2024 Yamaha All New Vixion Monster Energy

2024 Yamaha All New Vixion

2024 Yamaha All New Vixion. Yamaha Motor Manufacturing  has introduced several motorbikes with the latest Yamaha Monster Energy series in 2019. The motorbike is the Yamaha Vixion motorbike, a more sporty version of Yamaha Monster Energy, not only that, the Yamaha company also released its newest products such as the Yamaha Aerox, Yamaha R15 and Yamaha Jupiter MX King. These motorbikes have a 150cc engine capacity which has a single cylinder with fuel injection technology.

With this technology, of course, the performance of the Yamaha All New Vixion or Yamaha Monster Energy will be tougher and very fuel efficient. On the other hand, this motorbike is equipped with a sophisticated striping motorbike with a sticker that reads Yamaha Monster Energy 149.8 cc. Meanwhile, the Yamaha Monster Energy motorbike has also been equipped with an assist feature that will make the clutch lighter and a sliper clutch feature that will make gearshifts smoother and accelerate faster even at high speeds.

Yamaha monster energy is priced at a more expensive price compared to regular Yamaha series motorcycles. This is because this motorbike is a special edition motorbike, and if we want to have it we have to order first or in other words we have to pivot. Slick performance with a more fierce design appearance makes this motorbike loved by young people today. And here is the price of the latest Yamaha Monster Energy MotoGp Edition.

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The Appearance Of The Yamaha Vixion Version Of The Monster Energy Motogp

New Yamaha Monster Energy lamp design

The design of the front and rear lights of the Yamaha Vixion Monster Energy version uses LED technology with an aggressive model that makes it look sporty and aerodynamic.


The Deltabox Yamaha All New Vixion Monster Energy frame is strong and sturdy, making driving more confident


It is practical to use the high beam when giving a signal to other riders & easy to turn off the engine and has become the hallmark of motorsport.


Makes optimal braking with discs on the front and rear wheels.


Liquid type engine cooling system, stable engine temperature & maximum performance.


The more aerodynamic and cool with the under cowl makes the appearance more sporty.


Speedometer design equipped with full digital instruments with humanist greetings


A light that serves as a sign of an emergency experienced by the driver

Price Yamaha Monster Energy MotoGP Edition

Yamaha is known to many people as a motorcycle manufacturer that is quite popular in our country. Yamaha always provides the best motorcycle products at affordable prices. So it’s surprising that every year Yamaha always displays the latest from each set of motorbikes. And for those of you who want to have a Yamaha Monster Energy motorbike, here are the specifications and prices for the latest Yamaha Monster Energy MotoGP Edition at this time. For the price, you don’t need to doubt the yamaha vixion version of the Monster Energy MotoGP Edition is only $ 1,933.


Engine: Liquid Cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, Single Cylinder

Engine capacity: 149.8 cc

Cooling System: Liquid (Liquid Cooled)

Combustion System: Fuel Injection

Maximum power: 12.2 kW / 8500 rpm

Maximum torque: 14.5 Nm / 7500 rpm

Transmission: Constant mesh 5-speed

Front suspension: Telescopic

Rear suspension: Swing Arm

Front brake: Disc brake

Rear brake: Disc brake

Front tire: 90/80-17M/C 46P (Tubeless)

Rear: 120/70-17M/C 58P (Tubeless)

Dimensions (W x W x H): 1955 x 720 x 1025 mm

Filling Weight: 132 Kg

Gas tank capacity: 12 Liter


Deltabox Frame Type

Telescopic Front Suspension

Swing Arm Rear Suspension

Type Of Tubeless Tires

Front Tire 90/80-17m/C 46p

Rear Tire 120/70-17m/C 58p

Front Brake Disc Brake

Rear Brake Disc Brake

Live The Legend is the mascot of the Yamaha All New Vixion which now appears with a different appearance from the standard version. This motorbike is equipped with many cool and sophisticated features, where in this appearance the Yamaha Vixion motorbike uses a Yamaha Monster Energy MotoGP Edition body which makes it look more manly and more stunning. This motorbike still relies on an engine with a capacity of 150 cc which has one cylinder.

With this engine, the Yamaha All New Vixion Monster Energy is capable of producing a maximum power of 12.2 kW with an engine speed of 8500 rpm. Meanwhile, the torque produced is also quite large, which is around 14.5 Nm at 7500 rpm engine speed. Even for the price of the Yamaha Monster Energy MotoGP Edition, the New Vixion is more expensive than the standard version of the Yamaha Vixion.

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