while the rear drum is still used. Read More!

Interested in the SR400? If you want to know the full specifications, check the discussion below:

SR400 model

Engine capacity (cc) 399.00

5-speed transmission

Starter Kick Starter System

km Per Liter 41.00

Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 12.0

Weight (kg) 174.0

L * W * H (mm) 2,085mm × 750mm × 1,110mm

Type of Vehicle Standard, Classic

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