Jupiter Mx 135

Jupiter Mx 135

 5 Spare Parts Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 to Increase Performance

Jupiter Mx 135
Jupiter Mx 135

Jupiter Mx 135. Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 does have excellent performance in (2005-2014). But now, the old motorcycle has been left behind. Especially after the birth of the latest generation, Jupiter MX 150 and MX King 150, which have a larger engine capacity.

As the owner of the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135, don’t be discouraged! There is a way to make the legendary duck motorbike still able to compete with Jupiter MX 150 and MX King 150. No need to bore up or dismantle the engine.

1. Racing exhaust

Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 spare parts that must be replaced to improve performance are the exhaust. Change the standard exhaust to the racing version. Guaranteed Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 will have a booming sound. The question is, does performance also increase?

Of course performance will increase if the settings are right. Racing exhaust adopts a free flow system, in contrast to a standard exhaust which has a catalytic converter. As a result, the exhaust gas is more relieved when the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 is used a racing exhaust. This also automatically makes the drag lighter.

2. Iridium spark plugs

Spark plugs are one of the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 spare parts that need to be replaced, if you want their performance to increase. Make sure you choose the iridium version of the aftermarket spark plugs. Iridium spark plugs are superior because they have electrical conductor and heat repellent properties.

In addition, the iridium spark plug electrode forms a tapper cut style (smaller). The effect is that the fire can be focused and even. As a result, the performance of your Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 combustion chamber is more optimal.

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3. Shockbreaker Tube

In addition to increasing the appearance to be cooler, the use of tube suspension on the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 also makes driving more enjoyable. Especially if you use a tube suspension containing nitrogen.

4. Wide tires

Lack of Yamaha Jupiter MX 135, has skinny tires. Moreover, the first generation output, aka not a facelift. This motorbike only relies on circular rubber measuring 70/90 – 17 inches at the front and 100/70 – 17 inches at the rear. The thin tires make the motorbike less stable on bumpy roads.

Therefore, you should replace your Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 tires with a larger size. You can try the rear tires 110/80 – 17 inches and front 90/80 – 17 inches. With this Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 spare part, it is guaranteed that you will be more confident when cornering and on bumpy roads.


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