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History of Yamaha Jupiter to Jupiter Z 2021

History of Yamaha Jupiter to Jupiter Z 2021

History of Yamaha Jupiter to Jupiter Z 2021. Jupiter’s history cannot be separated from the hectic road race in asian. If you are one of the fans, then you will easily recognize the Yamaha Jupiter as a motorbike that cannot be underestimated.

Yes, it cannot be denied that Jupiter has succeeded in boosting Yamaha’s prestige as a major player in the asian duck segment and in the national motorcycle market. Jupiter’s history records that sales of Jupiter contributed to both and Yamaha’s racing DNA was channeled through the speed character that was built from the engine.

History of Jupiter

Reflecting on its success in sales and on the racing track, Yamaha Jupiter continues to evolve into a motorcycle that is synonymous with performance. Are you more curious? Check out a review of the history of Jupiter since it was first introduced in asian.

Year 2000 – 2003, Jupiter’s first generation

Starting in 2000, Yamaha Jupiter carried out a design for the hobby of speeding. So it is not strange if Jupiter is able to compete and beat motorbikes in its class, such as the Suzuki Shogun, or the Honda Kharisma which is bigger, 125 cc.

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In 2003 – 2006, Jupiter Z emerged as the second generation

Initially, the name Jupiter, was taken from one of the planets. Three years later, ‘Z’ was added to become Jupiter Z in 2003. This addition is because the alphabet ‘Z’ is the last alphabet that is interpreted as Jupiter Z has the latest and latest technology.

In 2003, this motorbike adopted the Yamaha YZF-R1-style piston cooling technology called the piston cooler. The piston cooler works by spraying oil into the piston so that the temperature remains ideal.

Injection action uses a nozzle in line with the crankshaft to spray lubricant into the piston. The spray is carried out by the oil pump simultaneously when the piston performs both compression and decompression steps.

Then, so that the injection nozzle is capable of spraying strong oil pressure into the piston, the history of Jupiter also records that the Yamaha manufacturer modified the Jupiter Z oil pump by changing the gear wheel and pump width to be larger. The piston cooler system is more perfect, assisted by wind, which makes the engine temperature drop by 20 percent.

Years 2006 – 2009, Jupiter Z third generation

In the third generation, this motorbike is still widely liked by Yamaha duck fans because it has an attractive appearance, and has good engine performance and handling that is easy to drive.

With a fixed 110 CC cubication and maintained until 2009, Jupiter Z Burhan still has reliable performance, such as a smoother, more efficient engine and has long power on a straight track.

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