2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 Review Excellence, Design, Specs and Speedomter

2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 Review Excellence, Design, Specs and Speedomter

Quick Review 2023 Yamaha Tricity 125

2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 is officially launched with developments in the engine and frame sector. Changes also target the design and enhanced features.

For your information, the 2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 is a three-wheeled motorcycle. At the front are pinned two wheels, each of which works independently.

The concept of a three-wheeled motorbike is also used by Yamaha Niken which is a version of MOGE (big motorbike). The two front tires of the vehicle use a similar concept, namely LMW (Leaning Multi Wheel).

LMW is a system that allows two front wheels that stand parallel and can move along with the swing of the motor. This system makes the driver not unsteady when turning. Citing the LMW Technical Video explanation, LMW uses what is called a parallelogram link. This system allows the two front wheels to move simultaneously.

2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 Excellence

2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 Excellence
2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 Excellence

2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 Another advantage is the suspension. Where the suspension of each wheel works independently or individually. Yamaha calls it cantilevered telescopic suspension. This suspension allows the suspension of each wheel to work independently. With such a system is said to be able to improve the riding style and characteristics of the motor.

2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 Design

Yamaha Tricity 125 is not much different from the Tricity 155, on the physical appearance of the specifications, the Yamaha Tricity 125 also has the same design style as the Yamaha Tricity 155.

Yamaha Tricity 125 It’s reasonable considering that this big scooter is still part of the family of the Tricity Series. Where, on the front, this scooter made by Yamaha is installed with a headlamp that is quite futuristic and modern with a design style like the letter “V”.

Where the main lights already use LED type lights which will make the Yamaha Tricity 125 lighting on the front brighter.

Not only that, on the face of the Yamaha Tricity 125 there is also a pair of turn signal lights that are installed separately from the main lights.

In addition, this unique big automatic scooter is also equipped with a windshield (motor windshield) which serves to protect the driver from the wind from the front when driving at high speed.

On the other hand, the Yamaha Tricity 125 also has a more stylish appearance where in the front sector there are two parallel wheels that both have 90/80-14 tire sizes. The two front tires are indeed very sturdy and strong.

Then, on the side of the body, the Yamaha Tricity 125 is actually not much different from a scooter in general, which provides a footrest with a flexible and wide design to provide comfort when driving. Then, the seats are also made more simple together and extend to the back so that it is very comfortable to be invited to travel long distances.

Meanwhile, the rear sector is also equipped with modern LED stop lamps. That way, the overall physical body sector on the exterior of the Yamaha Tricity 125 specification is fairly sporty and looks so futuristic.

2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 Speedometer

Regarding the speedometer or indicator instrument it carries, it looks quite attractive and modern.

Where, it will provide accurate information display about speed, mileage, rpm, odometer, fuel indicator tripmeter, and km/hour distance.

Not only that, even other information is also displayed on the panel. Such as turn signal lights, remote / main lights (High Beam), and driving modes.

All of that is displayed through a digital screen that makes it easier for the driver to understand the condition of the motorbike he is driving.

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2023 Yamaha Tricity 125 Specs Machine

2023 Yamaha Tricity 125
2023 Yamaha Tricity 125

Engine Type:Single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valves

Engine Capacity: 125 cc

Cylinder :1

Diameter x Step :52.0 x 58.7

Compression Comparison : 11.2 : 1

Maximum Power :9.0 kW @ 7,500 rpm

Maximum Torque :11.7 Nm @ 7,250 rpm

Transmission Type: V-Belt Automatic

Starter Type: Electric

Fuel System

Fuel: Gasoline

Dimensions: Length 1980 mm

Width :750mm

Height: 1210 mm

Wheelbase: 1350 mm

Seat Height

Weight 164 kg

Tank Capacity 27.2 L

Frame– Frame Type

Front Suspension: Telescopic forks

Rear Suspension: Swing Unit

Front Brake : Hydraulic single disc, 220 mm

Rear Brake : Hydraulic single disc, 230 mm

Braking System

Front Tire : 90/80-14

Rear Tire:130/70-13


Battery / Battery Type

Ignition System :TCI

Spark Plug Type

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