2023 New Yamaha XSR125 Legacy First Look

2023 New Yamaha XSR125 Legacy First Look

2023 New Yamaha XSR125. Yamaha Motor Europe has just refreshed the 2023 Yamaha XSR125 with a cool and more classic name with the name Legacy. If you look at the design of this motorbike, it is identical to the XSR155 which is marketed in Asia.

The design is typical for the 2023 New Yamaha XSR125 with the appearance of a modern retro motorcycle and of course typical of other XSR families. Overall, the XSR125 Legacy hasn’t changed much from the regular version.

It’s just that there are a few contrasting color combinations in this variant. 2023 New Yamaha XSR125 black color is quite dominant, not only on the body but also spreads to the frame, swing arm and even the block and cylinder head.

2023 New Yamaha XSR125 Tank Cover

The black Yamaha XSR125 tank cover is combined with silver and gold striping that is angled to the back so that it is enough to give the impression of luxury like a Yamaha Sport Heritage. Yamaha and XSR125 writing with gold color on the body looks quite contrast.

Aluminum exhaust cap

The new look also looks different on the exhaust silencer cover. If the regular variant uses an ordinary black plastic cover, the Yamaha XSR125 Legacy uses aluminum with a luxurious impression.

This makes the leg area brighter and gives a sporty impression combined with classics. The advantages of aluminum are in line with the end cap which also uses a silver color so that it gives a strong retro impression.

Specifications of 2023 Yamaha XSR125 Legacy

Specifications 2023 Yamaha XSR125 Legacy, this variant has the same type as the regular XSR125. Like the use of a 125 cc engine, the Yamaha XSR125 Legacy is claimed to be able to produce a maximum power of 14.9 ps at 10,000 rpm and 11.5 Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm.

2023 New Yamaha XSR125 Legacy First Look
2023 New Yamaha XSR125 Legacy First Look

Suspension 2023 Yamaha XSR125 Legacy

Suspension is also available using the upside down type which has a diameter of 37 mm. Unlike the Asian version, for the European variant there is a reflector or cat’s eye mounted on the upside down side to meet regulatory standards.

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2023 Yamaha XSR125 Legacy

The big difference in the Legacy variant is the use of aluminum spoke rims that shift the XSR125’s built-in stem rims on the regular model. The fringes are labeled D.I.D Japan with a sporty gold color bandage which is also embedded in the Yamaha XSR125 Legacy.

History 2023 Yamaha XSR125 Legacy

The Yamaha XSR125 Legacy is inspired by the Yamaha racing bikes that won motorcycle racing events in the 70s. This makes the look of the XSR125 Legacy feel timeless and adds an authentic and classic feel.

Yamaha XSR125 Legacy Disc

With a different disc, this variant uses a semi-floating disc model with a diameter of 267 mm. While using the XSR125 and XSR155 fixed disc models without floating.

Yamaha XSR125 Legacy Wheel and Tire Size

2023 New Yamaha XSR125 Legacy First Look
2023 New Yamaha XSR125 Legacy First Look

The gold aluminum wheels are coated in the signature Metzeler Karoo Street bat for a dual purpose pattern on the Yamaha XSR125 Legacy. This brand gives a premium feel and of course has a pretty good grip with tire sizes measuring 110/70-17 at the front and 140/70-17 at the rear.


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