2023 Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 Redesign Rumor

2023 Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 Redesign Rumor

2023 Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 Redesign Rumor. It seems that there is no end if we discuss about this one product, Yamaha MX / Yamaha MX KING. although there is no further information regarding the yamaha New MX king 2023 later, there are many rumors circulating that the Yamaha MX King 2023 will be equipped with a much bigger and stronger engine. Here, we review the specifications for the Yamaha Jupiter MX.

This Yamaha Jupiter MX bike is the result of an update to the previous generation which has its own eagle eye characteristics and enhances the more defined shape of the lower fairing. Jupiter MX 150 has become one of the best duck engines at the moment by bringing a powerful 150cc injection engine with a big bang and some pretty big support by the advanced features they need to enhance better driving performance.

In addition, this machine also offers two variants, namely the “clutch” clutch and the “non-clutch” automatic clutch. Currently on the market, the price is valued at 18.9 million and the Jupiter MX is available in 3 options, namely black, red and white corners.

Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 is a moped with a Super Sport design concept. Fully loaded with 150cc performance injection engine. More elegant with emblematic LED lights and advanced features such as a humanistic speedometer with Salam staff and tires that are wider than its class.

Design Yamaha Jupiter MX 150

The design appearance of the Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 looks sporty and aerodynamic plus the “Eagle Eye” appearance and looks quite large with a length of 1970 mm, a width of 670 mm and a height of 1 080 mm. It has a light weight of about 116 KG which makes the maneuvering capacity more maximum and that the motor it can also be called upon to adopt the density of urban streets. In the trunk, this motorbike will make it a little difficult to place the trunk because it has a trunk dimension that is not too wide.

This Yamaha MX motorcycle uses a diamond type frame which is famous for its strong strength coupled with reliable suspension. At the front, it uses a telescopic type and the rear arm beats the monochromic suspension arm to increase driving comfort. In the tire itself also uses running wheels with 70/90 and 100/70 front tire sizes with modern wheel designs that add more value to Yamaha MX and create a sports print.

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Engine & Fuel

2023 Yamaha Jupiter MX 150
2023 Yamaha Jupiter MX 150

For the kitchen, this motorbike also brings a unique type of cylinder / vertical motor, from SOHC with a capacity of 150cc liquid cooling motor capable of producing 11.3 kW of power with a speed of 8,500 rpm. The motor is bad and the torque is capable of reaching 13.8 nm at 7,000. Engine speed and 5-speed transmission system with manual clutch system. In addition, it is also equipped with a fuel injection combustion system that makes the engine of the Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 more powerful and fuel efficient. This machine also has an overflow rate of 120 km / h which is considered a lot by many to support the need for daily driving.

Braking and Safety

To support the safety and security of the driver, in terms of the braking system, Yamaha equips this Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 motorcycle with one type of disc brake at the front and rear which ensures better braking elements and high safety. In addition, this machine also uses unwanted tires of size 70/90-17m/c (38p) installed on the front wheels and 120/70-17m/c (58p) for the rear wheels.

As a cheap motorbike at a low price with the best quality, this motorbike can be the main choice because Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 has a reliable engine with a powerful 150 cc capacity and is supported by a sports design that uses a super sport design concept and is also equipped with various advanced features. that is built into the Yamaha vacation on this bike.

Digital Humanic Speed

The digital humanist speedometer with personalized greetings is equipped with an ODO counter and can be filled in with your name, which gives a sporting feel.

150cc fi, liquid Cooled System

Racing engine technology that optimizes performance with a 150cc 4-valve fuel injection engine equipped with a piston, cylinder and liquid cooling system.

Light Frame Design

Most agile with light frame design. Equipped with a sports driving position that is equipped with a mono-shock suspension at the rear of the rear and folding legs that can be folded make it more comfortable to maneuver and turn.

Big Tires

With large tubelle tires in its class equipped with 17-inch ring wheel design, which makes the Raja MX more sporty and has dual disc brakes that optimize braking and safety while driving.

Jupiter MX 150 Spesifikasi Specifications


4 times cold liquid type, SOHC

Number / Cylinder position / unique cylinder stand

Diameter X Step 57.0 x 58.7 mm

Compression ratio 10.4:1

Maximum power 11.3 kw / 8500 rpm

Maximum torque 13.8 nm / 7000 rpm

Electric Starter Starter and Kick Starter System

Wet lubrication system

Total engine oil capacity = 1.15 l; Periodically = 0.95 l; Change oil filter = 1.00 l

Fuel injection fuel system

Wet clutch type, manual clutch, multiplate

Constant mesh transmission type, 5 speed


W x h x h 1970mm x 670mm x 1080mm

Distance from wheel axis 1290mm

Lowest distance to 135mm

780mm high high

Weight for 116 kg

4.2 Gasoline tank capacity


Vertebral Column Frame Type

Telescopic front suspension

Oscillating rear suspension

front tire 70/90-17m/c (38p)

Rear tire 120/70-17m/c (58p)

Single disc brake

Single disc brake


TCI Ignition System.

GTZ4V / YTZ4V Battery

Spark Plug Type NGK / CR8E

  1. Wear the super sport design concept
  2. Wear a light frame design that makes it more agile
  3. Equipped with disc brakes (double disc brakes), which makes the braking system more optimal
  4. There is a digital function with a humane indicator house message equipped with an odo meter
  5. Wear wide tube tube tread
  6. The performance is strong enough and good for a motorcycle.
  7. fuel combustion injection system which makes the engine more powerful and fuel efficient

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