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2022 Yamaha USA Xabre Price and Specifications

2022 Yamaha USA Xabre Price and Specifications


2022 Yamaha USA Xabre Price and Specifications. Price And Specifications Yamaha Xabre. Yamaha’s attack in the Indonesian market is getting bigger by giving consumers the last choice in 2016. This is marked by the launch of Yamaha’s last three products in January, starting with the Fino 125 Blue Core, and the latest X abre sport model, The X abre was officially introduced in Asia on Tuesday, January 26, 2016. This motorbike stole the public’s attention and became a conversation on social media in early 2016.

In particular, the hood was opened for the first time by the living MotoGP legend Valentino. Rossi (VR46). In addition to being assisted in the launch of the Xabre, the Italian racer also visited Asian countries to attend a national dealer and dealer meeting at the beginning of the year held by PT Yamaha Indonesia Manufacturing Manufacturing (YIMM) and Yamaha Motor Company (YAMAHA) and YAMAHA (YMC Japan).

There are rumors
The name Xabre is the origin of the “Ultimate Street Fashion Sport” philosophy inspired by X-tremblant, ultra-sharp, and impressive modern light blade labetan (sword light). This can be directly proven when driving the Xabre on the highway, where users immediately feel “X-Treme Fun Riding”.

The pipe friendliness proposed by Xabre will soon become the latest trend towards the driving force and become the top choice of young people around the world.

Without only appearing in sport mode, the Xabre is powered by the LC4V 150cc fuel injection engine technology. The fastest fuel consumption or often known, because this engine adopts a SOHC engine with a piston stroke of 57 mm 58.7 mm ideal for busy urban roads.

This MotoGP-tech machine has proven to be very reliable (high durability) because it is implemented with fake cylinders and pistons which until now have not been followed by competitors and more than 2.5 million. Consumers have proven to them that it is very good. Far up to hundreds of thousands of kilometers, combined with six-speed movement so that the power and power output perfectly reflects the design concept, namely “Street Extreme Style Show, confident position, pleasant driving performance”.

Acceleration specifications are sensitive to maximum power and torque. Maximum power is 12.0 kW (16.35 ps) at 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 14.30 nm (1.45 kgf.m) at 7500 rpm.

Specifications Yamaha Xabre 150cc

2022 Yamaha USA Xabre Price and Specifications
2022 Yamaha USA Xabre Price and Specifications

The emergence of a fashion-style sport bike is one of the attractions of this 150 cc sport bike. In fact, Yamaha Xabre 150cc is another name for the Yamaha MT-15 or Yamaha M-Slash which was first marketed in the white elephant country, Thailand. Well, to attract motor vehicle fans from the country, Yamaha changed the name of this motorbike to Yamaha Xabre 150cc. Despite changing names, this bike always offers advanced engines such as the Yamaha MT-15 or M-Slash.

Where the engine has adopted LC4V fuel injection technology which is proven to have very tough performance and can be invited to accelerate very quickly. Not only that, Yamaha also offers an engine that is economical but still responsive when chaotic into crowded urban roads.

Although the engine capacity is still below the Yamaha MT-25, the resulting performance will also be strong. Now the most interesting thing, it turns out that the price of the expensive 150cc Yamaha Xabre is no different from the price of the Yamaha R15 which is also equipped with a 150cc engine.

2022 Yamaha USA Xabre 150cc has a price that is estimated to be equivalent to the Yamaha R15, of course this motorbike can be an alternative for automotive friends who don’t like to carry a complete sport bike. If you look at the design of this engine, it looks aggressive and reflects a road hunting motorbike that looks sturdy and strong.

For car friends who fall in love with this motorbike, it’s okay to spend almost 30 million rupiah and before buying it, please refer to the information on the specifications and prices of the Yamaha Xabre 150cc below.

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• Type: 4 Marche liquid-cooled, SOHC
• Cylinder capacity: 150 cc
• Boron X Racing: 57 mm x 58.7 mm
• Compression Ratio: 10.4:1
• Supply System: Fuel Injection
• Cooling: liquid cooling
• Starter System: Electric Starter
• Engine oil capacity: 1.15 liters (0.95 liters at regular intervals)


Transmission Type: 6 Speed ​​Return
• Transmission model: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
• Clutch: Manual, Wet, Multiply


• W x h x h: 1,955 x 795 x 1,065 mm
• Maximum Rotation Radius: 2400 mm
• Axle: 1 350 mm
• Lowest distance from ground: 164 mm
• Seat Height: 790 mm
• Wet weight: 135 kg
• Tank capacity: 10.2 liters


• Type: Deltabox.
• Ministry of Religion suspension: 37 mm upside down
• Monoshock rear suspension with banana tanning
• Front Tire: 110/70-17
• Rear tire: 130/70-17

Design and Dimension

Yamaha Xabre 150cc will be marketed in 3 color variants made of black gray, silver and matte black. All these colors will pass through the body frame with dimensions without a wheelbase, has a size of 1350 mm and a ground clearance of 164 mm. Looking at the size of this motorbike, of course with a speed of 150cc it will be very comfortable to drive, especially for those of you who like to retreat or push long distances.

If you look at the design of the Yamaha Xabre 150cc as a whole, it reminds us of European street hunting motorcycles, such as those made by Ducati or others. Because we need to ride it in a vertical position because the handlebar size is very wide and seems to have a tank surface that is 45 mm higher than the Yamaha R25’s. Not only that, this motorbike is also equipped with a water scoop and has a slightly shorter futuristic design in the future. As for the forehead, the lighthouse has been installed with a modern design and is equipped with LED lights.

Engine Performance

The Cluster Type Digital NEGATE (multi information screen) type which has three brightness levels is also in front of the 150cc Yamaha Xabre. Then for the engine, this 150cc engine is equipped with LC4V fuel injection technology which is proven to be very economical and is capable of spraying a maximum power of 12 kW to 8,500 rpm, and torque of 14.23 NM in both. It flows in the transistor system at 6 speeds in a 1-n-2-3-4-5-6 gear pattern.

This motorbike also adopts SOHC technology with a liquid cooling system and has an X diameter of 57.0 x 58.7 mm. It can be said that this motorcycle engine is very appropriate for use on crowded urban routes because it is able to accelerate quickly and the level of fuel consumption is very economical. In addition, Yamaha also added cylinder and forged piston technology that can increase engine durability so that it can navigate the highway for hundreds of thousands of kilometers without obstacles.

Suspension and legs

The sturdy exterior appearance with upisside on the front suspension is one of the 150cc Yamaha Xabre whose opponents do not belong to the 150cc class. The front suspension has a working stroke of 130 mm and will be combined with a delta box frame and oscillating aluminum type which stabilizes the bike and makes riding more comfortable. As for the braking system, the adoption of disc brakes on the front tires measuring 110/70-17 and 130/70-17 rear.

This wide tire will increase the stability of this motorbike when sliding on the highway, so that automotive friends can drive comfortably on the highway. With the price of the Yamaha Xabre, which is priced at 29 million, of course, the price is comparable to the ability of this motorbike to damage its users with maximum driving.


There are many features that a 150cc engine has. In addition to offering a fuel injection function that makes the engine more efficient, Yamaha also offers MotoGP technology which makes the Yamaha Xabre’s performance even stronger and has very fast acceleration. Not only that, this motorbike is also equipped with the best suspension system by adopting a reverse master shock that makes this motorbike lower and similar.

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