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2024 Yamaha Vega Force Rumors

2024 Yamaha Vega Force Rumors

2024 Yamaha Vega Force Rumors. Yamaha released its power in the midst of the launch of various motorcycles and motorsports that are currently being loved by many consumers in the domestic automotive market, did not make Yamaha then forget about its small motorcycle product innovation. Because, not only automatic and sports motorcycles, even Japanese automotive manufacturers will also launch the latest Yamaha Vega Force motorcycle series.

This Yamaha Force motorcycle is known as the next generation of the Yamaha Vega power which was previously launched and managed to dominate the Yamaha motorcycle market in the early 2000s era competing with the Honda Supra X.

Yamaha Vega Force is a practical motorcycle. This engine is 115 cc, with a 4-speed manual transmission. The fuel supply has been injected, the result is an economical and uncomplicated motorcycle. Driving is also comfortable enough to avoid in the city or get out of the city. The weight supports this. In addition, although it looks slim, but the luggage can accommodate 9.2 liters.

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Yamaha Vega Force Specifications

Yamaha Vega Force
2024 Yamaha Vega Force Rumors

Yamaha Vega Force is available in a choice of new gasoline engines from Yamaha, which comes in 2 variants. Talking about the specifications of the Yamaha Vega Force engine, it is powered by two options for a gasoline engine with a capacity of 115 cc. The Vega Force is available with a manual transmission depending on the variant. The strength of the Vega is cycling from 2 places with a length of 1940 mm, a width of 715 mm, a wheelbase of 1235 mm. and 155 mm soil clearance.

Price Yamaha Vega Force

The price of Force Vega is $1,194.37 in Asian market
Yamaha Vega Force
2024 Yamaha Vega Force Rumors

Yamaha Vega Force Engine

The Vega Force is powered by a 115 cc fuel injection liquid cooling 1 cylinder engine that produces 8.58 HP of power at 7,000 rpm and 9.53 nm of torque at 5500 rpm. The Vega Force has a seat height of 775 mm. The front tire size is (front tire size} while the rear is 80/90 R17.

Yamaha Vega Force Features And Style

Vega Force’s List of Security Features Includes Switch Pass, Riding Street Mode, Optional Side Reflector, Shutter Lock and Optional Center Lock. Chassis support, suspension & brake features include telescopic front suspension, swing arm rear suspension, freeze frame type, steel frame material, dual-straight seat type, side wing, front disc brake and rear brake. Features in the console include an analog odometer, analog fuel gauge, and analog speedometer.

Yamaha Vega Force Competitors

Vega Force Competitors are: Honda Revo, Yamaha Jupiter Z1, Honda Supra X 125 Fi and Yamaha Jupiter MX.

Yamaha Vega Force Design

Appears sportier with a new striping design with a corporate character

Modern headlights.

The design of the headlights and turn signal is firm and bright

Modern speedometer

New speedometer with indicator and gear engine.

Fuel injection

Legend Yamaha engine with Fi technology and 3 Euro, economical. 114 cc engine capacity with fake pistons make it more powerful and stubborn

Safety lock

Starter button is equipped with safety button and cover

Multipurpose luggage 9.2 l

has a luggage capacity of 9.2 liters. this capacity is the largest in its class, able to store more luggage.
Sporty taillights.
Sporty design makes a more stylish appearance

Modern Racing Wheel

Modern racing wheels make the appearance more sporty


Maximum torque 9.53 nm / 5500 rpm
Starter Electric Starter System & Kickstarter
Wet lubrication system
Total engine oil capacity = 1.00 l; Periodically = 0.80 l
Fuel injection fuel system
Wet Clutch Type, Multiplates, Automatic Centrifugal
Mesh constant transmission type, 4-speed
Air Cooling 4-Stroke Engine Type, SOHC
Number / Cylinder Position / Single Cylinder Flat
Diameter x Step 50.0 x 57.9 mm
9.3:1 . compression ratio
Maximum power 6.41 kW / 7000 rpm


W x h x h 1940mm x 715mm (1fd6 / 1fd8); 710 (1fd7) x 1075mm
1235mm wheelbase
Lowest distance to ground 155mm
775mm seat height
Weight for 96 kg
Gasoline tank capacity 4.0 L


Backbone Frame Type.
Telescopic front suspension
Rear suspension swing arm
Front tire 70/90-17 m/c 38l
Rear tire 80 / 90-17 M / C 44L
Single disc brake brake
Rear drum brake


TCI Ignition System.
YTZ4V / GTZ4V Battery
Spark Plug Type NGK / CR6HSA

Yamaha style specifications with an engine with 114 cc having a power of 6.41 kW / 7000 rpm. Spec Yamaha Force uses gasoline and this type of motorcycle.

Advantages of Yamaha Vega Force

1. Light
2. Supply of injection fuel
3. Easy Maintenance
4. The price is very reasonable

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