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The New 2024 Yamaha 190 FHS Sport Review

2024 Yamaha 190 FHS Sport Review

2024 Yamaha 190 FHS

The2024  Yamaha 190 FSH (Fishing, Sports, Hybrid) is a versatile center console boat designed for both fishing and recreational activities. Here are some key features and aspects of the Yamaha 190 FSH:

Design and Construction: The Yamaha 190 FSH is built with Yamaha’s patented Articulating Keel, which helps improve maneuverability and control. It also has a hull design that’s specifically engineered for shallow water operation, making it ideal for fishing in inshore waters. The boat is made with high-quality materials and is designed for durability.

Power and Performance: The Yamaha 190 FSH comes with a 1.8-liter, high-output engine that delivers plenty of power and speed. It can reach a top speed of around 45 mph and has a fuel capacity of 30 gallons, which is enough for a full day of boating and fishing.

Fishing Features: The Yamaha 190 FSH is designed with fishing in mind. It has a large casting deck, ample storage space for fishing gear, and a live well with a high-speed pump. The boat also comes with Yamaha’s patented Jet Wash system, which makes it easy to clean the deck after a day of fishing.

Recreational Features: The Yamaha 190 FSH is also designed for recreational activities. It has comfortable seating for up to eight people, a swim platform with a reboarding ladder, and a stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity.

Ease of Use: The Yamaha 190 FSH is easy to operate, even for first-time boaters. It comes with Yamaha’s advanced jet propulsion system, which provides excellent maneuverability and control. The boat also has a user-friendly helm with easy-to-read gauges and controls.

Overall, the Yamaha 190 FSH is an excellent choice for boaters who want a versatile boat that’s ideal for both fishing and recreational activities. With its high-quality construction, powerful engine, and fishing features, the Yamaha 190 FSH is a great investment for any boater.

2024 Yamaha 190 fsh Specs

Here are the specifications for the Yamaha 190 FSH:

Length: 19 feet 2 inches (5.84 meters)

Beam: 8 feet (2.44 meters)

Weight: 2,950 pounds (1,338 kilograms) without engine

Fuel Capacity: 30 gallons (113.6 liters)

Draft: 14 inches (0.36 meters)

Deadrise: 18 degrees

Seating Capacity: 8 persons

Engine: 1.8-liter, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, high output Yamaha marine engine

Horsepower: 180 hp

Propulsion: Jet drive

Hull Material: Fiberglass

Maximum Speed: Approximately 45 mph (72 kph)

Live Well Capacity: 26 gallons (98.4 liters)

Storage Capacity: 485.6 gallons (1,839 liters)

Cockpit Depth: 25 inches (0.63 meters)

These specifications may vary depending on the model year and any additional options or customizations that have been added. It’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s website or speak with a Yamaha dealer to get the most up-to-date and accurate specifications for the Yamaha 190 FSH.

2024 Yamaha 190 FHS Sport Review
2024 Yamaha 190 FHS Sport Review

2024 Yamaha 190 FHS. Yamaha Watercraft Group has presented its most recent model, the 190 FSH, which is a stream controlled focus comfort fishboat. She is 19’2″ length by and large and fueled by the demonstrated 1812CC high-yield Yamaha marine motor. She has a draft of just 16”, 18-degree deadrise and all the fishing highlights expected in a committed fishing rig. She additionally has the Yamaha Articulating Keel, which our testing has indicated gives brilliant control and taking care of.

Restrictive to the Sport model, the T-top gives shade and style yet is effectively removable for carport stockpiling. The FSH rudder was intended for customization so every boat accommodates its proprietor. With a convertible backrest on Sport and Deluxe models, the inclining post fills in as both the skipper’s spot or the ideal fishing spot. A lot of capacity alternatives including a lockable glovebox just as a 12V source, USB and assistant module.

This huge zone ideal for changing or head stockpiling accompanies a shade in the Deluxe and Sport models. Standard on all models, the side support bar stockpiling continues casting poles prepared consistently. The ideal spot for getting the best perspectives, this region converts to an enormous stockpiling region when gotten to from underneath. Each boat in the FSH Series incorporates a removable cooler that stores conveniently under the chief’s inclining post. READ MORE !

2024 Yamaha 190 FHS
2024 Yamaha 190 FHS

Length:            19’2″

Weight:           2150 LBS

Beam:  8′

Draft:  16″

Dead Rise:      18°

Seating Capacity/Weight Capacity:    1240 LBS(8 people)

Accessible Color:        Suede Gray

Price:   $31,999

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