2024 Yamaha YZ450F
2024 Yamaha YZ450F

2024 Yamaha YZ450F New  Model

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2024 Yamaha YZ450F New  Model

2024 Yamaha YZ450F. Japanese motorcycle manufacturers do not play games in designing a quality product for mud roads, the 2023 Yamaha YZ450F has introduced its products which are very much in demand in the European and Asian markets.

Yamaha introduced the latest generation of the 2024 Yamaha YZ450F motocross type motorcycle in the United States. In addition to revising the fuel injectors and combustion system in the engine, the manufacturer also changed the frame of the bike to make it lighter and easier to ride.

The new 2024 Yamaha YZ450F uses an aluminum frame that is light in weight but strong, making it easier for the rider to maneuver, Yamaha said in a statement to the mud version of the iron horse.

2024 Yamaha YZ450F injector working system

2024 Yamaha YZ450F
2024 Yamaha YZ450F

The fuel injector working system is refined so that in addition to being fast, it is also precise in spraying fuel mist into the engine combustion chamber. Thus, the combustion process is more complete and the power generated is greater.

Complementing these improvements, Yamaha added an air box for the engine cooling system and used the latest version of the exhaust. The existence of the new exhaust provides air back pressure to the larger engine combustion chamber, so that the combustion process in the combustion chamber is also more perfect and very powerful.

The upcoming  2024 Yamaha YZ450F Now still a hot topic of discussion by the world’s automotive public, the YZ450F appears as the strongest candidate against the dominance of the Kawasaki-Honda-KTM manufacturer. Because the performance of the YZ450F is claimed to be more powerful and agile on even heavy muddy off-road tracks.

Exhaust noise level

The exhaust noise level is only 94 decibels so that it meets racing requirements, so it doesn’t make excessive noise

Engine Capacity Level 2024 Yamaha YZ450F

2024 Yamaha YZ450F
2024 Yamaha YZ450F

The 2023 Yamaha YZ450F carries a 450 cc engine equipped with a five-speed transmission. The distance between the bottom of the bike and the track is 383 millimeters (mm) and the wheelbase is 1,487 mm.

Dimensions  2024 Yamaha YZ450F

The dimensions of the  2024 Yamaha YZ450F are the ideal size of a dirt bike for offroad or motocross racing.

However, the manufacturer has not provided details about the engine specifications and supporting features. So is the price.

In America, the all-new 2024 Yamaha YZ450F is priced at US $ 8,490, maybe later the price will be higher than expected. Read More !

Here’s the YZ450F specification data that we managed to collect:

  • 4-stroke DOHC engine; 4 titanium valves
  • Constant-mesh 5-speed; multiplate wet clutch
  • Engine Displacement: 449cc
  • Bore & Stroke: 97.0 mm x 60.8 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 12.5:1
  • Cooling: Liquid-Cooled
  • Fuel System: Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI), Keihin 44 mm
  • Ignition: TCI
  • Wheel Base: 58.7 in.
  • All New 2024 Yamaha YZ450F – Engine
  • Seat Height: 39.4 in.
  • Front Suspension: KYB, reverse fork: fully adjustable.
  • Rear Suspension: KYB Fully adjustable single shock; 12.4-in travel
  • Front Brake: Hydraulic single disc brake, 250 mm
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic single disc brake, 245 mm
  • All New 2023 Yamaha YZ450F – Kayaba front fork
  • Front Tire: 80/100-21 Dunlop Geomax MX51
  • Rear Tire: 120/80-19 Dunlop Geomax MX51
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.6 gal.
  • Dry Weight: 245 lbs.