Yamaha Vx Jet Ski

2022 Yamaha Vx Jet Ski Review

2022 Yamaha Vx Jet Ski Review

2022 yamaha vx jet ski review. The Yamaha VX Series is renowned as the best-selling personal boat in the history of the boating industry. In fact, the Yamaha VX Cruiser HO, with its 1.8L Yamaha marine engine, is the best-selling personal boat model of the past two years. Why? The answer is simple. Buyers are attracted by class-leading performance, versatility and value. The VX Series is offered in a smaller and lighter package than Yamaha’s flagship FX Series, while still sharing many of the same industry-first features and innovations that make the FX Series a best-selling luxury model. now

Main Feature Yamaha Vx Jet Ski :

  1. New stylish card design with deeper, wider, self-draining footwell and improved rider ergonomics.
  2. New multi-mount system for accessory integration
  3. Factory-installed custom integrated marine audio system with 4.5” speakers and amplifier (available as an option)
  4. Increased storage capacity in the bow, glovebox and under the seat.
  5. New 4.3” Connext Helmet Controls with multi-color LCD display.
  6. All-new flagship model VX Limited HO with 1.8L engine and complete accessory package.

New Card Design With Improved Rider Ergonomics And Larger Storage Capacity

For 2021, the all-new Yamaha VX Series is on the water. The new deck design provides better ergonomics with a deeper, wider, self-draining footwell and a new 1.5” narrower seat profile. This new seat design improves knee grip and overall comfort, especially for smaller riders.

New oversized waterproof gloves with LED light inside. In fact, this is the largest glovebox we offer in the category today. There’s a dedicated area for your smartphone, and a USB port and 12V outlet as well (except for the base VX and VX-C models).

In the bow, the storage compartment opening is expanded for easier access with a dedicated area for Yamaha’s innovative accessory cooler bag. It also features an upgraded and durable design with high-strength plastic hinges and dampers. And for riders who need more storage space, the under-seat storage capacity is larger and comes with a waterproof case for clothes and valuables that need to be kept dry.

Factory Integrated Speaker Choice

For the first time, Yamaha is offering dealers the option to order WaveRunners VX Series (except for the base models VX and VX-C) with a custom factory-installed integrated marine audio system. Package includes twin, 4 twin inch fully waterproof marine speakers, integrated 2 channel (50 watt per channel) amplifier, easy access control pad and integrated low voltage regulator to protect battery.

New Connext 4.3” Helmet Controls With Color Lcd Display

The VX series, except for the base models VX and VX-C, now features modern dashboard instrumentation including Yamaha’s Connext Helm Control 4.3” with multi-colour LCD display. Touchpad controls mounted next to the steering column provide easy access to many Connext system functions. These include a PIN coded security system which eliminates the need for an external remote fob, and DRIVE Control which allows VX Series owners to set the top speed at different increments along with settings. Also, acceleration can be adjusted on the VX HO model from normal to slow.

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2022 Yamaha Vx Jet Ski Review
2022 Yamaha Vx Jet Ski Review

Two Award Winning Machines To Choose From

The VX Series is available with Yamaha High Output 1.8L four-cylinder engines (Yamaha VX Limited HO and Yamaha VX Cruiser® HO) or Yamaha 1049cc three-cylinder TR-1® HO engines (Yamaha VX Limited, VX Cruiser, VX Deluxe, VX), or TR-1® engine (Yamaha VX-C). Both engines deliver class-leading performance, fuel efficiency and reliability. The TR-1 HO engine is a more powerful variation of the base TR-1 engine that powers some of the 2021 EX® Series, VX-C and stand-up SuperJet models. This compact and lightweight four-stroke engine is fuel efficient and requires extensive maintenance. low.

High Performance Boat Hull Design

Under the water, the VX Series has the same high-performance hull as the race-ready GP Series renowned for its precise handling and inspiring confidence that comes from Yamaha’s dominance of near-track racing. The hull is also designed for static and dynamic stability which makes driving with multiple passengers and towing more enjoyable. All Yamaha hulls and Cards are manufactured to precise tolerances using a high compression SMC (Sheet Molded Compound) fiberglass mould. The hulls of the VX Limited HO, VX Cruiser HO, VX Limited, VX Deluxe feature lightweight Yamaha NanoXcel® SMC materials, while the VX and VX-C come with standard SMC.

All New VX Limited stock With 1.8l Yamaha With Released Engine High

It should be noted that Yamaha’s hull and deck are considered Class A surfaces, which is the automotive term for a smooth, high-quality surface. This Class A surface allows Yamaha to offer metallic paint colors that other brands cannot.

For buyers looking for versatility and value in a high-quality, full-featured mid-size package, the VX Series is a great choice. For mid-size PWC buyers who don’t want to compromise on reliability and durability, the Yamaha VX Series is the only option. Read More !

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