Yamaha Tmax 500

2022 Yamaha Tmax 500 Review

2022 Yamaha Tmax 500 Review

2022 Yamaha Tmax 500 Review. Almost 19 years after it was first introduced in 2000, Yamaha seems to want to continue to dominate the automatic motorbike market with large capacity engines. For information, the Yamaha TMax 500 cc is a Yamaha automatic motorbike designed specifically for the Japanese and European markets at first.

The first model of the TMax variant was released in Italy and Japan, with a 500 cc engine capacity, at that time it was the only scooter with an engine with a large capacity.

Over time, the manufacturer with the fork logo has made various changes in each edition of TMax, and until this article was written, it was noted that this motorbike had undergone six updates in terms of design, frame, legs and engine. So what about the latest Yamaha TMax specifications?

Talking about the design of this motorbike, Yamaha seems to know what European automotive enthusiasts need for a vehicle. Because they don’t just talk about the appearance, the manufacturers with the tuning fork logo also ensure that the vehicles they produce are the answer to the characteristics of their users. For that, let’s examine the design side of this motorbike straightforwardly.

Yamaha TMax 500 cc  has dimensions with an overall length of 2,200 mm and a width of 765 mm, a motor height of 1555 mm and a distance between the driver’s seat to the ground reaching 800 mm. In addition, the distance between the wheelbases is 1575 mm. Judging from the dimensions, this motorbike is ideal for those who have a height of 160 cm and above.

Yamaha TMax carries a four-stroke engine with a capacity of 530 cc, DOHC 4 valve with two cylinders and liquid cooled to keep the engine temperature stable and the fuel injection system. The Yamaha TMax engine can produce 33.8 kW of power at 6750 rpm and a maximum torque of 53 Nm at 5250 rpm.

The technology embedded by Yamaha on this motorbike is a dedication from this Japanese manufacturer to a premium quality. Let’s start the review of this motorbike technology from the high-quality TFT panel, through this panel you get information about the vehicle speed on the left side and the tachometer on the right side. In the middle you can see information such as the odometer, air temperature and also various light indicators to the Traction Control System (TCS) setting which ensures the motorbike remains stable when driving on wet, slippery or sandy road surfaces. Read More !


2022 Yamaha Tmax 500 Review
2022 Yamaha Tmax 500 Review

Engine capacity 530 CC

Bore x Stroke 68.0 mm x 73.0 mm

Compression Ratio 10.09.01

Maximum power 33.8 kW @ 6750 rpm

Maximum torque 53.0 Nm @ 5250 rpm

Fuel Injection Fuel System


Length 2200 mm

765 mm wide

Height 1420 – 1555 mm (Adjustable Windscreen)

Seat height 800 mm

Distance Between Wheel Axis 1575 mm

Lowest distance to the land 125 mm

Weight 216 kg

Fuel Capacity 15 L


Telescopic Forks Front Suspension

Travel Front 120 mm

Swingarm Rear Suspension

Rear Travel 117 mm

Front hydraulic dual disc brakes, Ø 267 mm

Dual disc Hydraulic rear brake, Ø 282 mm

Front tire 120 / 70-15

Rear tire 160 / 60-15


TCI Electrical System

Electric Starter System

Automatic V-Belt Transmission System


4 Tips for Proper Yamaha Motorcycle Care

Proper Yamaha motorcycle care. Having a motorbike that is expected to be something that is fun. Especially if the motor you have comes from a well-known manufacturer like Yamaha, it will be even more proud. So that you are always proud of your favorite Yamaha motorbike, of course there must be some effort that needs to be done. One of the important efforts you have to do to make your favorite Yamaha motorbike proud is to be diligent in maintaining it. Like our bodies, motorbikes must also be cared for in order to be durable and always provide maximum performance. So here are some tips for proper Yamaha motorbike maintenance.

1. Change Oil Routinely

First, the right yamaha motorbike maintenance tips is to change the oil regularly. Oil is very important to lubricate the engine to keep it working optimally. If the oil in the motor engine runs out and dries up, this will make the engine unable to work optimally. Not only that, oil that runs out and dry can cause damage to the motorbike. So make sure you always change this oil regularly. Usually this engine oil needs to be replaced when the motorbike has traveled 2000-3000 km.

2. Service to the Official Workshop Periodically

Next, the right Yamaha motorbike maintenance tips are to routinely go to the official repair shop to perform motorbike service. If you feel that you are not qualified in maintenance, then you can come to the official repair shop. In this official workshop, you can indeed get a more complete and professional motorcycle maintenance. Now, this is where all the obstacles or problems that you feel on the motorbike will be resolved properly. In fact, even if your motorbike does not have such a complicated problem, periodically service should still be done to an authorized repair shop. The reason is that with the use of a motorbike, it is not impossible that there are some problems with the motor that we are not aware of.

3. Be Diligent to Clean the Motor

Apart from the engine, the motor body part also needs to be considered and maintained. Because a motorbike with a dirty or scratched body can make the motorbike look unsightly. So when you find a dirty motorbike, hurry up to clean it. Especially if the motorbike is dirty due to rain, the body must be cleaned immediately so as not to avoid damage to the motor body. Motorbikes that are often not cleaned immediately after being hit by rain can indeed damage the motorbike body, so be careful.

4. Use the motor properly and correctly

Finally, the right yamaha motorbike maintenance tips are to use the motorbike properly and correctly. The use or use of a motorbike that is not good and improper can indeed lead to damage. So for this reason, to keep your Yamaha motorbike durable, you have to use it well. The use of a good motorbike is like an example, namely using a motorbike when it is heated in the morning or using a motorbike with gas and brakes or clutch as appropriate.

Those are some ways or tips for the right Yamaha motorcycle maintenance. So that your Yamaha motorbike is always optimally maintained, make sure this place is the best choice or reference for service.

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