2023 Yamaha fz1000 Latest Design Specs And Features
2023 Yamaha fz1000 Latest Design Specs And Features

2023 Yamaha fz1000 Latest Design Specs And Features

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2023 Yamaha fz1000 Latest Design Specs And Features

2023 Yamaha fz1000 2023 Latest Design Specs And Features. The latest design of the yamaha fz1000 2023 this time is still a hot conversation in the yamaha fz1000 class. yamaha fz1000 is a road bike that has been produced since 2001. The first generation of the yamaha fz1000 is also called the FZS1 Frazer in the European market. The frame is made of iron with a tubular model and also the engine is modified from the Yamaha YZF-R1 which still uses a carburetor at that time. Meanwhile, for the 2005 model, a catalytic converter has been attached to the Yamaha fz1000.

The second generation yamaha fz1000 was presented in 2006, and fully carries the new model. Changes that occur including in the chassis, body frame, and engine are also completely new. However, many parts of this machine are still exactly the same as its predecessor, the YZF-R1. The embedded frame has a diamond-like model and is more compact in shape, with the material now using aluminum.

The naked design offered by this motorbike also emphasizes the strong impression through the street fighter style offered by the Yamaha FZ1000. Especially when combined with black which gives a fiercer impression, for more details, let’s see the following review.

The FZ clan or yamaha fz1000 from Yamaha is known as a naked-style motorcycle. Likewise, FZ1 is at the pinnacle of the FZ clan. But not only naked, the Yamaha FZ series also often displays a strong and dashing aura through the design it carries.

So don’t be surprised if the style of the yamaha fz1000 is often juxtaposed with the street fighter genre. Moreover, the yamaha fz1000 was driven by the President of an ASI country, namely Indonesia, by Joko Widodo at the opening of the 2018 Asian Games at that time. In addition, the use of a fairly large exhaust also successfully adds to the fierce impression that this motorbike offers. Even better when Yamaha also equipped the FZ1 with upside down front suspension and the use of dual discs for braking.

The Yamaha FZ1 that is driven by the presidential guard is the second generation produced from 2006. However, Yamaha said that the yamaha fz1000 used by the presidential guard is a special order, so it has slight differences compared to the version in general.

with the design and specifications of the Yamaha fz1000 motorbike offered, the official price offered by the Yamaha fz1000 is quite expensive for this large motorbike, the Yamaha fz1000 will reportedly be offered at a price of USD 10,290.

The name FZ1 or known as Yamaha fz1000 which is carried by this motorbike cannot be separated from the engine capacity offered. As the top variant of the motor sport class, this vehicle comes with an engine cubication of up to 1,000 cc combined with an injection-based fuel system.

Yamaha FZ1 Engine Performance

2023 Yamaha fz1000 Latest Design Specs And Features
2023 Yamaha fz1000 Latest Design Specs And Features

Yamaha fz1000 is combined with an engine capacity of 998 cc, with four cylinders in line, liquid-cooled, 20 valves, DOHC. For ignition using Digital TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition) with a 32-bit ECU. And using a 6-speed manual transmission, he said, the Yamaha FZ1000 is capable of producing 150 hp of power, with a maximum torque of 106 Nm. While the fuel consumption is quite economical for the Yamaha FZ1000 engine with the Gambot engine, it only consumes 6.72 liters of fuel for a distance of 100 km.

Selling Price Yamaha fz1000

The first time the yamaha fz1000 was released to the market, the selling price was US $ 10,290. However, it is still unknown what the official price will be if it is sold in the Indonesian market at this time. Meanwhile, the FZ1, which is in the naked bike or streetfighter class, competes with competitors in the large-engine sports motorbike segment such as the Suzuki Hayabusa 1250S, Honda CBR 1000RR, and Kawasaki Z1000, and Kawasaki H2R.

Even so, lovers of the Yamaha FZ1000 motorcycle segment in Asia seem to have to bite their fingers, because the Paspampres version of the Yamaha FZ1000 ensures that they will not market it widely. This is because the yamaha fz1000 used by Paspampres is specially ordered and the model is very different compared to those sold widely in the Asian and European markets.

Street Fighter Stylish Yamaha Fz1000

Yamaha Fz1000 is known as a naked style motorcycle. So did FZ1 who was at the top of the FZ clan. Not only is the Yamaha Fz1000 naked styled, the Yamaha FZ series also often features advantages that can make riders pampered with their specifications.

So it’s not surprising that the naked style of the FZ clan is often juxtaposed with the street fighter genre on the Yamaha Fz1000. Moreover, the Yamaha Fz1000 using a fairly large exhaust also successfully adds to the impression of gahar offered by this Yamaha Fz1000 motorbike. It is even more sturdy when the Yamaha Fz1000 is equipped with an upside down type front suspension and the use of dual discs for braking. Read More Yamahausaprice.com!

Complete Specifications Yamaha FZ1 2023

2023 Yamaha fz1000 Latest Design Specs And Features
2023 Yamaha fz1000 Latest Design Specs And Features

Yamaha Fz1000 has a 998 cc engine, liquid cooled, 20 valve, DOHC, inline four cylinder engine, but is it possible that the Yamaha Fz1000 2023 is equipped with a stepping engine? competitors Suzuki Hayabusa.

Compression 11.5:1

Digital TCI ignition system: Transistor Controlled Ignition with 32-bit ECU

Constant-Mesh 6-speed transmission with multi-plate clutch

Power 110 kW (150 hp)

Torque 89.1 Nm

The top speed of 154 mph (248 km / h), this is very interesting to discuss, rumors circulated among lovers of motor sport Yamaha Fz1000 2023 capable of driving at speeds of 400 km / h like the Kawasaki H2R competitors in its class.

320mm dual floating disc front brake system; forged monoblock 4-piston Sumitomo calipers

245mm disc rear braking system with single piston Nissin pin-slide calipers

43 mm MotoGP-style front suspension Kayaba telescopic USD fork w/ adjustable preload, compression damping (left leg), rebound damping (right foot); 5.1 inch (130 mm) travel

Kayaba single link actuated monoshock rear suspension with adjustable spring preload, rebound damping; 5.1 inch (130 mm) travel

Front tire size 120/70-ZR17

Rear tire size 190/50-ZR17

18 L fuel capacity; 3.4 L spare

Fuel octane 91+ octane research [RON]

Oil capacity 3.8 L Total; 3.1 L w/ filter; 2.9 L w/o filter

2.25 L radiator cooling capacity; Reservoir 0.25 L

Vehicle weight 199 kg (empty); 220 kg (full)