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New 2023 Yamaha D’elight 125 Ready To Launch For European Market

2023 Yamaha D’elight 125 Ready To Launch For European Market

2023 Yamaha D’elight 125 has been launched for the USA market. D’elight 125 motorcycles, specifically for the European market, are scooters with a 125 cc engine and are very suitable for use in urban areas.

This so-called European-style scooter is a distant cousin of the Fino sold in Asia.

At first glance, if you see the D’elight 125, you will remember the Honda SH150i scooter and also the Piaggio Liberty, but this is much different from the USA market. We have a 2023 Yamaha D’elight 125cc which is ready to pamper the people in your country.

Model 2023 Yamaha D’elight 125cc  Review

2023 Yamaha D'elight 125
2023 Yamaha D’elight 125

Because it is sold in European countries, the design is directed to be more elegant than other classic retro models.

2023 Yamaha D’elight 125cc has the shape of the headlights having a cone at the bottom.

At first glance, it looks like a diamond cut. Sein lamp planting model on the front tebeng with a vertical pattern.

The deck is flat like an entry level scooter. equipped with a fairly wide connection model seat.

The shape of the rear body is in perfect sync with the front and large taillights.


2023 Yamaha D'elight 125
2023 Yamaha D’elight 125

The feature uses the Start & Stop system which automatically turns off the engine when it stops for more than three seconds, and turns on again when the gas is turned on

The instrument cluster display uses an LCD screen with a mix of digital and analog.

2023 Yamaha D’elight 125cc Roda Wheels And Rims

The front wheels use 12-inch rims and 10-inch rear wheels, with 6-spoke rim models.

Vehicle Weight

The Yamaha D’elight 125cc weighs in at a dry weight of only 101 kg making it ideal for light and casual commuting.

Specifications of 2023 Yamaha D’elight 125cc

Yamaha D’elight 125cc is equipped with a 125cc Blue Core engine, 1-cylinder standard Euro 5.

Yamaha D’elight 125cc Claimed to be capable of producing maximum torque at 5,000 rpm. Read More !


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