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2023 Yamaha BWS 125 Specs, Features and Benefits

2023 Yamaha BWS 125 Specs, Features and Benefits

2023 Yamaha BWS 125. Yamaha Motors officially launches a unique adventure-style motorcycle. This scooter is a facelift from the previous version which is also sold globally called the Yamaha Zuma 125. The changes made are quite significant. Starting from the design, features and also engine specifications. 2022 Yamaha BWS 125 125 cc is priced at $ 3,098.

The scooter market in Asia is one of the largest currently circulating in Taiwan. Early Before releasing the BWS 125, Yamaha Taiwan introduced a retro-modern motorcycle called the Vinoora. The motor has an automatic transmission and has a unique design with a very eye-catching look.

But this year 2022 Yamaha BWS 125 also has an interesting side. He is offered as a vehicle that is fun when invited on an adventure. Especially for those who like outdoor activities or traveling using an iron horse from Yamaha. Not only appearance, Yamaha also provides advantages in the functional sector. There are several areas and devices that can support the needs of the rider from the Yamaha BWS 125.

As information circulated, the Yamaha BWS 125 adventurous scooter has a thick and stocky design. The body of the motorbike has a boxy shape so it is fresher than the previous model. firm lines all over his body Yamaha BWS 125 gives a dashing impression. In addition to giving a solid impression, such a body shape also makes the Yamaha BWS 125 look futuristic and very functional.

Dimensions Yamaha BWS 125

2023 Yamaha BWS 125
2023 Yamaha BWS 125

Yamaha BWS 125 has dimensions of 1,920 x 760 x 1,150 mm (LxWxH). With a seat height of 785 mm, a wheelbase of 1,340 mm and a weight of 127 kg. Then the fuel tank with a capacity of 6.1 liters, larger than the Yamaha X-Ride 125 in Indonesia.

The most visible changes on the Yamaha BWS 125 are on the front body and also the headlamp. Yamaha BWS 125 Currently looks more aggressive and dashing. Also equipped with adopting an open handlebar model without a cover. But the Yamaha BWS 125 is very much in demand thanks to the sweetener in the form of a small lamp behind the instrument panel. And also the position of the turn signal is also unique, it is located under the brake handle.

Unfortunately, Yamaha still doesn’t use this type of LED lamp, because in the Yamaha BWS 125, this Japanese motorcycle manufacturer is still implementing this type of bulb in the two main lights. As for the turn lights, located at the bottom of the steering handlebar for either the right or left side.

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Fuel and Strength

The Yamaha BWS 125 engine allows the Yamaha BWS 125 automatic motor to generate power of 9.8 PS at 7,500 rpm. To support this power, the Yamaha BWS 125 engine is channeled to the rear tires, Yamaha adopts automatic transmission or CVT type technology.

Not only that, the Yamaha BWS 125 engine is very suitable for the price offered. The Yamaha BWS 125 engine has been accompanied by Blue Core technology and Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) which makes this adventure motorbike able to cover a maximum distance of 47 km using only 1 liter of fuel. Quite economical isn’t it?

For security matters, you don’t need to hesitate anymore. Because the Yamaha manufacturer has provided two disc brakes on the front and rear. Just don’t use the ABS feature or the Auto-Lock Breaking System considering the price of the Yamaha BWS is cheap and affordable for everyone.

At the front of the Yamaha BWS 125, it has disc brakes measuring 245 mm with the support of a double piston caliper. While the rear side uses a disc measuring 230 mm with a single piston caliper.

2022 Yamaha BWS 125 . Specifications

2023 Yamaha BWS 125
2023 Yamaha BWS 125

Engine: 125 cc, single cylinder, 4 valve, liquid cooled

– Front suspension: Telescopic

– Rear suspension: Double shock absorbers

– Front brakes: 245 mm disc brakes, dual piston calipers

– Rear brake: 230 mm disc brake, single piston caliper

– Dimensions length x width x height: 1,920 mm x 760 mm x 1,150 mm – Wheelbase: 1,340 mm

– Seat height: 785 mm

– Weight: 127 kg

– Fuel tank capacity: 6.1 liters

– Front tire: 120/70-12 51L

– Rear tire: 130/70-12 56L

– Average fuel consumption: 47.8 km/liter

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