2024 Yamaha Yz450fx Horsepower
2024 Yamaha Yz450fx Horsepower

The New 2024 Yamaha Yz450fx Horsepower | Amazing

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2024 Yamaha Yz450fx Horsepower

2024 Yamaha Yz450fx Horsepower. The Yamaha YZ450FX is a performance out-of-road machine made by the Yamaha Motor Company. It currently has a 450 cc liquid cooled cylinder engine. Previously offered in 2016 in 450 cc, this bike shares many components and design concepts with the Yamaha WR450F Motocross and Yamaha YZ450F models.

Yamaha YZ450FX is a Yamaha dirt bike that is equipped with a new new engine and a new lightweight frame. The YZ450FX underwent minor changes, such as the adoption of the 449 cm3 4 engine, not for an optimal enduric career, using a special FX configuration box that contributes to iron horse performance, using a special FX special rear suspension, braking force and capacity control also increased, and has updated the map to improve energy tuner convenience. The YZ450FX has the option of a solid blue in purple, and while going by the price, this Yamaha dirt bike phone is around $10,866

The YZ450FX executes all the latest frame, suspension, motor and electronics updates on the YZ450F, including Yamaha’s exclusive smartphone tuning. We’ve developed a special FX for off-road competition. Later, and an enduro engine and suspension configuration, the FX had an 18 on the rear wheel, Bashplate, enclosed O-ring chain, aluminum fuel and aluminum aluminum indicators. The Australian model is equipped with an off road fitted kit as standard which makes it eligible for recreational recording in the applicable countries.

The YZ450FX was developed from the YAMAHA model – YZ450F Motocross Motocross – with many additional features and unique settings that make the YZ450FX Runner the best GNCC® / Woods.

Engine and Store The compact YZ450FX includes all the technologies developed by the same race of the class-defining Motocroach YZ450F, listening to country performance. A number of fast innovations including rail angle valves, aggressive cam profiles, high compression pistons with low friction rings, high flow supply and exhaust systems – all thoughtfully packaged to optimize mass centralization.

Electric boot system Using a compact engine boot and ultra-lightweight lithium battery, the YZ450FX retains the convenience of a button press that starts to restart easily under pressure, and more relaxed players when the clock doesn’t last. Read Also !

2024 Yamaha YZ450FX Performance

2024 Yamaha Yz450fx Horsepower
2024 Yamaha Yz450fx Horsepower

Car body / motorcycle engraving model CJ30C / J349E engraving model

Length / width / height 2.175 mm / 825 mm / 1280 mm

955 mm seat height.

The distance between the axles 1480 mm.

Minimum soil liquidation 320 mm

Vehicle weight 115 kg

Type prime impulse water cooled, 4 times, DOHC, 4-valve

Cylinder cylinder number matrix

Total displacement 449 cm 3

diameter x stroke are 97.0mm x 60.8mm

Compression Ratio 13.0:1

Self-operated starting method

Damp sink lubrication method

Engine oil capacity 0.90L

Fuel tank capacity 8.2L (specify premium free gasoline)

Intake / fuel system / fuel supply system Fuel injection

TCI ignition system (transaction type)

battery capacity / model 12V, 2.4AH (5HR) / BR98

primary reduction ratio / secondary reduction ratio 2.608 / 3846

Wet clutch type, multi-plate

Transmission system / Always Replace Mesh 5 Speed Type / Return Type

1 gear ratio: 2416 2:1733 3:1312 4:1050 5:0.840

Semi-double box frame format

Caster/Trail 27° 10’/116mm

Tire size (front / rear) 80 / 100-21 51m (tube type) / 120 / 90-18 65m (tube type)

Type braking device (striker / rear) Single hydraulic disc brake / single hydraulic disc brake

Suspension system (front / rear) telescopic / oscillating arm (link type)

Dormitory capacity 1 person

2024 Yamaha YZ450FX Specs

Featuring a new, more powerful engine, updated alerts and a power tuner app for smartphones to tune in to the motorbike configuration that suits your style and condition.



motor type: 449CC Liquid-cooled DOHC 4 stroke; 4 titanium valves

Bore X Stroke: 97.0mm × 60.9mm

Compression Ratio: 13.0:1

fuel delivery: Mikuni fuel injection, 44 mm

Transmission: 5 speed; Wet multiplate clutch.

Final drives: chain



L x w x h: 85.6 x 32.5 x 50.4 in

Seat height: 37.6 in

Details: 58.3 in

Rake (launch angle): 27°

Footprint: 4.6 in

Maximum groundwater: 12.6 in

Fuel capacity: 2.2 gal.

Wet weight: 254 lb



2024 Yamaha Yz450fx Horsepower
2024 Yamaha Yz450fx Horsepower

Suspension/Front: KYB Spring Type fork with speed sensitive bearing; fully customizable, 12.2.2-journey

Suspension/rear: KYB Soltery Shock; Totally customizable, 12.5-ride.

Brakes / Front: hydraulic disc, 270 mm.

Brakes / rear: hydraulic disc, 245 mm.

Tires/Fronts: 80/100-21 Dunlop MX3S

Tires/rear: 120/90-18 Dunlop MX3S


Basic Specifications

Yamaha manufacturers

Model name YZ450FX

Total weight (dry weight) – (simulation) kg

449cc engine capacity.

Total weight (body weight) 119kg

Horse horsepower ratio [- / -] kg / ps

fuel consumption