2023 New Yamaha Fino 125
2023 New Yamaha Fino 125

2023 New Yamaha Fino 125

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Yamaha Fino 125

2023 New Yamaha Fino 125 . Yamaha Fino 125 is a combination of retro and modern design. Retro Aura is present through the characteristics of the body and graphics which are minimal angles. Three variants issued by Yamaha Fino 125, namely Fino Grande AKS SSS, Fino Premium and Fino Sporty with a very special appearance. Fino Grande AKS SSS is the last variant of the new Kernel Blue Fino 125 which is now equipped with LED and Stop Stop and Start System (SSS) and Anticipated Lock system (AKS) features that were already in the previous type.

SSS is an exclusive feature that will automatically cause the engine to stop when the engine stops for more than 5 seconds. In addition, the seats with double seat design add more to the driving comfort. The presence of the Fino Grande AKS SSS is also a sign that the Yamaha Blue Core Scooter has been equipped with AKS and SSS functions. Prior to the arrival of the Fino Grande AKS SSS was the Mio M3 AKS SSS and the new GT core AKS SSS equipped with functionality.

There is a Royal Blue option for the Fino Grande AKS SSS provided by Yamaha. This color was chosen because it is a motorcycle color trend that gives an exclusive feel to its appearance. The Fino Grande AKS SSS is priced at $1,281 in the Asian market. The premium and sporty Fino is priced at $1,190 also for the Asian market. Both come with new colors and striping that make them even more special.

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Yamaha Fino Premium comes with new red white and velvet options. While the Sports Fino look is refreshed with three new reds, skip the white and gray pumps. Apart from that, the advanced system, has a smart locking system and smart side position bracket in all the new Fino 125 blue core variants. These features help drive drivers comfortably, safely and virtually.

With the dual function that AKS has, it can help drivers find the location of the vehicle and can automatically open the button cover. The Smart Lock System makes driving easier as it helps lock the brakes when stopping acids and derivatives. While the Standard Smart Stand Switch provides security and information that will prevent riders from forgetting to raise lateral standards. These features make driving more comfortable, safe and practical.

Driving with the new Yamaha Fino 125 blue core is even more economical. All variants have been equipped with blue base technology which makes fuel consumption more efficient. In addition, the ECO indicator helps the rider to drive economically.

Specs And Design New Yamaha Fino 125 2022

2023 New Yamaha Fino 125
2023 New Yamaha Fino 125


The elegant and elegant design has been encouraged by the riders, especially the young and elegant women. The new Blue Core Fino 125 is the right choice of motorcycle for women who want to ride elegantly, practically and economically.

On the technical side, the Yamaha Fino maintains the existing engine and is equipped with BlueCore. What is clear, with the new bigger tires, Fino 125 control is now more convincing. In addition, the new colors that accompany it, make it also sporty, while maintaining the retro characteristics.

Variant Yamaha Fino 125

There are 3 variants available of Fino 125: premium bleue, sport blue and blue

Yamaha Fino 125 Motor

Yamaha Fino 125 Powered by 125 cc air-cooled fuel injection 1 cylinder fuel produces 9.38 hp at 8,000 rpm and 9.6 nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. The Fino 125 has a seat height of 745 mm. The front tire size is (front tire size}} while the rear is 100/70 R14.

Smooth Yamaha Fino 125

Fino 125 Safety Features include Switch Pass, System Start & Stop (SSS) Advanced safety features, street riding mode, optional central lock, shutter lock and optional side reflector. The supporting characteristics of the chassis, suspension and brakes consist of telescopic fork front suspension, oscillating arm rear suspension, double right seat type, chrome trim, body frame type body, frame steel body material, battery rear brake and front disc brake. The console characteristics consist of an analog odometer, analog fuel gauge, side support indicator and analog speedometer.

Yamaha Fino 125 . Competitor

The competitors for the Fino 125 are: Honda Scoo, Honda Genio, Yamaha Mio M3 125, Honda Beat and Benelli Séta 125. The Yamaha Fino 125 is available in a choice of gasoline engines in the country. The new Yamaha scooter comes in 6 variants. Talking about the 125 yamaha fino 125 engine specifications, it is powered by two 125 cc petrol engine options. Fino 125 is available with CVT transmission according to the variant. The Fino 125 is a 2 seater scooter with a length of 1870 mm, a width of 700 mm, a wheelbase of 1260 mm. and 135 mm of customs duty.

Yamaha Fino 125 . Power

  1. Attractive retro shape
  2. This machine is equipped with BlueCore technology and Start & Stop System (SSS) which ensures energy efficiency
  3. Performance and features qualify for daily use in urban areas