2023 Yamaha XSR 155 Price and Features

2023 Yamaha XSR 155 Price and Features

2023 Yamaha XSR 155 Price and Features. The New Yamaha All XSR 155 is a motorcycle with a 155 cc engine, liquid cold, SOHC, 4 valve and fuel injection with VVA. This engine is powered for an extraordinary driving sensation. Equipped with interesting features such as:

155cc LC4V with VVA engine

155cc engine, liquid cold, SOHC, 4 valve, fuel injection with VVA. Motor Engine For Amazing Driving Thrill

Full LCD digital speed counter

Classic style design with full LCD screen equipped with transmission indicator.


Classic style seat design that offers comfort on the road.

Double tires are used.

Dual-use tube tires designed for driving in a variety of road conditions.

Durable Quality Printing.

The drop model is a tank to provide a comfortable riding position.

LED Lights & Tailings

Classic style lamp design with modern technology.

Yamaha XSR 155 which will be the prima donna is present in the retro sport motorbike class. The launch of this motorbike coincides with the launch of the new Nmax and Yamaha WR 155 R starting December 2, 2019 in Jakarta. Wearing the born to free label, this motorbike is equipped with a capacity of 155 cc, SOHC, 4-Vivid, fuel injection and VVA technology. This motor has a maximum power of 14.2 kW and a maximum torque of 14.7 nm. What is clear this motor has a strong power.

Specifications XSR 155 carries a modern, unconventional design that is timeless. Starting from the drop tank, simple classic seats, and front and rear lights, but equipped with LEDs. Motorcycle lights are equipped with taillights that make this motorcycle look more attractive. The classic modern look is also found on the classic style speedometer but is equipped with a multi-information display (medium).

Front suspension is equipped with upper and lower suspension (USD) with dual tires Size 110/70 17 rings. Rear suspension with monoshock link system and tire ring size 140/70 17. Despite the classic theme, this bike uses a classic thematic Deltabox frame that makes this bike even more powerful. The 10.4 liter fuel tank is enough to accompany you wherever you go.

This motorbike is available in two color variants, namely Black Matte Silver and Matte Elegance. This bike is suitable for those of you who like vintage style but always modern. Coming from Pinang, this motorbike is priced at 38,390,000 rupiah (OTR Medan), 39,110,000 rupiah (OTR Riau), 36,350,000 rupiah (OTR Batam). The launch of this motorbike coincides with the launch of the new Nmax and Yamaha WR 155 R starting December 2, 2019 in Asia.

2023 Yamaha XSR 155 Price and Features
2023 Yamaha XSR 155 Price and Features


Engine :  Type Liquid Cooled, 4 Stroke, SOHC, 4 Valve, VVA

Unique Cylinder / Cylinder Position Number

Diameter x steps 58.0 x 58.7 mm

Compression ratio 11.6:1

Maximum power 14.2 kW / 10,000 rpm

Maximum torque 14.7 nm / 8500 rpm

Electric Starter System

Wet lubrication system

Total engine oil capacity = 1.50 l; Periodically = 0.85 l; Change oil filter = 0.95 l

Fuel injection fuel system

Cylinder volume 155 cc

Wet multi-plate clutch; Pocket and sandal support

Manual transmission type:

Transmission OperationTemplate1-N-2-3-4-5-6


W x h x h 2007 x 804 x 1080

Axle 1330 mm

The lowest distance from Earth is 170 mm

Haut Seat 810 mm

Contents weight 134 kg

10.4 liter tank capacity

2023 Yamaha XSR 155 Price and Features
2023 Yamaha XSR 155 Price and Features


Deltabox Frame Type.

Telescopic front suspension (reverse)

Monoshock rear suspension link

Front tire 110/70-17m/c (54s)

Rear tire 140/70-17m/c (66s)

Front brake

Rear disc brake


TCI / Transistor Ignition System

YTZ4V battery.

Spark type MR8E9

The new brand Yamaha XSR 155 was born with the concept of Born to be free. The classic modern look on the new XSR 155, created by a few buttons across multiple sectors. From the drop-shaped tank model that can support driving comfort. Using a simple seat with an elegant classic design, then a rounded front and rear fire design with modern LED technology, to a retro-style LCD digital speedometer complete with multi-information. (ENVIRONMENT).

At the foot, the new XSR 155 adopts side suspension (USD) which not only provides pre-prints to the bike but also improves manipulation during pipelines. The rear 140 tires use dual type tires designed to move in various road conditions with 140/70 front and rear sizes. 70-17m/c (66 seconds). In the heart field of PACEMU. The New Yamaha XSR 155 is equipped with a 155 cc, SOHC, 4 stroke liquid-cooled fuel injection engine that has been equipped with VVA technology, so that it can generate power of 14.2 kW. At 10,000 rpm & torque of 14.7 nm at 8,500 rpm. The New XSR 155 is available in two color options, namely elegant match black silver and matte black which are marketed at a price of Rp. 36,580,000 OTR Jakarta.

Yamaha xsr 155 price

The price of the XSR 155 is 36.58 million people.

Variant Yamaha XSR 155

Available 1 variant XSR 155: Standard.

Yamaha XSR155. Machine

The XSR 155 is powered by a 155 cc 1 cylinder fuel injection cooler that produces 19 HP at 10,000  Features of arSecurity XSR 155 Includes Switch Pass, highway, highway driving mode, and engine check alerts. Chassis, suspension and brake support characteristics include monoshock rear suspension, telescopic fork front suspension, deltabox body frame type, dual right seat type, rear brake and previous brake. Disc. Console features include digital odometer, digital fuel gauge, screen display, tachometer, tripmeter and digital speedometer. Read More !

2023 Yamaha XSR 155 Price and Features
2023 Yamaha XSR 155 Price and Features

Competitors YAMAHA XSR 155

The Kawasaki W175, Benelli Motobi 200 Evo, Yamaha MT-15, Honda CB150R Streetfire and Yamaha R15 are competitors to the XSR 155.

The advantages of the XSR 155.

1. Classic Design

2. Modern Features

3. Yamaha after-sales service

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