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2022 Yamaha XV700

2022 Yamaha XV700

2022 Yamaha XV700. No kidding Yamaha XV700 or Virago 700 is a Yamaha V-twin cruiser motorcycle that was very proud of in 1948. Built from 1984 to 1987 this one vehicle was part of the iconic Virago Yamaha line that was very proud of at that time. informally known as Yamaha XV700 is Yamaha from USA in 1983 for imported motorcycles with a capacity of more than 700 cc. When the fare expired in 1988, Yamaha switched back to the XV750. but the yamaha XV700 lovers have high hopes that the yamaha XV700 will appear in 2022 with a new style to treat the longing of big motorbike lovers.

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but curious how big the speed of the Yamaha XV700 at that time, in the video circulating this Harley-style motorcycle was able to be driven at a speed of 160 km / h, it must have been an extraordinary speed at that time. Here we summarize the specifications of the Yamaha XV700 engine.

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