2022 Yamaha Vixion Advance Specifications
2022 Yamaha Vixion Advance Specifications

2022 Yamaha Vixion Advance Specifications

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2022 Yamaha Vixion Advance Specifications

Yamaha Vixion Advance is Yamaha’s latest breakthrough sporty 150 cc motorbike with the latest design and of course more sophisticated namely Yamaha Vixion Advance. New Vixion Advance is a motorcycle product that has been previously issued by Yamaha and this time appearing more different with a more aggressive appearance. of course, Yamaha is very confident that its newest Vixion will dominate more in its class.

And there are still a lot of changes that were made in the new vixion advance, with the latest background on the speedometer that combines analogue and digital instruments which are certainly multifunctional and sporty. This technology is a technology that has been applied by Yamaha so that it can be easily seen by motorists at high speed or at low speed. Actually, in the Yamaha New Vixion Advance, not all parts were changed, there are some parts that still use the old version, namely the engine that uses 4 steps of SOHC liquid-cooled with 1 cylinder upright with a full injection fuel system.

Dimensions and design

Vixion advance has dimensions (PxLxT) measuring 1925 mm long by 720 mm high by 1030 mm and a weight of 131 kg. Then for the wheelbase to the size of 1300 mm and have a fuel tank that can accommodate 12 litres. With this ideal dimension and relative weight, of course, Vixion Advance is very agile and comfortable for driving at high speeds and for turning.

In the vixion advance speedometer, the vixion advance speedometer is a new background and multifunctional with digital and analogue instruments. For this new model, there are 3 parts that are very useful and easy to read when driving. In addition, Yamaha also added a new undercover which is equipped with a double under-cowl which makes the vixion advance look more sporty and aerodynamic, of course.

Engine Performance

2022 Yamaha Vixion Advance Specifications
2022 Yamaha Vixion Advance Specifications

Vixion advance has indeed a very sporty and fierce appearance, to add to the appeal of this motorbike. Yamaha provides a capacity of 149 cc engine with type 4 steps SOHC liquid-cooled and single cylinder / upright. As well as using a fuel injection system on combustion, so that makes this vixion advance performance will be more resilient and nimble. Armed with this large engine, it remains fuel efficient because it uses a fuel injection system.

Vixion advance is ready for you to manoeuvre and become its king of the road, because of its very tough performance. And this motor is capable of reaching a maximum power of 12.2 kW at 85000 rpm and at torque reaching 14.5 Nm at 7500 rpm using a transmission type constant mesh transmission pattern 1-N-2-3-4-5. Yamaha indeed best understands the desires of its customers, who want this class of motorbike with a very tough and very agile performance.

Frame and Suspension

Yamaha applies a very sturdy and strong frame type to accommodate loads, namely delta boxes, and this type has indeed proven its quality. Then Yamaha also applies the front suspension system with Telescopic type, then on the back Swing Arm. Both of these suspensions are able to stabilize the vehicle perfectly when reaching high speeds and sharp turns.

For this type of braking, Yamaha applies to the front using a Single-Disc Brake and to the back also uses the same that is Single Disc Brake. Both braking systems are able to put the brakes on stably even though the vehicle is at high speed or even facing very sharp turns. And for the wheels, equipped with tables and width tires and the size of the front tire: 90 / 80-17M / C (46P) and rear 120 / 70-17M / C (58P).


Vixion advance is equipped with a TCI type charging system, using the GTZ4V / YTZ4V battery and the NGK / CR8E spark plug. With the TCI ignition system, it certainly helps the engine performance to be more perfect. Then in the starter section, Yamaha applies the Electric starter system and also Kickstarter which is useful for replacing the electric starter if it is damaged. After you know about the specifications of the Vixion Advance, of course, you want to know the price of the Yamaha Vixion Advance, you can see the Yamaha Vixion Advance table below.