3 Advantages of Yamaha Mio M3 2023
3 Advantages of Yamaha Mio M3 2023

3 Advantages of Yamaha Mio M3 2023 Review Price, Specs and Top Speed

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3 Advantages of Yamaha Mio M3 2023 Review Price, Specs and Top Speed

Complete Specifications Yamaha Mio M3 2023

3 Advantages of Yamaha Mio M3 2023. is one of the most popular automatic motorcycle models in Asia. In addition to reliable performance, the Yamaha Mio M3 2023 is also fuel efficient so it is more efficient, Yamaha released 3 Mio motorbikes, namely Mio M3, Mio Z, and Mio S with 125 cc SOH engines.

Released a few years ago, this Yamaha Mio M3 comes with various improvements from various sides to attract consumer interest. Not only design, but also performance and other supporting features. Interested in buying Mio M3, quoted from the Yamaha site, first consider the full specifications below:

Yamaha Mio M3 Engine Specifications

3 Advantages of Yamaha Mio M3 2023
3 Advantages of Yamaha Mio M3 2023

Engine type: 4-stroke air-cooled, SOHC

Engine oil capacity : Total = 0.84 L ; Periodic = 0.80 L

Cylinder arrangement: Single cylinder

Diameter X Step: 52.4 x 57.9 mm

Compression ratio: 9.5:1

Cylinder volume: 125 cc

Maximum power: 7 kW / 8000 rpm

Maximum torque: 9.6 Nm / 5500 rpm

Starter system: Electric & kick starter

Lubrication system: Wet body

Features of Yamaha Mio M3 125

Chassis, suspension & brake supporting features include Swing Arm Rear Suspension, Telescopic Fork Suspension Front, Body Frame Steel Material, Double Straight Seat Type, Side Wing, Body Underbone Frame Type, Front Disc Brakes and Rear Drum Brakes.

Features on the console include Digital Odometer, Analog Fuel Gauge, Analog Speedometer and Side Stand Indicator.

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Variant Yamaha Mio M3 125

There are 2 variants available of Mio M3 125: Standard and AKS-SSS.

Advantages of Yamaha Mio M3

1. Equipped With Blue Core Technology

Yamaha has equipped this Mio M3 motorbike with a Blue Core technology engine. Not only fast performance, but also can prevent overheating and reduce friction so that engine performance can be maintained and get the best performance. This powerful engine is also accompanied by economical fuel consumption. consumption of Yamaha Mio M3 2023 is also fuel efficient.

2. Exclusive Design With Distinctive Character

Not only a capable engine performance, Mio M3 also comes with a modern design with a side stand switch. In terms of the futuristic appearance of the M-Shape headlamp with a choice of modern motorbike body colors, this motorbike is suitable for use by various groups.

In terms of the speedometer used alone, it uses 2 clusters with a minimalist analog design. Even so, Yamaha has provided an ECO indicator so you can monitor the fuel economy you are using.

3. Comfortable When Driving

Not only a modern design, Mio M3 also comes with a slim body and comfortable to drive. A high level of comfort with layered wings makes this automatic motorbike look different. The motor is modern, sporty, but powerful.

Price Yamaha Mio M3

Yamaha Mio M3 125 Price Starts at $1,161

Yamaha Mio M3 Market 2023

Yamaha Mio M3 targets the youth market aged 17-25 years. This scooter is also claimed to be a pioneer in the use of eco indicators in its class. Its function is as a reminder, so that the owner continues to drive fuel efficient. The highest available variant is the Yamaha Mio 125 M3 AKS SSS. The difference lies in the two additional features. Advance key system (AKS) is a feature on motorcycle keys that has various advantages. One of them is embedded with an answer back system to make it easier for scooter owners to find their vehicle, while in the parking lot. While the Stop & Start System (SSS) feature serves to save fuel even better.

Engine Specifications Yamaha Mio M3125 2023

3 Advantages of Yamaha Mio M3 2023
3 Advantages of Yamaha Mio M3 2023

Yamaha Mio M3 125 is powered by a 125 cc 1 Cylinder Air Cooled Fuel Injection engine that produces 9.38 hp at 8000 rpm and 9.6 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. Yamaha Mio M3 125 has a seat height of 750 mm.