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2025 Yamaha R25 Revealed, Specifications and Features

2025 Yamaha R25 Revealed, Specifications and Features

2025 Yamaha R25 Revealed is a sportbike that seamlessly combines power, performance, and precision engineering. As motorcycle enthusiasts seek the perfect blend of speed and agility, the Yamaha R25 stands out as a formidable choice. In this article, we delve into the specifications and features that make the Yamaha R25 a standout in the world of sportbikes.

Engine Performance:

At the heart of the Yamaha R25 beats a powerful 249cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, twin-cylinder engine. This finely-tuned powerhouse delivers an exhilarating performance, generating impressive torque and horsepower. With advanced fuel injection technology, the R25 ensures optimal fuel efficiency while maintaining a thrilling riding experience.

2025 Yamaha R25 Revealed
2025 Yamaha R25 Revealed

Design and Aerodynamics:

Yamaha has crafted the R25 with a focus on aerodynamics and aesthetics. The aggressive twin-eye LED headlights, sculpted fairings, and a race-inspired design not only contribute to the bike’s visual appeal but also enhance its aerodynamic efficiency. The twin-spar frame provides stability and maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for riders who crave both speed and control.

Chassis and Suspension:

Equipped with a robust diamond-type frame, the Yamaha R25 offers exceptional rigidity and stability during high-speed rides. The front suspension features inverted telescopic forks, ensuring precise handling and a smooth ride. The rear mono-shock suspension complements the overall chassis setup, providing optimal balance and comfort on various road conditions.

Braking System:

The R25 comes fitted with a high-performance braking system to match its speed capabilities. The front and rear disc brakes, coupled with an advanced ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), ensure responsive and controlled braking even in challenging situations. This adds an extra layer of safety for riders who demand top-notch performance without compromising on security.

Instrumentation and Connectivity:

Yamaha has integrated a modern and user-friendly instrument cluster on the R25. The digital LCD display provides riders with essential information such as speed, RPM, fuel level, and more. Additionally, the bike features connectivity options, allowing riders to sync their smartphones for navigation, call notifications, and music control, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Tires and Wheels:

The Yamaha R25 rides on high-performance tires, striking a balance between grip and longevity. The alloy wheels not only contribute to the bike’s stylish appearance but also reduce unsprung weight, enhancing overall handling and responsiveness.

Exhaust System:

The R25’s exhaust system is designed not only for performance but also to produce a distinctive and sporty exhaust note. The dual exhaust pipes add a touch of aggression to the bike’s appearance, making a bold statement on the road.

In conclusion, the Yamaha R25 is a sportbike that excels in both form and function. With a potent engine, advanced features, and a sleek design, it caters to riders seeking a thrilling and dynamic riding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of sportbikes, the Yamaha R25 is undoubtedly a machine that promises to deliver on the demands of the modern motorcycle enthusiast. Embrace the road with confidence and style aboard the Yamaha R25.

2025 Yamaha R25 Revealed
2025 Yamaha R25 Revealed

Machine Type:

Machine Type: Liquid Cooled 4-Stroke, DOHC

Fuel System: Fuel Injection

Clutch type: wet, manual clutch, multiplat

Transmission Type: Constant Mesh 6-speed

Number / Cylinder position: Inline 2-Cylinder

Diameter x Step: 60.0 x 44.1 mm

Compression ratio: 11.6: 1

Maximum power: 26.5kw/12000rpm

Maximum torque: 23.6nm/10000rpm

Starter System: Electric Starter

Lubrication System: wet

Engine oil capacity: total = 2.40 L; Periodically = 1.80 L; Change oil filter = 2.10 L


Frame Type: Diamond

Front Suspension: Telescopic

Rear Suspension: Swing Arm

Front Tires: 110/70-17M/C (54S)

Rear Tires: 140/70-17M/C (66S)

Front brakes: hydraulic discs, multiple pistons

Rear brakes: hydraulic discs, single pistons


P X L X T: 2090mm x 720mm x 1135mm

Wheel axis: 1380mm

Lowest distance to the ground: 160mm

Seating height: 780mm

Content Weight: 166 kg

Gasoline tank capacity: 14 liters

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